18 thoughts on “Train Wreck Waiting To Happen?”

  1. Nick, serves him right. Having a beemer does not necessarily give him more rights than we the ordinary people. For once the law got it right. Anyway is the fire dept. supposed to watch any building burn down because some Dumb A_ _ parked in the wrong place. I say they had a job to do and by gad they did it. More power to them.

  2. Paul, The report indicated the BMW owner was fined $100 and was responsible for replacing his windows.

  3. Who cares, if the guy had a beemer, he should have had better sense. Legal or not good for the fire department, they were doing their job and the idiot in the beemer is not such a hot shot after all.

  4. There was a TV news story out of Boston. Some shitbird parked in front of a hydrant and there was a 5 alarm fire. The firefighters busted the front windows and ran the hose right through the BMW[of course, a beemer!]. It was a great visual.

  5. Time to inform the public works department about installing a fire hydrant on the other side of the tracks too.

  6. It could derail a train. We derailed trains back when we were kids and did not know any better. We knew how, but not any better. If both wheels are flustered at the same spot in parallel, then there is a better chance to derail. Here thought the plastic might just break. The rodeway there could also help the derailment. They should not put all that asphalt in there to make car tires roll over without bumps in the night. The hose wont make it in any event, so why bother with the plastic bump guard on a train track.

  7. I take the Long Island Railroad on a regular basis (shoot me now). With the slowness/lateness rate (the real one, not the one they post) no speed bumps neccessary 🙂

  8. speed bumps for trains. i need to run down to the patent office. this will be my second patent, the first one, ejection seats for helicopters hasn’t quite taken off yet.

  9. Let’s hope this is a joke! And while we are on the topic of jokes told by public servants, what’s going on in Albuquerque these days? No jokes are being accepted there!

  10. Four inch hose made of canvas and rubber vs. 200 ton locomotive driving steel wheels on a steel rail. What could possibly go wrong?

    Put it this way. The locomotive won’t even notice the slight bump.

  11. No, I saw a WWII film, or maybe Mythbusters? episode which did show that trains could easily stay on track even when it had to clear a missing section of rail. But maybe that was during the middle of the train passing over a missing section; not the lead engine.

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