A Royal Bustard: Saudi Prince Allowed To Kill 2,100 Endangered Birds In Pakistan

200px-Coat_of_arms_of_Saudi_Arabia.svg220px-Houbara035We have yet another story of a Saudi prince achieving a new level of debauchery or excess. Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud reportedly went on a little hunting trip in Pakistan but he did not want to hunt the same game as just anyone. He is a Saudi Prince and needed something that others could not have. So he obtained a permit from the Pakistani government to hunt an internationally protected bird — the houbara bustard. He was given the right to hunt for 2 days and kill up to 100 houbara bustards so he hunted for 21 days and killed some 2,100 of the protected birds. If you are wondering what type of person who relish such destruction, you might want to ask what type of government would issue a permit to such a person. The answer is two of our closest allies.

The massacre took place in Chagai, Balochistan and was arranged by Jaffar Baloch, divisional forest officer of the Balochistan forest and wildlife department, Chagai at Dalbandin. The Pakistani officials stood by as the Prince hunted from January 11, 2014 to January 31, 2014. While hunting of the birds is prohibited, the government gives permits to Saudi Royals because . . . well . . . they are Saudi Royals and if a couple thousand fewer of an endangered bird will entertain them — even briefly — it is manifestly worth it. The Prince killed a reported 1,977 birds while his party killed another 123 birds.

Saudis like to kill the birds because the meat considered an aphrodisiac.

Fahd bin Sultan is the governor of Tabuk Province since 1987 and a member of House of Saud.

Pakistani officials have been resisting demands to stop issuing permits to Arab royalty to kill the endangered birds. Local officials like the road and airport improvements ordered by the hunting parties to guarantee their smooth travel as well as the excessive spending on food and luxuries while they rough it in the wild.

Source: Daily Star

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  1. Annie, They already have that license. War contractors depend on the cheap labor of third world nations to do the dirty work. It’s killing on the cheap for the US and our BFF, Saudi Arabia.

    This is what a democracy looks like–not!

  2. My mind reels while my stomach turns. What kind of person would do something so grotesque? What’s the matter your “HIGHNESS?” Can’t get it up without a little bird meat? Perhaps you should consult your doctor. Bustard bastard!

  3. Yes that is true Jill. My daughter said they had contracted employees from third world nations doing the cooking scut work in Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan when she was there for a year.

  4. Should try him at the Hague. Even though he wouldn’t show, it would send a message and make him nervous about traveling in the future. Even King Canute got his feet wet when the waves would not comply.

  5. Virtually every restaurant kitchen in this country hires people from 3rd world countries. They love their work and build their skills to become skilled chefs. The kitchen @ the Drake Hotel where I worked looked like the UN only the kitchen staff were better people.

  6. That’s so sad. The Saudis have heavily invested in Pakistan, and they spend so lavishly wherever they go that they’re given free rein. Saudi Arabia is also a major supplier of oil to Pakistan.

    They get this lavish lifestyle from oil in the Middle East. Supply our oil domestically and increase renewables, and share that tech with other nations, and they won’t have so much play money with which to run amuck.

    This is also how Russia got Europe over a barrel, so to speak. Western Europe imports oil from Russia, so when Russia does something naughty, like invade Georgia or seize the oil-rich Crimean Peninsula, all the Europeans can do is grumble about it. They don’t want to risk a crisis like what we experienced here in 1973 when OPEC put an oil embargo on the US.

  7. The three (not) great monotheisms teach that not only are we not related to animals but also that we’re better than them. Hence the apathy and downright villainy of this and similar stories.

    Science conversely shows that we humans are but one species, all related: and such a shift in thinking can expand our appreciation for animals and thusly our desire to protect them in the same way we selfishly care for ourselves.

  8. Nick,

    ……………”They love their work and build their skills to become skilled chefs. The kitchen @ the Drake Hotel where I worked looked like the UN only the kitchen staff were better people.” “Better people”…did you ever visit with them at their home or did you ever invite them to your home? How do you know they are better people?

    Nick I’ve seen these kitchens and have spoken with their kitchen staff and to say they “love” their work is very disingenuous. For the most part they hate it and so would you if you were treated like they are.

    A few may become skilled chefs in name only, but how many are actually employed as skilled chefs? I’d like to see some statistics on how many of these kitchen workers eventually become employed as something other than a busboy or dish washer.

    If the Drake Hotel of which you speak was in San Francisco then I really have some issues with your comment. If you worked at the Drake as part of management then I’m sure they had nothing but glowing reports when in your presence. However, I’ve personally known kitchen workers at that establishment and when they were relaxed at home they did not speak highly of their employer. Many are here on a restricted Visa, or here illegally, and it was very easy for an employer to take advantage of these workers.

    When I was going to school in San Francisco I worked as a busboy at an establishment no longer in business: “Fosters Restaurant.” Trust me, I did not love that job and neither did any of the other hourly employees. No one I knew or met ever became a “skilled chef.” A lowly kitchen worker may appreciate having a source of income but to say they love their job is almost laughable. Working 10-12 hours a day for, at best, minimum wage, standing on your feet all day long with a 30 minute lunch break does not make one love their job.

  9. Anybody have any stats as to how many are employed by McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy’s, Subway, KFC, Popeye’s, all one-step up franchises like Olive Garden, TGIF, etc?

    It’s certainly comforting to know that all those many employees love their jobs and are on their way to being skilled chefs.

  10. The wiki entry for that bird, the houbara bustard, says the Saudis fund a breeding and conservation project for the birds based partly in Pakistan. I guess this guy felt entitled since they pay to breed the birds, hatch them, then set them free in the wild.

  11. Wayne, The Drake I worked @ was in Chicago. I was a house dick and had a good relationship w/ all employees. But, you don’t need to believe me on kitchen staff and their work. Anthony Bourdain speaks passionately about how good Mexican and Dominican staff are in the kitchen and how lazy white folk don’t want to pay the price and work their way up the ladder. You see, good chefs take care of their people as Bourdain has done. He is as liberal as they come. Except, he does not fit the current “progressive” ethos because he believes in hard work, paying your dues, and working your way up the ladder. I’m guessing your work ethic fits more w/ the current progressive attitude based on what you’ve written. So, we will just have to disagree. All 4 of my grandparents were immigrants. They worked their asses off and built strong families. My grandfather came here as a teenager w/ NOTHING. He worked his way up from a factory janitor, to a sandwich cart, to a restaurant which he passed on to his sons and lasted for 60 years. My Uncle Charlie was also a peasant when he came here. He worked his way up through shitty factory jobs, went to school and became a mechanical engineer. He would always say to me, “The only job you should be ashamed of is a job poorly done.” No, Wayne we are from entirely different mindsets. But, to each their own.

  12. I had to laugh : via Wikipedia :
    “‘its meat is valued an aphrodisiac (though according to one doctor it is instead a diuretic).” – now you know what his problem is !!!! – put this all over the Web – that will be all the punishment that Saudi needs !

  13. Nick,

    “….I’m guessing your work ethic fits more w/ the current progressive attitude based on what you’ve written.”

    I’m guessing my work ethic exceeds that of yours based, of course, on what you have written. I say that because you don’t know a thing about me other than I might be a Democrat—therefore I must have some kind of work ethic less than yours. Your stereotyping of me is an act of pure sanctimonious arrogance.

    My work ethic was learned on my Uncle’s farm in Butler County, Kansas where I worked every summer from about 6 to 15 or so. Since I was about 10 years old there has never been a time when I was not earning some income. Starting with mowing lawns, paper boy, busboy and then a Sgt. in the Army. After I retired from my full time job I drove a Cab instead of sitting at home watching the Weather Channel.

    So don’t you presume to know my work ethic—it is fine, thank you very much.

  14. Wayne, I will take you at your word and agree you seem to have a good work ethic. What I based my original take on you was the thinking work was demeaning. I go back to my Uncle Charlie’s motto. When I taught history I did a few days on tracing immigration by boxing. You see, Wayne, the toughest way to make a living as an athlete is as a boxer. It is a vicious, brutal, sport and you have to be HUNGRY to make it. There aren’t any middle class and certainly no upper class boxers. They were back @ the turn of the century and still today, kids from nothing. Over the decades it was the Irish, Jews, Italians, black, and Latino. No Wasps. So, your derision for working lowly jobs says to me you don’t understand how ALL immigrants have to work from the bottom and climb upwards. The Mexicans I know understand that. And, like the Jews and Italians, the Mexicans have an entrepreneurial culture. They don’t only work their way up, they build their own businesses. They have followed the path Malcolm X told his brothers and sisters to take. They didn’t listen.

  15. What’s your guess as to the number of chefs in the United States?
    Until someone comes up with some documentation, I’m going to guess 100,000.

    But Anthony Bourdain settles our question if those who work in kitchens love their jobs and go on to become chefs? (And I’m not even sure that he said they loved their jobs. Our commenter said that he said that they worked very hard. I would guess that most don’t dispute that.)

    I note that Mr. Bourdain also said something about “paying a price”. That doesn’t sound like someone who loved their job. When you love your job your are more likely to say you’d pay them to work there. But you might be willing to “pay the price” if your next paycheck is needed to feed your kids or keep the heat on.

    And Wayne, thanks for supplying us with some of your background but until we know your blood pressure, history of surgeries, and your hirsuteness, you are pretty much a mystery.

  16. nick s:

    yep, there are no bad jobs. Any job is always a step up to another position.

    Start as a busboy or dishwasher, save some money, start selling hotdogs on the corner and then open a restaurant and then a hotel and then you are Bill Marriott.

  17. For chrissake, EVERY profession has a gauntlet. Intern MD’s work w/ no sleep. A hazard for patients, but that’s another topic. Associate attorneys grind out billable hours, working 80 hour weeks. Electricians, plumbers, do the shit grunt work until they earn their license.. Actors toil in obscurity, most NEVER make it, working “demeaning” jobs as they try to get a break. WTF do you people do for a living?? “Life’s hard, wear a f@ckin’ helmet.” Denis Leary

  18. Nick is right.

    His “WTF” has lifted the veil of ignorance from my eyes and I now see that there is no difference in the life of an intern or law associate, or plumber, or electrician and the person who is working in the kitchen for $8/hr. (when he is lucky and the owner is not cheating him.)

    Obviously, we here, are all walking zombies – but take heart – Nick will show us how very foolish we are.


  19. The MD and attorney have advanced education. The kitchen worker has maybe a high school education. So, Feynman, there is that. I thought any person would understand those VERY basic facts. I again ask WTF??

  20. You angrily said every novice faces a gauntlet and expressed amazement that we all didn’t realize those equal struggles. I felt the effort to give the concerns of your cited professions equal weight to a kitchen helper was ridiculous and offensive.

    In acknowledging the educational advantages, there remain NO comparisons to the kitchen worker and the intern.

    Just as there is NO comparison when you compare salaries.

    Just as there is NO comparison to the prospects of an associate attorney to a kitchen worker.

    I guess somebody else will have to figure out the WTF for you.

  21. Ohhhh noooo! Please, please, Mr. Spinelli. Don’t call me a scary name! How will I ever face the world again? I’m ruined. Simply ruined.

  22. The notion of “Royalty” is soooo stupid. Prince Dork this and Princess Dork that. A Pirate Territory like Saudi Arabia is trying to make its way up the ladder to some notion of being a nation state and they adopt the old French monarchy thing long after France did away with monarchy and oligarchy.

  23. “Saudis like to kill the birds because the meat considered an aphrodisiac”…

    I’d be happy to chip-in and send the good prince some Viagra and a bucket of KFC, the next time he feels like he’s shooting pool with a piece of rope.

  24. We know very soon in the interest of country Nawaz will allow Saudi masters to Kill Pakistanis too. We understand due to enlightens like you that its the need of the hour. Pakistani people also understand that Mian brothers have some other things to do in interest of Pakistan like to set up some more factories in Saudia for the poor people of Pakistan. They have to take more money from Saudia for the betterment of poor Mian family.

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