Afghan Security Guard Kills Three Doctors At Hospital . . . Other Doctors Then Save Attacker’s Life In Surgery

medical symbol220px-AK-47_type_II_Part_DM-ST-89-01131Two American doctors — a father and a son — were killed by an Afghan security guard at a Kabul hospital this week as well as a third doctor. The guard also wounded two others, including an American nurse. The Taliban and extreme Muslim clerics have called for attacks on foreigners, including those who are in the country to feed and heal Afghan citizens. What is most striking about this story is that, after gunning down innocent doctors and nurses, the life of the guard was then saved in surgery at the very same hospital by doctors that he did not shoot.

It is a contrast that is both tragic and poetic. Religious extremists have convinced Afghan militants and turncoats that even killing healers will please Allah and guarantee them a place in heaven. They seem to accept that perversity with question, even in a place where these doctors are healing their fellow countrymen. Five doctors were walking toward the hospital to heal people and this guard could only see targets in a holy war — tickets to paradise.

It is a scene that shows how entrenched religious extremism remains in the country and how such views cannot be altered even in the presence of humanitarian work by these doctors. Health care and charity workers remain a prime target for extremists.

The names of this father and son have not been released but the tragedy is unfathomable for this family — or the family of the other doctor. They died in the highest pursuit of the medical profession in seeking help the suffering in a war-torn nation. That must be of some solace for the family but it clearly will not be a substitute for the loss of these loved ones.

Source: CNN

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  1. im not religious at all but i am spiritual with that said im also tired of hearing how savage the muslims are supposed to be..

    How many of you know it was your precious pope who called for and gave the ok for slavery?

    How many of the so called wars were fought because the christians didnt want to hear about anyone elses beliefs?

    How many catholics have been destroyed by the pedophilia of catholicism? religion was put into place to do exactly what it is doing DIVIDE AND CONQUER!!

    the bible says the jewish people are the chosen people. and yet its the catholic and christian religions that are the most powerful they are the ones who began the bloodiest and deadliest of all our wars.
    i love how many of you are still willing to deny reality to live in your make believe worlds… Every religion has had its fanatics how and why do you all think there are so many different versions of one bible out here? can any of you tell me how many books have been removed from the bible? and how many of the so called texxts have been changed over to fit the nefarious purposes of the fanatical cleric. priest, pope, polieticians that changed the same and worse is happening in israel but of course you’ll never acknowledge that will any of you..

    you’ll just keep paying illegal taxes to pay for a holocaust that didnt happen on our ground.. to the tune of 5 billion dollars a year. and dont act like the information isnt out there. it is… jewish people are the only ones with dual citizenships… they are the only ones who are allowed to ignore our laws and institute their own in this country.

    if the muslims are so bad and so savage how come they havent torn apart america yet? and please with the 9/11 crap MOST INTELLIGENT PEOPLE HAVE FIGURED OUT what a lie that was and that the towers destruction was an insurance scam.. think not.. go research the names of all who benefitted from it.. actually go research who owns and runs everything? it isnt hard to do. unless you’re threatened by knowing the truth. because it will take you out of your comfort zone and will make you realize your life and world are all a lie

    1. The 9/11 Towers attack by two hijacked commercial airliners was an insurance scam.? That is the first time I am hearing this. BTW, Catholics are Chistians, but they are not Protestants.

  2. The Hippocratic Oath has been revised – I’m surprise that isn’t obvious ?

    1. Actually it had to be if doctors were going to perform abortions. Some med schools do not require any version of it.

  3. “The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of power is power. Now do you begin to understand me?” Orwell “1984”

  4. Let’s send more Americans to Afghanistan to die for ‘Nothing’…. It’s so much “fun”…. reading about the results….

  5. These doctors were real doctors living their Hippocratic Oath–to heal. More than what can be said by many doctors in the US these days.
    God rest their souls and all those soldiers and citizens who have died in this dreadful war.

  6. Suri_mike

    Out of Afghanistan now. Let them continue to do what they have efficiently done for a thousand years – kill one another.
    They still have a ways to go to match our civilized war of circa 1861-65.


  7. The difference between stupidity and genius is that genius has its limits.” – Albert Einstein

  8. Annie

    So way past time to have left that hellish country and never return. They need to be left to their own devices. I pity the women and children though. They are an example of a civilization that has gone backwards, soon they will reach the stone ages, all for a religion.
    You talkin’ ‘fganerstan or allerbammer?

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