Note To Self: Squirrels Don’t Like Selfies

1398971817000-1398957172003-squirrel51398973605000-squirrelWhile on a trip visiting colleges, Brian Genest decided to talk a “selfie” during a hike in Florida. The Maine teen spotted a squirrel on the railing of a walkway and snapped the shot. That is when the squirrel snapped.

The squirrel went under his shirt and was scratching him as he flailed to get rid of it. His mother captured the squirrel attack — undoubtedly to show to any girl that Brian brings home on a date. (At least I hope so). This is a family after my own heart since they proceeded to post the photos on the Internet.

Think of it this way, Brian: you know have one hell of a college application essay.


Source: WCSH

24 thoughts on “Note To Self: Squirrels Don’t Like Selfies”

  1. nick:

    more like not paying attention.

    note to self: learn to use the scroll function.

  2. Byron, Is this the Frostbite Falls International Airport[FFI]?

  3. sorry sling, that didnt show up on my screen.

    that was a great video.

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