Note To Self: Squirrels Don’t Like Selfies

1398971817000-1398957172003-squirrel51398973605000-squirrelWhile on a trip visiting colleges, Brian Genest decided to talk a “selfie” during a hike in Florida. The Maine teen spotted a squirrel on the railing of a walkway and snapped the shot. That is when the squirrel snapped.

The squirrel went under his shirt and was scratching him as he flailed to get rid of it. His mother captured the squirrel attack — undoubtedly to show to any girl that Brian brings home on a date. (At least I hope so). This is a family after my own heart since they proceeded to post the photos on the Internet.

Think of it this way, Brian: you know have one hell of a college application essay.


Source: WCSH

24 thoughts on “Note To Self: Squirrels Don’t Like Selfies”

  1. OT Yesterday I came across a turtle trying to cross a 2 lane road. It was in the middle of my lane. I stopped, picked it up and, instead of appreciating that I was probably saving its life, it tried to bite me. It had four clawed legs and nasty looking sharpness in its mouth all trying to “get” me. I ran to the edge of the road and dropped it over the guard rail. If it had been just a bit nicer, I’d have set it down gently. Nasty bit of work that.

  2. Karen, They sound like seagulls. if seagulls were wiped off the face of the earth that would be fine w/ me.

  3. At my college, the squirrels were totally desensitized to people from being fed by all the students. And they decided we were Pez dispensers. If you sat in the grass or on a bench and tried to eat, they would run up your leg and take the sandwich you were in the process of biting.

    My microbio prof was going over the symptoms of rabies, including an unnatural approach and tolerance of humans by wild animals. There was a pause, and then he said, “But not the squirrels here. They’re not rabid. They’re just rude.”

  4. Brin got off lucky,

    He could have been attacked from the air. Flying squirrel!

  5. Brian should get the rabies shot, take a selfie of that and post it.

  6. This is the end result when squirrels have been pushed to the breaking point by paparazzi.

  7. Back in the day, a mom would rush to help/protect her child.

  8. Oh I feel guilty for chuckling at the idea of mom taking a pic to show his future girlfriend, heheheh.

  9. Never sit under a tall pine tree when those things are around. They eat green pine cones like corn on the cob; then toss the cob from forty feet. Ouch.

  10. The squirrel was just following the lead of Alec Baldwin when he sees paparazzi.

  11. Dredd – one of the exercise that is done in creativity classes is to take a common object and come up with 20 or so different uses for it. All things have various uses if you use your creativity. For example, someone was using a Chinese vase as a door stop until she had it appraised for 250k.

  12. Some cell phones generate a sound that could have freaked the squirrel’s amygdala fear circuitry into sensing an attack or a danger.

    At any rate, it may underscore some of the meaning of the word “squirrelly” –or give new meaning to it.

    That is the nature of English – words often hold multiple meanings — like “coffee cup” (they hold more than coffee).

  13. It’s plot–I always new there was something insidious about that species! We need a multi-billion dollar defense program to stop that threat against humanity now!

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