Dawn on Billy Goat Trail

IMG_0680IMG_0683Every Sunday, I do a break of dawn hike somewhere around Washington. We have extraordinary trails in this area. One of my favorite is Billy Goat Trail. Here are a few pictures of the dawn on Billy Goat this morning at 6 am.

There was flooding along all along the trail. I was hiking in Utah last week but it is clear that the flood was huge judging from the mud and debris. Hiking was a bit slower because I broke a little toe in the Narrows in Zion National Park but it was still great. I ran into about ten giant vultures on the trail which were very impressive to see up close.



13 thoughts on “Dawn on Billy Goat Trail”

  1. “Dawn on Billy Goat’s Trail” …sounds like an Irish Ballad.

    On the other hand,

    “Down on Billy Goat’s Trail…” sounds like a good lead into a Southern Rock song.

    Either way; it’s music to my ears.

  2. Not to be confused with the Iron Goat Trail in Washington. Some friends and I hiked this before it was designated as such. It’s an abandoned mountain railroad line with several tunnels constructed by Great Northern in the 1890’s.


  3. The only Billy Goat “trail” that I am familiar with is on Lower Wacker Drive in Chicago!

  4. This brings back memories: I’ve hiked the Billy Goat Trail several times, but was never there at dawn. You would hardly know you’re so close to D.C.

  5. Those vultures probably sensed you had a broken toe and were just waiting for the cougar to reappear and finish you off.

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