Presbyterians To Divest In Israel

Presbyterian_Church_(U.S.A.)Emblem_of_Israel.svgWe previously discussed the growing boycott of Israel by various academic, political, and business groups. On Friday, another major organization joined the movement. The Presbyterian Church voted — by a razor thin margin of 310-303 — to join the boycott. The Church only has about $21 million in investment capital so this is not a significant financial hit for the Israeli government but the vote carried obviously considerable symbolic value for the boycott movement and could further damage tourism for Israel.

The American Jewish Committee in New York responded by denounced the Presbyterians for a vote “driven by hatred of Israel.” That is not what I would have recommended as a response, particularly in such a close vote. While there are valid arguments to be made against such boycotts, it is neither productive nor accurate to accuse the 1.8 million member church of simply being anti-Israel. They were obviously motivated by what they saw as a human rights issue due to the treatment of the Palestinians. Rather than attack the church as anti-Semitic or anti-Israel, it would have been better to address that concern and counter with countervailing arguments. Indeed, some opposing divestment took a more measured approach like Rabbi Rick Jacobs, head of the liberal Union for Reform Judaism, who objected that the Church vote was unfortunate because it would as a whole is no longer be “a partner for joint work on Israel-Palestine peace issues.”

The close vote reflected intense lobbying on both sides. Notably, this included Rabbis and other members of Jewish Voice for Peace, who advocated for divestment. Those Jewish advocates believe that only divestment will change government policies. Jewish advocates also lobbied against divestment.

Source: NPR

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  1. rbshea: “Conflating opposition to Israeli government actions and policies with anti-Semitism is a cheap and bankrupt argument.”


    It’s also as childish and bereft of reason as a temper tantrum.

    1. By Robert Wistrich:

      Anti-Zionism has become the most dangerous and effective form of anti- Semitism in our time, through its systematic delegitimization, defamation, and demonization of Israel.

  2. Annie: “My point is, dear Bob, at some point unthread a certain person agreed that it was anti Semitic of those who agreed with the Presbyterians, then later on this same person totally did a 180 and agreed with you. Did you not catch this hypocrisy, just because the person agreed with you? I tend to dismiss hypocrites.”


    I’ve just reviewed the entire thread and there is no one who “agreed that it was anti Semitic of those who agreed with the Presbyterians.”

    There were these posts by Nick:

    When someone says “Zionists slaughtered hundreds of thousands of Palestinians when they moved in” well, they might be an anti-Semite. At the minimum they are a liar.”


    “These posts always bring out the anti-Semites. I bet some of them have KKK robes in their closet.”

    When I asked Nick if he was implying I was an anti-Semite, I had not noticed his quote of doglover regarding “slaughtering Zionists.”

    So to answer your question, I did not notice “the hypocrisy.”

    In fact, Nick was quite apologetic for implying that I was an anti-Semite.

    Your friend shifrabryna, on the other hand, has accused me of being a Jew hating anti-Semite and a Klan-boy.

    Judging from your dialogue with shifrabryna, this seems to please you.

    “Did you not catch this hypocrisy, just because the person agreed with you?”

    “Principles, schminciples.”


    1. Annie. . .ignore the lunacy. . .as I said before. . .Hell is a place where there is no reason. . .seems as if the Klan boys have their robes all in a bunch. . .some call it flip-flopping. . .others call it psychotic. . .they can’t even keep track of their positions on the issue. . .

    1. I’m not so sure that the constant change of opinion on this topic is as much of a flip-flop as it is a psychotic episode. . .lol!

        1. Well. . .if accusations regarding stalking and assaults don’t get deleted, I wonder why comments about the inappropriateness of those false accusations would be deleted. . .

          Bullies are always surprised when someone stands up to them. . .it throws them off their game. . .they want people to cower and not defend themselves. . .

          And. . .Nick wants to know who this Shif is? Well, I can tell you. . .I am someone who will speak the truth, as I see it. . .

          Oh. . .yeah. . .and I’m a CIA operative. . .lol!

  3. Spinelli, I’m going to be in Madison the next few days spending time with my new 6 week old grandson. He’s such a big boy, sturdy! I will make sure he doesn’t come over to your house to “stalk” you for his Nana. LMAO!

  4. Paul, This is just wackiness. I am pro Israel and disagree w/ the Presbyterian decision. I have been called an Israeli apologists in other discussion on this very topic. You understand the history here. Who knows who this shif is? I’m just staying out of crazy lies. I do appreciate your support and pointing out a fact.

  5. Actually Shifra, I think it is I who he is calling a stalker, lol. Or perhaps he is calling us BOTH stalkers!? Oy VEY!

    1. Oh oh, Annie. . .I have just been accused of wackiness. . .I’m keeping a list. . .that is a new one for the books. . .

      Seems like our flip-flopper has done flip-flopped again. . .he is now pro Israel and disagrees with the divestment. . .he is so confused. . .and he wants to know who this “shif” is. . .even if I told him, he is so completely dazed and confused, he wouldn’t remember. . .

  6. Shifra,
    What is a sad state of affairs is when one cannot disagree or call into question discrepancies in statements of another commenter without being called a “stalker” and giving out ones email to other commenters so as to feed them lies or whatever, on this blog. THAT is incredibly toxic.

    1. Annie – didn’t justagurl give you her email last week or the week before?

    2. Annie,

      I find it fascinating that I was referred to as a “stalker” and accused of committing an “assault”. . .actually, I find it quite amusing. . .

      The fact that Nick uses these terms so freely, without any concept as to the actual definition of these terms, is quite telling and also exposes his level of education, or lack thereof.

      These individuals believe that they can spew their disgusting and anti-Semitic (yes, I said anti-Semitic) garbage about the State of Israel and Jews, and no one will speak out. . .no one will challenge them. Well, Klan boys. . .those days are over. . .

      That’s right. . .it’s the Stalker. . .lol! It’s a new day!

  7. Bob, There is a sordid history of stalking behavior that JT does not want discussed here. He’s correct, it is toxic. I ignore the person, which cause the assaults to increase. If you would like to be enlightened on how you got caught in a crazy situation email me @ It is how I inform people and also allow me to honor JT’s request that infighting be left off this blog.

    1. Oh oh, . .we have a stalker. . .not to mention, an assault. . .lol!

      Israel and the Zionists are accused of every despicable act, and the virulent anti-Semites are “offended” when someone answers their lunacy. . .too bad, fellas. . .if you call this stalking or an assault, you are sadly mistaken. . .

      Interesting to see how thin-skinned the bullies can be. . .that is, until they are challenged. . .oh no. . .don’t challenge them. . .they will put you on a “shit list”. . .call you a “stalker” and charge you with “assault”. . .

      Enjoy the Klan meeting boys. . .

  8. Somebody better not call anybody anti Semites anymore, that person has lost all credibility.

  9. Lol. . .all the boys are getting together for a Klan meeting. . .maybe you guys could all carpool. . .

  10. Now, if Congress would take appropriate measures to end all U.S. military and intelligence operations and no more wars for Israel.

  11. Bob, I suggest you reread my 5:27p comment before even dignifying w/ a question or response.

  12. My point is, dear Bob, at some point unthread a certain person agreed that it was anti Semitic of those who agreed with the Presbyterians, then later on this same person totally did a 180 and agreed with you. Did you not catch this hypocrisy, just because the person agreed with you? I tend to dismiss hypocrites.

  13. Bob, LOL! He is the Congressman just south of me. I would maybe vote for him. My district has elected bozo’s since Kastenmaier got dumped in the 1992 uprising. He was blindsided as were many Representatives. We only elect cult leaders in my district. But, I live in one of the most Dem counties in the nation. You would probably like it. We spend Winters in San Diego. That’s a well rounded, balanced county and city. Being a hardcore Independent, it more fits my philosophy.

  14. Annie wrote “Glibertarians Rand Paul and Ted Cruz are at odds with each other on Israel. Even these two cant come to a consensus”

    Glibertarians. I like it. Glib.

    I think Cruz is actually more of a Fox News Republican.

    Rand Paul is a raving loon. If he wins the Republican nomination, Hillary will win in a landslide after voters discover just how crazy the Paul boys are (Ron would not keep quiet). Rand Paul has challenged people to duels. Rand Paul tried to have Abby Martin, one of the RT reporters who criticized Putin on air, arrested because she asked tough questions.

  15. Annie,

    If you have a point, I suggest you make it.

    And if you have a point to make about me, I suggest you address me directly.

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