Atheist Declared Mentally Ill And Involuntarily Committed For Saying That He Does Not Believe In God

220px-R212F1Mubarak Bala, 29, has been institutionalized against his wishes for mental illness. Bala’s nightmare began when he admitted to relatives in the mainly Muslim state of Kano, Nigeria that he did not believe in God. His Muslim relatives took him to a doctor who explained that he was just fine. They went ahead and forcibly medicated him and found a second doctor to say that his atheism is part of deep mental illness.

We have previously discussed how even Western leaders have demonized secularists and atheists. The most dangerous areas for atheists however remain in Muslim countries with Sharia legal systems. Of course, the alternative under Sharia systems may be no better: to be found sane but then jailed for apostasy or blasphemy where you can face death or the combination of flogging and jail.

In this case, you have the added involvement of a physician in treating atheism as a form of mental illness.

Bala is a chemical engineering graduate and is now being held against his wishes in a mental institution.

Source: BBC

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  1. gotta love the know it alls who dont think anything is right unless and until it involves someone they personally know….

    on another note READING IS FUNDAMENTAL.

    the woman was imprisoned because she refused to denounce christianity as she was raised by her mother who is christian it is the corporation of said company along with her brother who out of no where is demanding she change to muslim the sickening part is the woman was married for a while to her christian husband and the brother never opened his mouth. before now suddenly out of no where he is demanding she follow the religion of a father she never knew because he abandoned his family soon after she was born the brother is hoping to inherit what the woman and her husband owns and also sell her off to a warlord in said country… as for the good ol usa this woman is being used as a distraction to what is really going on and judging by a lot of the posts on this article not to many of you actually want to know the truth.

    concerning the military they arent drafted in anymore they voluntarily sign up the youth of today arent being snow balled and lied to like the youth of yesterday who really and truly thought the wars they were fighting were for the rights and freedoms of america when the truth is they were fighting wars that allowed the elites to steal the resources of the warring country it was also to beat that countries corporation into submission for their one world government.

    again the corporation has multi billions to buy specialized military weapons but no money for education, housing, foods, youth or senior programs and the list goes on!!!!!

  2. Miriam Ibrahim has been set free for the second time. Those calling for the Marines to rescue her were a bit premature, I’d say.

  3. Darren, sending in the Marines could be disastrous. They could kill her and her family and the Marines could be trapped like sitting ducks. Think Somalia. they’d have to send in a great many Marines. She’s not in some house like Bin Laden was, she’s probably incarerated in a prison or highly guarded building.

  4. @Annie yes, I think we should rescue her no matter what religion just because we are human. Drop all the attitude regarding religions please.

  5. I agree, what self respecting husband would have his wife in a situation like this?

  6. I asked about a poll because I do not believe for a minute that the “vast majority” of Americans want to use Marines to go rescue her.

  7. And show me with a link that the vast majority of Americans want to send the Marines. Has there been a poll of some sort? Or is this once again pure conjecture with nothing to back it up?

  8. Having love in your heart for her and her plight doesn’t mean the military will or should be sent for the wife of a US citizen. All this compassion isn’t just from you wonderful Christian folks on the right, everyone feels compassion for this woman, so don’t go patting yourself on the backs just because you are calling for the Marines to rescue her and rational people are telling you it won’t happen. Lip service and pronouncments of empathy are EASY.

    1. Annie – 1) any politician that runs on polls has no moral compass. 2) if we can go after an alleged deserter, we can certainly go after a condemned woman held against her will and her husband (an American citizen)

  9. Gigi, You have a moral center and that never changes. You have love in your heart, and it shows. Kudos to you for stating clearly and unequivocally your values. I’m w/ you, and so are the vast majority of people. The despicable treatment of this woman moved compassionate people throughout the world, not just here in the US. I have prayed for her and will continue to do so.

  10. Sudan is almost 100% Muslim. I’m wondering why her American husband lived with her there, were they attempting to leave to come back to the US before this happened? If no, why not?

    1. Annie,

      I believe there was no issue for Merriam or her husband until her family objected to the relationship and turned her in to the authorities, who subsequently prosecuted her.

  11. Gigi, I believe they were in Sudan, not Nigeria. Correct me if I’m wrong.

  12. Gigi, because I think it’s a bad idea to send in the military to rescue her, I’m against helping her at all? I think all diplomatic attempts should continue, offer money, offer to give them a jet, or something else to get her. Because she is a Christian, she should get our military involved? She is not a citizen. Do you not see that here would be huge international repercussions invading a sovereign nation to get the wife of an American citizen, when there are seven American citizens that we aren’t willing to send the Marines to get? What makes her more worthy of a military intervention than the seven other Americans held by other countries?

    Why don’t you care about THEM?

    1. Annie, I agree with your comments on sending in the marines to rescue her. I believe the State Department when they stated they were making efforts to secure her release by diplomatic and other influences. That the marine option would have been disasterous is self evident.

      I know this might seem rather caloused but one has to consider the cost/benefit with regard to rescues of any kind.

  13. Annie,
    One moment you ask for tolerance and empathy and in the next breath, you are unwilling to help anyone. In regards to the Sudanese woman in prison and why this family didn’t have to leave their country earlier and sail to the U.S. Getting travel visas to come here and live is not easy, unless your an illegal Hispanic. Plus, people don’t always want to leave their culture or their families. This woman fell in love with an American Christian and obviously liked Christianity, therefore became one. Since Nigeria has one of the highest populations of Christian’s in Africa, they probably did not see a threat until the radical Muslims decided to take over the country, kill many people and threaten her with death.
    It’s true that there are many other people who need help, but this story made international news, bringing it to our attention. Wouldn’t it be nice to show how loving we American’s are and work to bring this woman and family here? Also, she’s a woman, and if you are for woman’s rights, which you are always professing, shouldn’t you stand up for ALL women’s rights–not just your own agenda?

    To the atheist preachers out there: As for today’s topic, we Christian’s believe that everyone has a right to believe in what they want to believe in or not, as long as it doesn’t take away our rights and religious freedom. This man who is in an institution should have the same rights as everyone else–that’s why Sharia Law is communistic.
    God gives us many opportunities to choose Him–the choice is ours. We are all truly blessed to live in a country that still allows us to choose how we want to believe. Unfortunately, those rights are being chiseled away a chip at a time. Ironically, it’s many of atheist on this blog and others like you, who demand your rights, but then trample on our Christian values and morals. Yet, it’s those same values and morals that formed this country’s foundation.
    I admit, it’s easier to be an atheist than a Christian. Atheist look for “easy street,” and self-gratifying conditions. I personally believe that our secularism, “throw caution to the wind” attitude, and selfish greed that is bringing down our country. When we look at our politicians, corporations, banks, and many lawyers, we should stop and see their reflection in ourselves. Perhaps, not at the obvious extreme as they go to, nonetheless we’re just like them. All of us need to have a serious value/moral check and change our personal lives.

  14. Jim that was high seas piracy. Do you think we can use special forces to rescue American citizens or the wives of American ciizen all over the world? She is a ciizen of Sudan, she was tried and sentenced in her country. It is a horrible country wih a horrible legal justice system, but it’s a sovereign nation. She is one person, not millions of people as in the Holocaust. Do you think other countries’ special forces can or should come into our country to try to rescue the wives of their citizens, after we incarcerate them? Diplomacy is the way to deal with his, not military intervention.

  15. The charge of mental illness has often been used by the powerful to keep their own norms in place. If a slave ran away from a master, she or he was said to have droptomania. If a woman did not want to be abused by her husband, it was not so long ago that she could be locked up for that by her abuser.

    In politics, religion, and society in general, you can see where the power lies by looking at who gets put away for what. The ability to coerce belief is a real violation of another person’s human rights.

    There does seem to be something in the current human psyche which demands conformity from others. The powerful understand how to harness this desire and use it for their own benefit. It’s a scary state of affairs.

    1. “There does seem to be something in the current human psyche which demands conformity from others.”

      Jill, it is said that there are two types of people: Those who just want to be left alone, and those who won’t leave others alone. The first type don’t care what others do, and the second type demand that others conform to their standards. These days, there seems to be a lot of the second type, but more and more of the first type are getting fed up with the meddling and are speaking out and taking a stand on it.

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