Former Michigan Prosecutor Accused Of Murder For Hire Scheme To Kill Lawyer

Gomery, Clarence MugFormer prosecutor Clarence Gomery is in jail after a court imposed a $5 million bond for his release pending trial on charges that he tried to arrange to have attorney Christopher Cooke killed in a murder-for-hire scheme. The bad blood with Cooke is believed to stem from his representation of Gomery’s former business client in a heated litigation.

Gomery, 59, is charged with felony solicitation of murder — a bizarre twist on a career that included his service as a former Leelanau County prosecutor and Grand Traverse County assistant prosecutor. He is accused of trying to pay handyman Dale Fisher $20,000 to kill Cooke.

In 2013, Gomery faced Cooke in a business fraud case involving Fred Topous Jr., Gomery’s former business partner. The jury found Gomery committed fraud and malpractice and ordered Gomery to pay about $315,000 in sanctions for attorney fees and other costs. Gomery knew Fisher from his dock and hoist removal business.

The offer included not only the money but allegedly $1,000 to purchase a gun to be used to kill Cooke.

It always surprises me in these cases that defendants trust relative strangers with such plans, particularly a former prosecutor who had to deal with his share of snitches.

Sources: Record and ABA Journal

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  1. We have a blog about all of the corruption here in Northern Michigan. Please visit our site or more information on Gomery and many of our elected officials. We cover the CPS and child pornography on court computers and much more. Thank you Mr. Turley for covering this important story. It is business as usual here in beautiful Northern Michigan. Link:

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