55 People Arrested In Nigeria For Drinking Alcohol In Violation Of Sharia Law

No_alcoholIn Kano, Nigeria, 55 people have been arrested and convicted for alcohol consumption in violation of Sharia law. Making the violation more serious in the view of the Sharia “judges” is the fact that they were drinking during Ramadan. They received four months in prison for failing to live up to the religious demands of their government.

There are reportedly 27 others who have also been arrested in the Sharia crackdown.

It is not enough that a government protects the right of people to practice Islam. For these officials, it is essential to force others to adhere to their religion.

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  1. what exactly is the difference between them and us? the corporation here has been forcing humanity to live by their dictates for centuries so much so they no longer even feel they need to keep up the pretence of being a government for and of the people. either pay them for air you breathe, job you work, food you eat, and bed you sleep in or end up in their prison system as free labor.
    i no longer even bother to wonder how alcohol is legal while drugs with significant medical purposes re marijuana is illegal. also heroin, and cocaine of which the pharma industry gives us everyday in the form of sleeping and pain medication and if you need dental work you’re getting at the very least 4 shots of medicine made directly from cocaine in the form of nova and or lidocaine

  2. Fanaticism is bad. When fanatics take over the governments of entire regions, they have more scope to run amuck.

  3. I think most Americans can agree that Sharia Law abuses human rights, especially women, in every country in which it is practiced.

  4. I heard that in America there are certain counties where drinking is illegal. Is that true? I have to finish a full report on this topic and send it back to Remulak which is a planet without alcohol. So far.

  5. @es dl:

    No doubt you are correct. But “religious fanaticism ” comes in many flavors. I see that same mindset among the smarmy secular “pc ” crowd — the kind of people who want to persecute climate change deniers, anti gay marriage advocates, pro life people , and Christians for daring to believe there are some rules we all must follow. Humans seem to have a busy body gene or something that has to express itself or bust.

    At least the religious fanatics are uh er ur fanatic about shutting down behaviors that tend disrupt civilization in a larger sense. The pc fanatics seem frantic to shut down opposition to disruptive non -normative behaviours.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

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