Senate Approves Transfer Of Additional $351 Million To Israel To Fund Its Iron Dome Missile Defense System

225px-Richard_Durbin_offici300px-Flickr_-_Israel_Defense_Forces_-_Iron_Dome_Intercepts_Rockets_from_the_Gaza_StripThe US Senate Appropriations Defense Subcommittee just approved the transfer of $351 million to Israel for the Iron Dome missile defense system — that will bring the appropriations this week for Israel to $621 million. There has been virtually no debate about such huge payments to another nation’s defense budget when cities and schools continue to cut back on programs for lack of fund. In Fairfax county, our kids are being placed in classes of over 30 kids with a single teacher because there is no money to hire more staff. Congress has cut historic programs and environmental projects for lack of a few million dollars but approves these transfers with little debate. It is not just Israel, as we have previously discussed, but the continuation of huge expenditures abroad in various countries from Pakistan to Iraq to Afghanistan to Egypt. It is not necessarily the ultimate appropriation decision as much as the lack of any discussion on such budgetary priorities and policies that is so striking.

Illinois Senator Dick Durbin, chairman of the subcommittee, pushed through the increase which will include funding Israel’s R & D work on a new generation of rocket.

In a relative blink, the move doubled the money going to the missile defense system protecting Israel. We previously discussed the lack of debate on the spending of billions to various countries given our worsening educational, environmental, and scientific programs. In one past case, Congress spent $100 million to build a new office facility for Israel and has continued to send billions to Iraq and Afghanistan even in the face of massive corruption and the disappearance of billions in aid.

64 thoughts on “Senate Approves Transfer Of Additional $351 Million To Israel To Fund Its Iron Dome Missile Defense System

  1. It seems to me our government now operates on a mindless set of principles and allocates our monies,as such. The lack of discourse , public or otherwise, indicates this. We are already in the rabbit hole and unless the American people wake up, we will get lost down there. Perhaps we already are since we keep electing the same people or types of people time after time.

  2. All of us, including those so struggling, simply need to become entertainers and the American people will happily bury us in wealth….

  3. We cannot afford to shower any country with millions or billions. Did you know that we give SAUDI ARABIA 1.5 billion to reform a justice system that its justice minister has said is perfect and was given to them by god!?

    The US has truly lost its way.

  4. $350 million sounds like a bargain compared to the cost of involving US forces in a major battle in the middle east again.

  5. This sounds like a long term appropriation with long term ramifications. R & D on missile defense systems. Seems like a drop in the bucket compared to the urgent $3.8 Billion needed for illegal immigrant “processing.”

  6. Guess what fellas and gals. Jews are not the only people who are rightfully classified as semites. Go look the term up. You will be surprised!

  7. Yea, let’s not forget: Obama urgently asks $3.7 Billion for border crisis
    I’d rather see some of that money going to American public education too.

  8. I read half a dozen blogs (plus comments) addressing public policy and with all of them the majority of commenters view Zionism as over-reaching, racist, and in effect, committing genocide against Palestinians. Why the wide gap between public perception and government perception? Is there something we are not being told about why the US govt so strongly favors this particular instance of genocide?

  9. Since we need to borrow the money from China to give it to other countries, why don’t we make these loans to the other countries instead of gifts?

  10. What about the other humanitarian crisis? Detroit has turned off water for 100,000 people? Heck, we are becoming a nation of refugees. But I guess if you ramp up world events it is a good distraction. Meanwhile, we’ll keep borrowing from our future masters to give it to someone else.

  11. Congress can only agree to send billions to Israel while it decimates an entire group of people? What about the refugee children? what about our own infrastructure? They have to play games to fund the transportation fund but there’s plenty of money for Israel to upgrade a defense system that has proven to be sufficient? ignorant Congress goddamn. (play on Nina Simone’s Mississippi Goddamn.)

  12. Our nation spends trillions on healthcare because we are the unhealthiest people on earth. Where’s the outcry? If you need more money in Fairfax County for schools, free up all the wasted healthcare dollars and you’ll have more than enough money left over to buy every student a car, too. You free up this money by making everyone healthy, in the same way the anti tobacco campaign prevents death. 90% of health issues are food and substance related, the other 10 % related to accident & old age. Educate on the dangers of soft drinks, fat, table salt, sugar, GMO foods, dangerous preservatives and food colorings, excessive protein consumption, etc., and within a matter of weeks, even days, people begin feeling better and are amost immediately healthier. By years end half the doctors and hospitals would be bankrupt, and you’d have 2 trillion dollars to do a lot of good, that is, if you do not vote for someone again to piss it all away for you.

  13. Careful, Samantha, you’re going after lots of corporations, every one of those that are involved in the food industry, including those that make herbicides and pesticides and the entire medical complex that uses poisons to “cure” (no the poisons don’t cure, they just make you think they do) and that put those with insurance through lots of unnecessary tests.

    You’re also right. We need to get rid of the pesticides, the processing, and the preservatives in our food. We might want to clean up more of the toxic sites caused by nuclear waste, coal ash, other industrial wastes and clean up farm land killed by pesticides and herbicides,

  14. Samantha, Michelle Obama agrees with you on educating the public on the dangers of soft drinks, fat, table sugar, etc. all she got for it was criticism. People will still choose to engage in unhealthy behavior.

  15. Annie, Nick quit smoking after he found out it was going to kill him. And when the Surgeon General tells him that bratwurst will, too, he’ll find something else to eat, & be better off and healthier.

  16. Samantha, Some people would love to see me die. If you catch my drift. Everything in moderation, Samantha. I NEVER said I was into bratwurst eating contests. I think all of those contests are stupid. I eat a Mediterranean diet. Lots of fruit, nuts and fish. Little dairy. Moderate meat. You are a food zealot. I love to poke zealots of all sorts. I’ll dance on your grave. What about exercise girl? I walk 5-10 miles a day. How ’bout you?

  17. If America is not a dictatorial theocracy and is, in fact, in deed, governed by the Preamble, Constitution and Bill of Rights, how can this interminable and enormous effort to create and perpetuate an artificial nation in the Middle East that America derives absolutely no benefit from and has absolutely no national interests in, be prosecuted by American agencies and funded by taxpayers especially since the population was well assimilated and existed in the region for millennia before American intervention and arbitrary (i.e. nonsensical) manipulation.

    Has anyone noticed that most major, historical decisions taken by America don’t have a positive outcome. Maybe America should stay home and leave well enough alone when our interests aren’t clear and directly affected; when there are no spoils to be had by the victor for the benefit of the nation.


    “Let It Be”

    Let it be,
    Let it be,
    Let it be,
    Let it be,

    There will be an answer,
    Let it be.

  18. bettykath, what is so wrong with taking a health care worker and putting to work in a school as a teacher? Or passing a food label law that forces corporations to make food that people really want? Every dollar that soft drink companies save by using high fructose corn syrup instead of natural sweetener, probably translates into $1000 of healthcare costs. What does this say about a society’s morals or the education level of the silent? My point is, the two trillion lost to the healthcare industry remains in the economy, doing not evil but good, no jobs lost. My great grandfather lived to almost 100 years, and it’s not like he didn’t spend his Saturday afternoons at the pool hall, smoking cigars, drinking beer, playing cards, all the while grandma was shopping and gossiping. She preceded him in death by nearly 20 years, after a lifelong addiction to sweets, and just plain over consumption of calories. He had never been to a doctor or in a hospital except to see his new kids when they were born. There is a message here: it’s ok to go overboard on Saturday afternoons, but not 3 times daily at the dinner table or McDonalds. No wonder everybody complains about health care. What healthy person really needs it anyway, short of accident or old age? I have to fall off my horse and break my neck before I’d want to go into a hospital where retards hire $8 an hour illegal aliens to clean surgical instruments, serve fast food, where nurses prefer gossip to patients, and where I’m more likely to die from an infection or medication than a broken neck. Everything about health care today stinks badly, an industry were the collective evils of the economy show up. The way the liar in chief campaigned, all these evils were supposed to be behind us by now. Instead, things are only exponentially worse.

    Nick, relax. I’m not picking on you. Just making a point.

  19. Yeah, all living longer in misery, disease and on life support, drugs, Depends, all on the backs of working taxpayers to the tune of 3 trillion annually. You missed a bigger point. It’s possible to live longer without health care, provided you properly.

  20. No Samantha, I didn’t miss your point and I actually agree wih you to some degree, BUT it’s unrealistic to expect people to do what you want them to do, even if your ‘way’ is the correct way. People make up their own minds and most folks, conservative folks especially, do NOT like having government control what they consume. So Samantha you can preach the healthy diet sermon all you want, bu it will fall on deaf ears, many of those ears belonging to your fellow conservatives. I don’t advocate a longer life just to live longer. Like you, I believe quality is more important than quantity. People are living longer thanks to modern medicine and despite the longer life not being perfect, I tend to believe they should be allowed to live it. You don’t believe in euthanasia do you?

  21. $621 million this week from USA to the terrorist country of Israel….. How much terrorism can our tax dollars buy?

  22. Oh, I don’t know, Annie. Lots of people quit smoking after the anti-tobacco people exposed all the lies. Of course, that happened because corporations did not get away with muzzling activists, unlike today when special interests & corporations routinely hijack the conversation. I guess if you only believe in failure, you expect only failure.

  23. That is very funny, squeeky. My dad first explained this transgender stuff to me, a sort of variation of homosexuality, which butch-nelly model is a variation of biblical marriage, which master-servant model is a variation of slavery. As women moved into the workplace, diluting job opportunities for men, unemployed and underemployed men found improvement in lifestyle as a nelly by throwing in with a butch, not unlike women who only marry up. However, a nelly who is too nelly for any butch, believes, wishfully, he can improve his lot as a female throwing in with a straight man, without having to live in a closet. It is all about surviving in a changing environment. My dad may have had a couple of jack daniels when he explained this to me

  24. @samantha

    My father, who retired from the Air Force, told me the military always had a lot of gays but they were the tougher more mature type who took care of business. He says Manning is an example of what happens when you let a bunch histrionic twinks join. He says you can ‘t put these kind of people around dangerous weapons because one day they will have a hissy fit and shoot down an aircraft carrier or nuke somebody.

    I kinda feel sorry for people who are this messed up but the military is no place for them. Particulary taking a bunch of hormones. Trannies are a Sandy Hook waiting to happen.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  25. Squeeky, well, I think society, itself, is already a tranny, and Sandy Hook is already happening.

    Annie, here is an idea to increase school funding in Fairfax County. If this gal can live on $1.50 for groceries every day, then others can also. Make food stamps good for buying staples only. That way you free up about $50 billion from the food stamp budget that can be used instead for schools. No one goes hungry and no jobs are lost. You transfer the people who make potato chips and those who kill Tyson chickens into the school system, maybe have only 10 kids for each teacher now. But wait! Any idea what you’d like to do with the 1 trillion you save on healthcare, after so many people get healthy from better food, and don’t need to see a doctor or go to the hospital anymore? Think of it, one lousy executive order fixes so many things at once.

    My $1.50 a Day Challenge: Eating a Plant-Based Diet on an Austere Budget
    By Darshana Thacker
    Posted on September 10, 2013

  26. The U.S. taxpayer is simply an ATM for powerful, connected interests worldwide. Israeli, Saudi, even our locally grown Billionaires.The globalized, capitalist economy is one big wealth redistribution system- out of the hands of the average man and into the pockets of the guys who already have enough to buy a small country.

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  28. An explanation for the appropriation for Israel is quite simple: Hamas fired @1500 rockets into Israel over a period of 10 days. Israel’s Iron Dome missiles, which cost somewhere between $60 K to $100 K, have been expended to intercept those rockets. They need the money for more missiles to protect their people from those career criminals in Gaza.

  29. Palestinian Centre for Human Rights: Israeli military forces continue brutal ground attack on Gaza’s population: 303 Palestinians killed, of whom 249 are civilians, including 71 children and 35 women; 2,058 others wounded, mostly civilians, including 615 children and 406 women; 359 houses destroyed; approximately 50,000 Palestinians forcibly displaced:

  30. Over 300 innocent Palestinian civilians have been killed at the hands of Israel and zero Israelis, the blood shed of oppressed people is continuing in epic proportions – the Palestinians have no where to go and getting bombed and slaughtered daily. Israel has committed over 62 war crimes, Iraq had committed 2 and were invaded…why is my tax money continuing to contribute to this massacre/genocide?! #gazaunderattack #stopisraelwarcrimes #freepalestine

  31. Senate Approves Transfer Of Additional $351 Million To Israel To Fund Its Iron Dome Missile Defense System

    How many gallons of potable water would the $351 million buy at $2 per 1,000 gallons price quoted by the Detroit Water and Sewage Department website?

    What a complete disgrace.

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