97 thoughts on “Hobby Lobby’s Corporate Commandments–A Mark Fiore Political Cartoon Video”

  1. The insurance companies pay for your viagra so you can have sex whenever even if your weenie no longer works. Women want the same coverage for contraceptives, all contraceptives so they can choose what works best for them

  2. Not all sex is with a committed partner. If I want to have sex, dammit, I want sex regardless of whether I’m ovulating or not and I don’t want one sex act to commit me to a lifetime of caring for a child until I’m ready to take that on. It’s what men have always had. Now women want it, too.

    1. And there lies the problem.
      Self control

      Attitude of I take or do what satisfies me

  3. A woman who is raped or a child who is raped by a family member really don’t care about being “only” one in whatever number you want to pick.

    1. bettykath – I am not sure about other plans but viagra on my plan is $10 a pop as my co-pay. What is your co-pay for contraceptives?

  4. John.


    I do control my sperm, as you should control your egg when it is waiting to be fertilized. Spread your legs when the egg is not there. Its not rocket science.

    If only it were that simple. Some women have regular as clockwork periods and know when they are ovulating, but many do not. That’s why we want affordable access to birth control.

    Rapists and perpetrators of incest don’t respect “no”. Since many of their victims don’t plan to have sex, they might, coincidentally have taken the pill for other health reasons, or they need access to the morning after pill, or for those too traumatized to take action immediately, that’s why we need safe, accessible, and affordable abortions.

    1. bettykath – I know that pro-death people like the rape and incest meme, but the number of pregnancies by either is rather low in the overall number of pregnancies.

  5. Paul C. Schulte

    bettykath – since it takes two to tango, I have never seen the logic in ‘It is her decision and her’s alone” philosophy.

    It’s her body, her decision. She will undoubtedly consult with and consider the opinions of the sperm donor if that is relevant. Too often, he is irrelevant, especially in cases of incest and rape. While it takes two to tango, the woman is always saddled with the result. The man, not so much.

    1. bettyikath – while the woman ‘is saddled with the result’ your words not mine, the male is also on the hook financially and if he is in the home will be part of the child raising experience. Even sperm donors are now being found financial responsible for the children they sire.

  6. George

    “Can’t we all just get along?” — Unknown

    Your unknown is Rodney King, the Black man whose severe beating by LA cops was caught on videotape.

  7. John – not sure the Hebrews stole the flood story from cuneiform tablets, however they probably did pick it up during the Babylonian Captivity. And there are actually two versions of the story in the Bible, just to make it interesting.

    1. True most cultures say there was a world flood.
      One flood
      One God

      And yes, sex brought about the flood (fallen angels) were taking daughters of men.

  8. Wait. You mean you all don’t know that ALIENS, the ANNUNAKI, were perceived as gods. That human genes were manipulated by aliens, increasing intelligence. That Sumerian cuneiform tablets told the story of aliens copulating with human females and altering human evolution. That the story of Noah was plagiarized by the Hebrews from the cuneiform tablets. That Noah was told what to do; what to build because the aliens, the Annunaki, knew an impending cosmic event was going to cause a massive flood and that most of the people would be killed but one faction of aliens revealed the fact/secret to Noah giving him foreknowledge and time and instructions on how to prepare? This was written long before the Hebrew Bible and plagiarized.

    Jesus was a rebel against the Roman empire and rich Romans.

    John F. Kennedy was a similar phenomenon. His dad got him a big ski boat in the south Pacific during WWII but he was so arrogant and incompetent that he was crashed into by a large ship in the dark of night (kinda like Teddy at Chappaquiddick) then he was given the Presidency as a toy by his dad’s friends in the Chicago Mob and he proceeded to be bamboozled by the Russians in the Cuban Missile Crisis and gave up concessions including what the Russians wanted out of Turkey as he had girlfriends that nobody knew about (can you say Mary Magdalene) but ultimately made the mistake of crossing the mob (deport Marcello and embarrass Hoffa – overturn the tables of the moneychangers) and its “dark” friends and was crucified in Dallas.

    Jesus was like many on this site – haters of the rich. Actually, that’s jealousy – green with envy.

    Bob Dylan – “When ain’t got nothing, you’ve got nothing to lose.”

    Can’t hurt to criticize the rich, you got nothing to lose. Get that low-information mob all worked up, fellas. We can get hold of some of de Tocqueville’s “largess.” Yeah, let’s get a teachers strike goin’, it’s Tuesday, right? And Wednesday we’ll demand “comparable pay” for every other do-nothing governmental worker (what the hell does a “social services supervisor” do at $125K+???). Thank God for those stinking rich people. We can just tax the hell out of them. They’re low-hanging fruit, ripe for the pickin’.

    Whew! That was tough.

  9. Gary T, It’s condescension and ridicule, that’s humor for liberals. That’s why they love Bill Maher.

  10. Try as I might, I just could not find any humor in that cartoon. Perhaps a very minor chuckle once.
    I can usually put myself into the minds of those I disagree with, and I still couldn’t find it witty or humorous.
    Humor needs some kind of edge, this didn’t have any.

  11. John, in the real world, not the world we wish we had, many men aren’t as responsible with their sperm as you are.

  12. What about the guy who indiscriminately deposits sperm? Do you scold him too John? Tell him to keep his penis out of places that will result in a baby. Or does he get a pass? Also ovulation isn’t an exact occurrence every month in many women. Science has made it possible to prevent a pregnancy, too bad there are folks who think women should engage in the often failed rhythm method as a form of birth control.

    1. I can only speak for myself. If i can do it, I’m sure others can as well.

  13. Charlie,
    The first sex slave in the Bible is found in Genesis 16.
    Hagar became Abraham’s sex slave.

  14. John – Oh, how merciful of your mythical god to create hundreds of laws that could not be kept, then send to eternal fire those who did not keep them. I have little power and only one life to give, yet I would risk it to save just one girl from life as a sex slave. Your mythical god has unlimited power yet allowed hundreds/thousands/millions to suffer entire lifetimes of rape and torture. But, why would he prevent such horrendous suffering when his own laws condemned these poor women to such miserable lives? Because he does not exist.

  15. John
    If He knows your name before you are born… He also knows of the sins you have yet to commit…

  16. bettykath
    I would go as far to say that they’re just pro-birthers. In favor of children aged enough to be recruited into their wars of choice so as to sacrifice them on their alter of greed…

    1. Max-1 – I which people on here would learn the difference between altar and alter.

  17. A lot of warped thinking… Obviously Corporations are not people. An exemption from taxes is not a taxpayer handout. Get smart people….

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