ISIS Orders All Mannequins in Mosul To Wear Veils

250px-Holt_Renfrew_MannequinsThe Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) continues to show the world how systemic murder and terror can be justified in the name of religion as the work of the faithful. Now, after brutalizing the population of Mosul, ISIS has turned its attention to those godless tramps of fashion: mannequins. ISIS has ordered that all mannequins be covered in veils as another application of medieval Sharia law.

The reason is the prohibition under Sharia law of depictions of the human form. Somehow covering the face excuses the fact that the rest of the mannequin is the human form, but Allah is apparently satisfied by a cloth over the face according to ISIS.

Mannequins continue to be the focus of clerics who seek to block their corrosive impact on the morals of society (here and here).

On the positive side, this is the most moderate move of ISIS which notably did not behead the mannequins in a public execution after forcing them to convert to Islam.

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  1. @Singularity @Paul C. Schulte:

    “po” never claimed to be without misunderstanding, but you both seem quite smugly self-assured.

    “po – actions speak louder than words. When imams stop declaring fatwas then I will start beginning to believe you.”

    @Paul C. Schulte:

    That’s like judging all peaceful, sincere Christians by the words of minister Wiley Drake.

  2. Afghanistan has turned out to be so free of the people who belong to the dark ages…I am so glad that we were able to show the people of afghanistan how becoming more advanced mentally can give them peace and happiness. Our leaders are so great to set a model for evolving cultures of the third world to shoot for! I am sure the third world has learned better ways from our leaders how to mock people that they do not like or understand. I am sure they have learned how to thrust the lower lip forward and raise the eyebrows and appear really thoughtful….

  3. @Paul C Schulte,
    Oh Ok , wouldn’t it be so wonderful to have more people like that , we really need more of them , but I don’t think that’s a rarity when it comes to the politicians. We should thank God that we have the people in the current administration and had in the administrations before him , and the people who elected these presidents not once but twice . What would have happened if some of the sinners /people who cannot understand were in the office ..?

  4. Im glad that PO@minutebol does not misunderstand anything, at least that is the impression I get from the tone of his message

  5. when will our president mock these followers of a “peaceful” religion?

  6. @po@minutebol

    I think I understand what you meant by “You cannot use an enemy source to explain an enemy thought, that is lazy and rather dishonest.” That is, answering-islam DOT org is primarily interested in converting Muslims to Christianity (the enemy of their enemy), and not the best source for a deep understanding of the practice of Islamic faith.

    I hope you can open an honest and respectful discussion of your faith in the comments here, but don’t hold your breath.

    1. Thanks, ringhals. I am only acting as a garde fous, to insure that others do not get swayed towards islamophobia based on defective knowledge and intellectual methodology. God knows both Muslims and non-muslims misunderstand the religion enough without the need for additional misguidance thrown in.

  7. Saucy, go reread that blog you posted. Obviously you musta misunderstood it.
    Not only is this brother speaking on a very personal basis, as he notes, as he is not an islamic scholar, he says not the conclusions you came up with. There are 10 000000 blogs online of muslims discussing their faith, the pros and cons based on their personal search and understanding. To pick one, misunderstand it then define the religion based on that misunderstanding is pretty remarkable.

    1. po – actions speak louder than words. When imams stop declaring fatwas then I will start beginning to believe you.

      1. Sing, reread and retry for comprehension. It is the hardest thing one can reach for, especially on this blog.
        And Paul C, imams do not issue fatwas. the rules of fatwa are pretty clear, at least to those who know. Have you being getting your islamic education on Faux news, again?

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  9. Glory, Glory Halleluya
    Sister hit me with a Ruler.
    I beaned her in the bean with a rotten tangerine
    And school kept marching on.

    There was a hooker in Amsterdam who wore a nun’s habit because it somehow attracted certain perps. She told the story in the bar one night about the Priest who came for some services. After their tryst he left in good humor. The next day she was dressed as Barbie as in Barbie Doll and the same guy showed up dressed as an Imam. He apparently did not recognize her from the night before. As she was telling the story the same guy came into the bar dressed up as a Rabbi. Again he did not recognize her. “Well”, she said, “God only knows what he is going for tonight.”

    Religion is the opiate of the people. Never forget.

    1. BarkinDog – Marx never wrote that, in German or in English. However, why would we want to quote a man whose philosophy was responsible for millions of deaths?

  10. @nicks

    Thank you, and I will gladly accept any blue collar sapphires you have laying around!

    I did a naughtier Irish Poem, but I cleaned it up a little :

    Aye, There’s The Rub???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once was some fellas from ISIS
    With a case of Acute Satyriasis.
    They rubbed off their b—-s
    On some mannequin dolls,
    Which prompted a Shariah crisis.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. Do you have to call it Isis? I don’t think that pre Egyptian god was all that bad, Isis, though often confused with the Virgin Mary. If its Levant (whatever that is) call it ISIL.

  12. OMG, this needs an Irish Poem!!!

    Mourning Wood???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    There once were some dummies named ISIS,
    Overcome by a Shariah crisis!
    “Naked mannekins could
    Induce morning wood. . .???”
    Gee, talk about ” a -nag -nor-isis”!

    Although, there is some mythological basis. See “Birth of Adonis”. Here is one example :

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  13. My aforementioned Italian grandmother also wore black for a year after her husband died. That was not a Catholic rule, just sorta an unwritten Italian one.

    1. Nick – it was a universal social custom for widows to wear black for at least a year.

  14. Karen, I consider royalty to be a separate case, given that they are told since birth that they are special. Royals have to be some of the most screwed-up people on the planet.

    No, I do not have any figures, but can you honestly imagine a television show like “Preachers of L.A.” being made anywhere except here?

    It depends on the branch of Christianity. Lutherans have almost the same mass as Catholics, yet they are German-like (no surprise, given where Martin Luther was from) in their conservatism. I think Lutherans are the most consistent Christians. Baptists and other wild-eyed Protestants must think the Bible contains only the Old Testament.

    By the way, I am not one of the people who lump Christians in with Muslims with respect to being religious killers.

  15. I knew an Afghani who had fond memories of strolling in the square in Kabul with his family as a child. He said it used to be more free and calmer there. But the Taliban swept in on the latest tide of Extremism, and his family left. Sad.

  16. Saucy:

    The Queen of England is a devout Anglican (Christian.) All the royal families of Europe are Christian. Many wealthy people, here and abroad, attend church. Although charity is a central tenet of Christianity, poverty is not a requirement to be Christian, and being wealthy does not make you a “bad Christian.” We have a proliferation of Protestant denominations (and their emphasis on evangelism) here in the US because the Pilgrims specifically immigrated for religious freedom from a state religion, like the Anglican Church. But there are now Protestant and Morman religions in Europe, as well. In fact, the children of some of my friends have gone on missions in Russia, and other European countries. There is a European Evangelism Network, and they do have their TV “personalities.” There are also ultra conservative commentators in Europe. In addition, conservative Mark Steyn is a Canadian educated in English boarding schools.

    You’ve mentioned that Europe and Canada have less evangelists and conservative pundits, but are there any figures? I know there are a lot of conservatives in Australia.

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