MSNBC Host: “Keep It Right Here On Morning Jew”

200px-Sigmund_Freud_LIFE220px-Mika_BrzezinskiWe have another addition to our series “Perils of the Press.” There are Freudian Slips and then there are Freudian falls from a high cliff. The later seems of a more apt description of MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski mistake this morning. After interviewing Israel’s Ambassador to the United States Ron Dermer, Brzezinski said “keep it right here on Morning Jew.”

I honestly hope that people are not too hard on Brzeninski. Such slips have happened to all of us and often tend to be funny, if somewhat embarrassing. When hosts like Brzeninski are juggling scripts and interviews, I am more surprised that such slips do not happen more often.

Freudian slips are actually called parapraxis and thought to be a mistake in speech that reflects some “dynamically repressed” thought. As a juris doctor, I would diagnosis a simple close pronunciation of “Joe” and “Jew” but then again I have so many Freudian slip and falls that I could keep an army of analysts busy for centuries. I once introduced a person who caught me at a speech with a long tirade against the legal system named Coring as “Mr. Boring.” To his credit, even he got a good laugh from that one as my face turned a bright red.

Do you have any good slips to confess?

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  1. Nick
    If criticizing Israel makes me an anti-Semite as you keep calling me, what does it make you when you criticize the US Gov?

    A patriot?
    What a joke!

  2. I’ve undoubtedly misspoken in embarrassing ways, thank goodness for the way my memory works. A long ago classmate recently asked me about an incident that happened 50 (or more) years ago. The incident was something that was very significant for him. Fortunately, I remember the incident well enough that I could help him. Unfortunately it took me several days to remember it and we haven’t been in touch so I can convey what I remember. So, about those misspeaks, I don’t remember them and I hope my memory doesn’t start looking for them. I have enough current events to keep my embarrassment healthy.

    While many of my former classmates became fb friends with each other, I unfriended one who said hateful things about Mexicans. I didn’t want my family members, especially those who are of Mexican descent, to see such claptrap on my page nor think that I’d have such a person as a friend.

  3. “Five Israeli Talking Points on Gaza Debunked”

    “Why does the mainstream media keep repeating these false claims?”

    “Beyond the body count and reference to law, which is a product of power, the question to ask is, What is Israel’s end goal? What if Hamas and Islamic Jihad dug tunnels beneath the entirety of the Gaza Strip—they clearly did not, but let us assume they did for the sake of argument. According to Israel’s logic, all of Gaza’s 1.8 million Palestinians are therefore human shields for being born Palestinian in Gaza. The solution is to destroy the 360-kilometer square strip of land and to expect a watching world to accept this catastrophic loss as incidental. This is possible only by framing and accepting the dehumanization of Palestinian life. Despite the absurdity of this proposal, it is precisely what Israeli society is urging its military leadership to do. Israel cannot bomb Palestinians into submission, and it certainly cannot bomb them into peace.”

  4. Well, the IDF lacks the equipment to do the job right. For that they would need some B -52s. IMO. To heck with the Gazans. You don ‘t want get bombed, don’t fire missiles at people. You don ‘t want to be blockaded, don ‘t dig tunnels and arm yourselves. Go IDF!!!

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance…
    … It is the illusion of knowledge.
    ~ Stephen Hawkings


  6. “Give me Liberty or give me death”
    Was that said by a terrorist yearning to be free?

  7. I get it Nick,
    It’s Hamas’ fault that Israel murders Palestinian children?

  8. Nick
    I don’t care if it was one school or three…
    … This morning made SIX SCHOOLS targeted and hit!

    What makes targeting innocent children OK in your book?
    … I thought that those acts define what TERRORISTS do.

  9. Paul C.
    The minimum is to AVOID killing innocent civilians. Period!
    That you ‘warned’ them falls short when you set out knowing of their impending death by your hands is imminent.

    Depravity of the human soul to tell the fish you shoot in the barrel to just swim away for their safety. Even more deprived is blaming the barrel you set up and put them in as their “hostage taker”. And the most depraved of human souls sees all of that as an excuse to innialate the fish population…

  10. You just said 1 school, the UN just said, “At 3 schools” rockets have been found to date housing Hamas rockets. I care not to discuss w/ intellectually dishonest people. Amend your assertion if you would like me to continue responding to your comments. I really don’t care either way, but you need to show good faith for me to engage w/ you further. If you don’t, that’s fine also.

  11. Nick
    The depravity of the human soul to lay blame at the feet of the dead for their deaths at the hands of the aggressor…

    First the children get blamed for their births…
    … Now, in their deaths, they still get blamed.

    No depth to that level of a depraved soul…

  12. Nick
    IF I tell you to evacuate to a safe place and it isn’t really a safe place… Should I callously kill you anyway?

    1. Max-1 – if I warn the populace to leave and they do not, you have at least done the minimum.

  13. wygard, If these apologists and anti-Semites were living in Rochester, Buffalo, Syracuse and terrorists were firing thousands of missiles from Canada, they would want them nuked.

  14. Paul C
    The “reports” … Propaganda!
    But just buy what you can afford, OK?

    1. Max-1 – this is an unusual situation. Hamas is using human shields and why you are disregarding it is beyond me. Reporters who can now report accurately are reporting this.

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