Final Flight Leg: British Woman Arrested After Beating People on Flight With Prosthetic Limb

DRUNKWOMAN_2993122cA 48-year-old woman caused a Thomson Airlines flight to diverted to Gatwick airport after she began to yell profanities, throw food, and beat people with her prosthetic leg. The airline response below is quintessential British.

The woman is described as “off her face on drink” and started to demand cigarettes on the flight from Enfidha, Tunisia to Edinburgh. She allegedly had had a scene at the resort in Tunisia and then again on the bus to the airport. Once on the plane, she demanded cigarettes and then said she wanted a parachute to jump off the flight (an option that may have seemed a good idea for the other passengers). She is described as throwing food at flight attendants and “swearing blue murder.” She then allegedly slapped a young girl before assaulting crew with her prosthetic leg. After throwing the prosthetic leg, she then allegedly began to kick them with her good leg.

I thought that this British scene seemed familiar:

The airline issued the following statement to its customers:
“We would like to reassure customers that their safety is our priority at all times. Thomson Airways operates a zero tolerance policy with regards to any disruptive behaviour on board and incidents of this type are extremely rare.”

It is certainly comforting to know that a passenger beating people with her prosthetic leg remains the type of thing that is “extremely rare” on Thomson Airways.

Source: BBC and Telegraph

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  1. “disabled” or even better, “differently abled,” is the PC term you heathen.

  2. paulette, I asked because I have a friend who was an FBI agent in Anchorage for 10 years. He would get called to the airport often. Alaska Airlines is a major carrier but there are many several other airlines flying into Anchorage. It’s not like Juneau where they have an almost monopoly, or did when I’ve flown to Alaska. My friend said almost all the calls were alcohol related. So, the FBI end up being patrolman for the airlines. He found a pattern of Alaska airlines being hyper vigilant, calling when it was not really necessary. My friend left Alaska in 2004. Looks like nothing has changed!

  3. On a flight from Cabo to San Diego yesterday afternoon the flight attendant announced several times that the forward bathrooms were reserved for the first class passengers only. During the flight a teen moseyed up to the front cabin to use said bathroom and was repeatedly told he wasn’t permitted to use those facilities. He did anyway. Upon arriving in SD everyone had to remain in their seats while the teenager and his family were escorted off the plane by the police. What say you all?

    1. paulette – I am an egalitarian. If there is a bathroom I am using it.

  4. We need to start installing ‘Ejection Seats’ on commercial flights…. Works just as well for ‘terrorists’ or disruptive or drunk passengers… and crying babies!!!

  5. Okay, they decided my bag was oversize for carry-on, but they could not see this woman was sinking drunk and hold her until the next flight?

  6. Leave it to Thomson Air to try and get a leg up on JetBlue…..

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