Saudi Court Hands Down Sharia Sentence To Gay Man: 3 years in Jail and 450 Lashes

300px-fomfr_whipWe have another grotesque application of Sharia law out of Saudi Arabia. A court in Medina has applied Islamic law to sentence a man to three years in jail and 450 lashes for being gay. The unnamed 24-year-old man was arrested after a sting operation by the notorious Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice (CPVPV) where they arranged a meeting over social media.

The man’s cellphone reportedly revealed incriminating pictures and he confessed. He was then found guilty of “promoting the vice and practice of homosexuality.”

The court noted that he had “indecent images” and “pornographic images of homosexual perversion.”

The barbaric 450 lashes will be meted out in 15 sessions. That’s right, 30 lashes a session to satisfy God’s will for being gay.

He can consider himself lucky under Sharia law. If he were married, he could have been stoned to death. Other punishments for simply being gay include chemical castrations, imprisonment and execution.

Source: Independent

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  1. Good to know you agree with Sharia Law in Islamic countries Squeekers. I bet you just can’t wait to enforce Biblical Law here in the States. Will you volunteer with the Morality Police?

    1. Annie – I think the liberals have co-opted the market on enforcing morality in the United States.

  2. @annie

    As a practical matter, I don’t think we could pass morality laws in this country for quite a while. There are too many people who come out with the “What I do in my bedroom is my business” nonsense. Plus, like drug addicts, we haven’t yet been hurt enough to get off our drug.

    In the meantime, I am not going to castigate those countries that try to get a grip on the problem, even though I think the lashings are a bit much. Maybe just a caning like they do in Singapore would be enough.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  3. Karen S
    I have found it difficult to explain humanity to people from countries that practice acts of torture… Some people ‘get it’ about torture while others espouse favor for torture. It’s the ’24’ effect. Jack Bower…

  4. Annie,
    Don’tch knows?
    It’s never Sharia styled laws when they’re Christian inspired Sharia styled laws.

  5. Squeeky, we can be concerned I suppose, but do you advocate legislating what people do in their bedrooms? So when should concern turn into law? OK, let’s keep track here, we should think about jailing gays because of AIDS, we should be “concerned” about what people do in the privacy of their bedrooms, because of unwanted pregnancies and disease, so hmmm, how do we force people to be responsible with their reproduction capabilities and the possible spread of disease So should we advocate morality laws?

    1. Annie – ‘WE’ do not seem to have any problems telling other people’s children what they should eat at school or how big their soft drinks should be or whether they should be smoking tobacco or not. Those are all liberal laws. Why not invade the bedroom?

  6. If you look on the news on Yahoo today you will see the King of Saudi Arabia in full tent dress. This is a Pirate Territory which the civilized nations need to segregate from the world. Fly over and flush and hope you hit a tent head with your urdTay. Yeah, we know pig latin on Remulak. We invented it to get around Word Press.

  7. @annie

    What people do in their bedrooms has always been a proper concern of society. For example, “What people do in their bedrooms” results in pregnancies. In our society, we don’t let people starve. Sooo, if the baby has no official father, and momma has no job. . .society foots the bill and any related social costs.

    “What people do in their bedrooms” can result in various diseases. Our country has a ridiculously high rate of STDs and HIV/AIDS. You can not magically intone “what people do in their bedroom is nobody’s business” and the death and disease disappears.

    Some of these third world countries have their hands full just trying to keep their people from dying, and here comes the modern day Marie Antoinettes saying, “let them have plenty of promiscuous sex! What they do sexually is nobody’s business.” Yet these people don’t have the access to anti-biotics that we do, and to go around spreading diseases willy nilly is often fatal for them.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  8. Annie – the various sex acts was in response to your statement that Planned Parenthood is only interested in safety and prevention of pregnancy. They are not. Full stop.

  9. @annie

    Maybe we should be jailing them. Isn’t that the question? Safe sex isn’t working by and large among the gays. Maybe the reality is that the human race can’t put up with people who have 300 or more casual sex partners, and I am being on the low side here. That is probably why MSM became an “abomination” in the Bible and death penalty worthy in the first place. They didn’t have antibiotics in those days.

    Even if you accept that some people are innately attracted to their own sex, that does not explain why life becomes a constant search for new partners. That is sorry, cheesy behavior and has definite bad impacts on them, and society.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  10. Anonymouly Yours
    This just blows…. These folks are insane….


    true, but they keep posting comments here anyway.

    1. pete – From a public health standpoint, when the AIDS epidemic was realized they should have quarantined those affected. This has happened with other communicable diseases in epidemic stages. However, it became a political football, so they did not and AIDS spread from the gay community to the straight community (sometimes or many times through shared drug needles). This needlessly killed more people.

  11. LOL! Paul, sometimes you just get into the weeds and when a commenter tries to pull you out of them you just don’t know how to react. Say “thank you Annie!”. You’re welcome Paul. 🙂

  12. Wrong Paul. PP is not promoting promiscuous sex with multiple partners, they are concerned with safety and prevention of unwanted pregnancies. So should Hollywood have laws to control what they put in movies? Whatever happened to that good old libertarian streak in conservatism? Or was that bogus all along? My guess is bogus. Fake libertarians.

    1. Annie – have you seen the latest Planned Parenthood sex ed classes. My guess is not. They are not doing the condom over the banana any more. They are talking, showing a variety of sex acts that most people did not consider until they picked up the Kama Sutra.
      I see this as a Public Health issue. When you have sex with someone, you have sex with all their former partners. STDs among teens is rising. The cost to health care rises. Since, as a tax payer, I am paying for the health care of some other people, my costs rise. I just want to spend my money on what I want. I do not want to spend it clearing up the STD of someone who cannot afford health care.

      1. Paul, Tell me how various sex acts between two partners equates promiscuity. It’s none of our business what two people do in their bedroom. PP doesn’t advocate multiple partners.

  13. OK, let me get this straight. Some conservatives are actually advocating jailing and lashing gay people who are promiscuous? Seriously? Is this the first morality law the Theocracy will put into effect?

    1. Annie – I think you have lost control of your reason. As far as I am aware no conservative is advocating anything for gays.

  14. Paul, just WHO is promoting promiscuous sex? Last I heard we don’t jail people for doing dumb things.

    1. Annie – well, let us see who is promoting promiscuous sex. Planned Parenthood with its sex ed classes, the liberal controlled Hollywood with its movies, the liberal controlled TV production companies. Penny on the Big Bang Theory has been to bed with more men than I have pocket change. If I were Leonard I would have asked for a health screening from her before going to bed with her. One of the new films out is Sex Tape. We have reality shows on the Kardasians. Do you need more examples?

  15. Nick – there is a thought process were non-infected gays are having unprotected intercourse with their infected partners so they can share with them.

  16. paul, That is self destructive aspect of AIDS. People who are killing others knowingly need tough love. But, in the name of PC they are enabled, the result being death of unknowing victims. Insane.

  17. Karen, The media, which knows fear sells better than anything, is pumping this up. The incubation period is a real problem. But, the virus is not airborne. If and when it is, then we have a reason to panic. I think we need to be aggressive in containing this, but not overreact. Just my opinion, I could be wrong.

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