Uganda Constitutional Court Strikes Down Anti-Homosexuality Law

Submitted By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Coat_of_arms_of_ugandaThe nation’s top constitutional court invalidated the Uganda’s highly controversial anti-homosexuality law, citing improper parliamentary procedures. The opinion cites that the Speaker of the House acted illegally when she allowed the original bill to be voted for passage by MPs despite the lack of a quorum in the chamber. Afterward, President Museveni signed the legislation into law.

Activists held the decision as a significant victory in for civil rights in Uganda, but will this be only a temporary legal reprieve?

Under the legislation, individuals can be imprisoned for engaging in homosexual acts or “promoting homosexuality.” Additionally, failure to report acts of homosexuality by witnesses can also lead to prosecution and imprisonment.

Yet a worse situation arises in that the law provides for life imprisonment as the maximum penalty for “aggravated homosexuality.” This category of offenses is defined as repeated gay sex between consenting adults and acts involving minors, a disabled person, or where one partner is infected with HIV.

Amnesty International stated the law was a first step in reversing the government persecution of citizens of Uganda. The group cited having proof of numerous examples of arbitrary arrest, extortion and police abuse of lesbian, gay, and transgendered individuals.

“Even though Uganda’s abominable Anti-Homosexuality Act was scrapped on the basis of a technicality, it is a significant victory for the Ugandan activists who have campaigned against this law.”

128px-Gay_flag.svgYet there still remains to be seen how willing politicians are to move forward in recognizing the privacy and speech rights of citizens.

Deutsche Welle reports David Bahati, the Ugandan parliamentary deputy who introduced the bill, which initially proposed the death penalty for homosexuality, said the government would appeal the ruling. He said he was confident the law would remain in force.

Critics have said Museveni signed the bill into law to win domestic support ahead of a presidential election scheduled for 2016.

Externally, a multitude of sanctions imposed by Western Nations possibly influenced the decision by the court and in the background the government. US Secretary of State John Kerry likened the law to anti-Semitic legislation in Nazi Germany in the 1930s.

It remains to be seen how committed Uganda is toward equality in its society.

By Darren Smith


Deutsche Welle

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  1. Squeeky, what you really mean is that your solution is for people like me to buy into your homophobia, sorry, no can do.

  2. Paul, it’s not an ad hominem because it IS a true observation, lol. You’re up next. Not!…..Is not! Not…. is Not! Etc.


  3. @annie

    Well. my solution is for people like you to become more educated about the problems of gay sex, and then hopefully there would be enough humanity in you to quit gushing and passing Rainbow Awards every time some gay dude comes out of the closet.

    Instead, such persons could perhaps wish the people luck and wish for them to find a monogamous relationship quickly before they become a statistic.

    Then, as a society perhaps we could visit some of the same remedies on anal sex that we do on cigarettes? We could reduce the advertising relating to gay sex and the promotion of gay sex.

    All of which would chip away on the margins of gay sex, where those who do have some choice which way they swing, to not swing the gay way. And perhaps reduce the number of partners from 500(?) to 400(?).

    How much effect this would have is certainly debatable and might not have much at all. But it has to better than our current politically correct “Oh Hooray!” response to gay sex.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

    1. Annie – if you are a proponent of anal sex that is up to you. And personally I do not want to get into the argument other than it should be done with the male (regardless of the sex of the partner) wearing a condom. There is all sorts of good evidence that anal sex causes tearing of the anal passage. Those tearare a great conduit for transfer of the AIDS virus going in either direction.

  4. Paul and others,

    The Russian Su-30 fighter jet is a 2 seat multirole fighter….No toy. Russia has the bombs to buy (Air-to Surface Accessories). Roll the video.

    FYI, watching some of the Israel air strikes in Gaza from F-16 & F-15’s, a few of those look like block buster & bunker buster strikes.
    The US dropped 5000 lb block busters from F-117 stealth jets in Panama also.

    Country users: Algeria, China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Uganda, Venezuela, Vietnam
    The SU-30 is a multi-role fighter with 2 seat cockpits which allow to enhance combat capabilities.
    Unit price: $40 million

    1. Rob – watched the film and like the fighter, but that is what it is, a fighter. I see no bomb bays. It did drop or maybe two different jets each dropped a single bomb, but it was not big enough to be a bomb buster. This jet is designed for speed and maneuverability. You would not add bunker busters to slow it down. If I had $40 mill I would buy one, but still no bomber.

  5. As an aside Squeeky, I doubt that Hillary agrees with you on this subject. How can you possibly be willing to work for her campaign and or vote for her? How do you reconcile the huge differences in her stance on issues with yours?

  6. @annie

    It seems to be more that an observation to me. Here is what I see as the usual timeline:

    1. Article about some country reining in its gays;
    2. Comments about how mean and homophobic the country is;
    3. Comments about how maybe it isn’t just homophobia, but legitimate concerns about public health;
    4. Comments from the people in 2 above about how mean and Christiany the commenters in 3 above are;
    5. Comments from the people in 3 above with cites to health statistics;
    6. Comments from the people in 2 above, about how the people in 3 and 5 above are religio-nazis and homophobes.

    Somehow to me, that misses the point of debate.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. Oh Squeeky, just for fits and giggles, what should be done? What would the Squeekers Solution to stop anal sex look like?

  8. Squeeky,
    Ah, I see what my mistake is, I confused you and Paul with rational people.

    1. Annie – ad hominem attack. Find an argument you can really defend instead.

  9. Sorry, everyone. My bad.
    I usually skip reading comments with that name at the head.
    I used poor judgement in reading it.
    I have seen more than my share of hideous things. Autopsies in suspected child-abuse, human degradation, on and on. I’m not easy to impress.
    Today, I was impressed.
    Everyone’s mind visits horrid places. Hopefully, it’s temporary.
    Today, we’ve just seen a very dark place. Linked to Catholicism.

    No matter how bad things get, I can always derive some comfort, that I’m not living in there.
    Jesus, whom I know reads this blog, will be glorified.

    Squeeky, I hope, sincerely, that you find your way out.

  10. @annie

    Just read what is at the links. It tells you what happens, and why. Having babies is something society needs. A person getting their jollies in a public restroom is not something required for society to continue. What distraction will you pull out next? Will you compare a hooker getting killed by a crazy john with a mother dying in childbirth?

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  11. Obama knows, if the US pulls out of Uganda, Putin will move in. Maybe Putin already did move in.

    Uganda buys 6 Su-30MK2 fighter jets. Fighter jets worth $1.2 billion form Russia.
    These jets don’t drop condoms. They drop block buster, bunker buster and cluster bombs, among other things.

    1. Rob – I am seeing air-to-surface capability for the Su-30MK2 fighter jets but not bomber capability. Do you have a link to that?

    1. Annie – you are not getting it right. As usual you are reading into our comments something that is not there.

  12. Squeeky, I had a Myocardial Infarction when nine months pregnant. I could’ve died.

  13. Oh dear lord Squeeky. It’s dangerous getting pregnant too. Preeclampsia, Sciatica, chance of dying increases significantly. Sheesh no one should get pregnant, it could actually hurt them. And for goodness sake, don’t drive!

  14. Paul, so what should we do, jail gays and lash them? What’s your point? Naw….don’t answer, you’re once again getting in the weeds and I won’t follow you there, got better things to do with my time.

    1. Annie – you can make all the wild claims that you want, however, the truth is the truth. I am not for doing anything to gays. However, when the epidemic of AIDS broke out in SF they should have quarantined those with the disease. That would have included two of my brothers.

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