Allah Wants Slow Connectivity? Iranian Grand Ayatollah Denounces Fast Internet As Immoral and A Threat To Good Muslims

In the Islamic Republic of Iran, there is no issues that cannot be resolved by the Koran, or at least Muslim clerics, as a moral imperative. Thus, after complaints that Iran has one of the highest rates of Internet use and one of the slowest average speeds, Grand Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi, a prominent Shia scholar, stepped in to denounce fast Internet connections as immoral and dangerous. He also specifically denounced 3G — third generation mobile communications technology — as morally corrupt and unacceptable for good Muslims.

Iranian have an average Internet speed that is about a tenth of the global average but has one of the highest total number of Internet users in the Middle East. The Iranian government has a long struggle with social media and Internet sites to prevent access to uncensored news and Western influences. Shirazi reflected that view in saying that faster Internet means more access to “immoral and inhumane” videos and photos, rumors, and espionage. In other words, the outside world. It is hard to enforce Medieval rules for women and minorities when the rest of the world is flagrantly engaging in 21st Century living.

Of course, his preference for slow connectivity may reflect his rather slow learning curve. Makarem (whose ancestors were Jewish and converted to Islam) previously said that the Holocaust was “nothing but superstition.” Perhaps with faster Internet, he might be able to review some of those post-1943 sites and sources.

He also has issued a fatwa against dogs. Iranians would like to own dogs and asked Shirazi why Muslims are told that dogs are unclean when there is no mention of dogs in the Quran (Koran). In 2010, he responded by issuing a fatwa against dogs and said that they are unclean under Sharia law and their unclean status is based upon riwayahs, reliable narrations (hadith) handed down from the Prophet Muhammad and his household. He further denounced pet ownership as “blindly imitating the West” that would produce evil outcomes. In response the Iranian ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance banned all advertisement related to keeping, buying, and selling pets.

It is not clear what the Ayatollah would say to your using high-speed Internet to keep a virtual dog, but I expect it would not be good.

Source: JPost

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  1. Happy Labor Day!!! Just some late breaking developments…The President has come out and said that the youth of Iran cannot be deprived of the right to be part of the World–which is quite welcome–and the Grand Ayatollah has said subsequently that his words were “misinterpreted”. This is as of course Iranians are being very savvy to insure that they stay in tune w/the World….

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  5. Elites in all countries prefer uneducated, uninformed, non-critical thinkers who
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    Same goes for preachers, race hustlers, and folks like Pappa Doc, Idi Amen,
    and all the rest.

  6. According to a dodgy article in wikipedia the following is true: “Waiting for four months is ordained for those who take an oath for abstention from their wives.”

    This means that a 4G network will be acceptable!

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