Sharia Justice: Iran Sentences Seven To Be Flogged For “Happy” Video While Sentencing Blogger To Death For Insulting Mohammad

1411000473262_wps_3_A_group_of_six_Iranian_yoIran has supplied the world with another outrage from the application of its medieval Sharia law system. An Iranian court sentenced seven young adults to be flogged plus prison time for the offense of shooting a video of themselves dancing to the American pop hit “Happy.” Another court issued a death sentence for a blogger accused of simply insulting Prophet Muhammad.

The seven were paraded in public and forced to apologize for the offense of merely filming themselves having fun. Each will now received 91 lashes and one was given a year in prison. The others were given six months, though the shorter sentences may have been suspended.

You can see the video here.

The seven defendants were participating in a global campaign launched by pop star Pharrell Williams with six appearing on the video and a seventh filming the scene. They all confessed. Of course, most civilized people would not see anything to confess but under Sharia law such forms of expression are crimes of immorality.

Soheil-Arabi-300x169They still fared better than Soheil Arabi, a blogger found guilty of insulting the Prophet Muhammad in his postings on Facebook. He was arrested by Revolutionary Guards with his wife last November. He was kept in solitary confinement for two months inside the notorious Evin Prison and later found guilty of “sabb al-nabi” (insulting the Prophet).

42 thoughts on “Sharia Justice: Iran Sentences Seven To Be Flogged For “Happy” Video While Sentencing Blogger To Death For Insulting Mohammad”

  1. I think this all falls under natural law. Since the morality police find this to be unnatural then it is illegal.

  2. doglover is the first to hate on Jews, Christians and the US. He gets a piece of candy.

  3. Among many Progressives, the official narrative demonizing Iran and its leaders over their “nuclear program”, holds no water. The savage punishment of people for violating religious laws, however, is abhorrent and provides a much more persuasive reason for constraining Muslim culture, similarly other cultures like Zionism and fundamentalist Christianity that savagely attack people for religious reasons.

  4. Maybe the Iranian youth fight against Sharia and the savage totalitarianism of their religious leaders will have to wait. After all, they probably saw the lack of support from the world at large (including US) for uprisings in Egypt, Bahrain, Libya, Gaza, Syria, etc. and have decided that the devil you know may be better than the one next in line. Be it brutality in the form of religious dogma or political doctrine, the goal is the same; more power to control the masses. And sadly, through history, there are many who prefer a totalitarian ruler, or those rulers would never have come to power.

  5. But if Iran were to be nuked. Then the jihadists would all be dead in that territory. There would be less unrest. The Halliburtons and Blackhawks and what not would not have a reason to be paid government money. The Great Depression of 1929 would come back. The War Cure would be over with. America would sink into despair. No clothes on the backs of adults or kids. Goats would go hungry. Dogs would have no bones.
    Noooo. We need the likes of Iran, Iraq and Syria. We need the guys in the black headhoodies to slice the heads off of Englishmen and Americans on national television. Then we can go to war. Or if we do not declare war against the Islamic State we can declare a military action against the pirates over there EAst of Corfu. Because, East of Corfu the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply. The Sixth Commandment does not apply in many states in the United States but that is neither here nor there. The Great State of Texas has the Y’all Can Exception to Thou Shalt Not Kill. “Thou” does not apply to all of the people when they sort of agree on killing a perp. But that is neither here nor in Iraq. Or Iran. Nuke em.

  6. Iran!: Pirate Territory. Fly over and flush. I will answer the AtheistCurmudgeon:
    Bomb, bomb, bomb…. bomb, bomb Iran.
    Oh, bomb Iraaan!
    I’ll take my staaaand!
    Rockin and a rollin, rockin and a reelin ….Bomb Iran!

    –Saturday Night Live. 30 years ago

  7. I must ask, again…. Wouldn’t the world be a better place, if we just Nuked Iran & Saudi Arabia???????????????

  8. I am still pissed and shocked we watched her take a bullet to the head on live tv. Then stuck our thumbs up our butt and wonder were isis comes from? I know it will never come from my neighborhood. I am all for the constitution and declaring war….but too late they got our arms killing pple and that is a clear case for mitigating damages via negligent entrustment too iraqis who had no bucking balls.

  9. and these are ‘moderates’ one who we can some day reason with? Bull crap…we need to bomb isis bomb isis bomb isis so our natalie some day has some hope. For herself.

  10. Interesting blogger sentenced to death for insulting ISLAM but ISIS which most Muslim leaders wanting to have their cake, our money” and eat it too, “attack us”, have termed an insult to Islam won even confront ISIS. They need the US to do that for them.

    Oh and yes these are the MODERATE Muslims we have heard so much about!

  11. Viva la counter-revolution !

    I hope one day young adults and teens finally have enough, and enough power, to force a change in things there.

    I read somewhere that a great portion of the Iranian population is under 25. Hopefully this will end someday. Sad that these generations will likely suffer the most.

    It doesn’t take much to receive a death sentence in Iran.

  12. The “application” of Sharia Law seems to be the dividing line between a religion that professes to be a religion of “love” and one that’s not.

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