“Goodbye, Dear Mum”: Rayhaneh Jabbari Prepares For Execution (Updated)

eg2vZynW_400x400Over international protests, according to some new sites, Iran has already executed Rayhaneh Jabbari, 26. However, Fox News is reporting that the execution has been delayed. Jabbari claimed that a former Iranian Intelligence Ministry employee tried to rape her and that she stabbed in him the shoulder to escape. Despite the fact that a drink given to her was found to contain a date rape drug, the Iranian officials still wanted her hanged and they have now carried out their intent. As she was being led away to be hanged, a guard showed mercy and gave her his phone to type a final message to her mother. Her reported message below is poignant and tragic as a final goodbye to her mother. [Update: there are both reports that the execution has occurred and that the execution has been delayed. Amnesty is reporting that the execution is “imminent.”]

Jabbari wrote:

“I am currently handcuffed and there is a car waiting outside to take me for the execution of the sentence. Goodbye, dear Mum. All of my pains will finish early tomorrow morning. I’m sorry I cannot lessen your pain. Be patient. We believe in life after death. I’ll see you in the next world and I will never leave you again because being separated from you is the most difficult thing to do in the world.”

When her mother called the prison to ask what she could do, they told her to pick up the body of her daughter.

Jabbari was a decorator who said that she was contacted Morteza Abdolali Sarbandi, who arranged a meeting. She said that Sarbandi drugged her and tried to rape her after the two met at a café and she agreed to go to his office to discuss a business deal. She said that Sarbandi took her to a remote building and offered her a fruit drink which was later found to contain the date-rape drug. Her family noted that the wounds from a small pocket knife to the shoulder would not have caused death.

After her arrest, her family said that she was tortured to confess.

If she has been executed, it is another notch in the belt of Iran’s Sharia courts and medieval prison system . . . and a particularly sad day for all of humanity.

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  1. “Melting” Iran and Saudi Arabia would solve innumerable problem in that part of the Planet….

  2. swarthmoremom

    Interesting articles; thank you. I take back the Sarah Palin remark.

    However, let me clarify my point. The organized neo Nazi military units, carrying out a government backed agenda of ethnic cleansing, are strictly from Kiev.

    From one of your articles: “the Russian neo-Nazis “do not have their own military units, but their members are included within other units”.

  3. “If you read any article saying there were neo-nazi groups on both sides of the Ukrainian conflict, it was either authored by Sarah Palin or was a joke or both.”Bob There are many, many articles about the anti semitism on both sides. Whatever side they chose to be on, many of these people are descended from those that rounded up the Jews and killed them. Some of the elderly ones very well could have been the shooters. As you know there is a long history of anti semitism in the area. Actually most of the remaining Jews have immigrated to the US or Israel.

  4. http://www.newrepublic.com/article/117759/anti-semitism-rising-russia-simon-wiesenthal-center-accuses-rt “Unfortunately, despite Moscow’s assertions that it needs to protect Russian speakers from the fascists and anti-Semites now in power in Kiev, the rise of Russian nationalism at home has brought with it an ugly tide of Russian anti-Semitism.

    The Russian Jewish Congress, for instance, issued a report saying that there has been a marked increase in anti-Semitism in Russia in the first four months of 2014. Though there were no physical attacks on Jews, there were some minor incidents—everything from cemetery attacks to Russian nationalist thugs chanting anti-Semitic slogans. But most of this rise, the Congress reports, “was manifested first and foremost in public anti-Semitic statements, the number of which has increased dramatically.” “

  5. The US should get out and stay out. There are no moderates in the Middle East. The best we will get, if we are very lucky, is another Saddam Hussein.

    Let them fight it out. Why is it always Americans that need to go and do all the killing? Seems to me, maybe the nations in the region should either clean up their own mess, or once ISIL takes over the boondoggles of American hubris (Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan), then we take on ISIL.

    The conservatives always cry out when they think the government is meddling in their affairs, why is it that they never seem to care when that meddling is against someone else? How much more debt should the US take on? When will there be enough dead Americans, with nothing to show for it, for the American people to wake up to the pointlessness of our war adventures?

    What makes anyone think a third war will secure the US to any greater degree than the last two? If anything, our meddling in the Middle East has done nothing but create a new generation of murderers. When the people of Iraq support ISIL more than the US, I’d say it is time to let Iraq rise or fall as a nation. It isn’t our problem, we gave them BILLIONS, it is time they prove they have the right to exist.

    The US is not the world police. The US cannot win a war if they never finish them. Didn’t we learn anything from Viet Nam, or the two Iraq wars, or the quagmire that is Afghanistan?

    Either conquer the world, or get out of other countries problems. No more of this 40+ years of playing sides hoping we find the reasonable warlord, or benevolent dictator.

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