The Obama Administration Finally Pressures Afghanistan To Allow Almost 10,000 Troops To Remain In Country

200px-Non_Commissioned_Officers_of_the_Afghan_National_ArmyWhile the outgoing Afghan President continues to denounce the United States and praise China and Iran, the Obama Administration has been pressuring Afghanis to allow it to keep roughly 10,000 troops in the country with the obvious commitment to spend billions and billions more on the war. The agreement has now bee signed. This is being heralded as a long-awaited success for the Administration – a curious achievement for those who want us out of the country and money spent on badly needed domestic programs of education, science, and infrastructure.

President Ashraf Ghani Ahmadzai signed the deal.

NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen declared that the United States and NATO “committed to help finance the Afghan security forces through 2017, to help Afghanistan to further strengthen its institutions, and to further develop our political and practical cooperation with Afghanistan through our Enduring Partnership.”

The situation is not without positive news. There was a successful election and a recent defeat of a Taliban surge.

46 thoughts on “The Obama Administration Finally Pressures Afghanistan To Allow Almost 10,000 Troops To Remain In Country”

  1. Richard Faust

    Look it up where? I refer to the nonsense that Israeli planes are shooting down Syrian planes, period. Tell me where I can find this information from a reliable source.

  2. Put yourself in Zimmerman’s shoes. Someone is on top of you and you’re terrified. You manage to get to your legal firearm and shoot. The police arrive, you go to headquarters with them, and released. The next day you walk through the incident at the location. The police rule it self defense. Then comes Sharpton, major problem creator. Suddenly you can’t walk the streets. Your family is threatened, and you are charged with a crime already ruled self defense and your life is turmoil. The police chief resigns because he doesn’t like the railroading to make a charge. You know the rest. Acquitted, but getting death threats. I’m not surprised he reacted, in fear. He needed counseling. His family needed to relocate. The State of Florida should have been held accountable. You’ve been acquitted and the state attorney general keeps talking like you are guilty. Could you walk in his shoes, I couldn’t. And we have Trayvon Martin Days, football games are dedicated to Trayvon Martin. Trayvon was not a sweet kid. The first picture released was 5 years old. He needs help and I hope his family gets it for him.

    Imagine what the police officer in Jefferson is thinking. And the town of Jefferson is practically destroyed. Thank you, Al Sharpton!

  3. I had a great deal of respect for Panetta until the Benghazi hearings. He was obviously uncomfortable. Dick Cheney said SOFA was ready to go. So Obama screwed around and said he couldn’t get what we already had. Everybody in that administration lied after Benghazi. And it worked, Obama got reelected and there’s chaos in ME. I wondered how much more damage he can do, and then comes Ebola! God help us!

    1. Biraq Obola is the closer. CIA + Mossad = ISIS. Let’s continue, the goddess ISIS is the ancinet goddess of magic and the wife of her brother Osiris–later her son Horus + Isis = Mary and Jesus. Israeli jets have shot down Syrian jets firing on ISIS. Look it up. Over and out. P.S. Albert Einstein singed a letter on December 4, 1948 describint the Irgun Zvai Leumi (Menachem Begin and his posse) as Zionist/Fascist. Look it up. Over and out.

  4. Panetta makes it clear a new SOF agreement could have been made w/ Iraq, but Obama didn’t want one, so it was not made. Panetta stops short of saying it was about the 2012 campaign, and not what was the correct military call for the CIC.

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