Elderly Man Asks Man To Stop Using Obscenities Loudly At Applebees . . . Young Man Allegedly Assaults 80-Year-Old Man

mikiesawyermugThis is Mikie Sawyer, 26, who is accused of being a demonstrably horrible person . . . and an accused felon. Harry Sander, 80, was at Applebee’s when he said Sawyer was speaking loudly with various obscenities. Sander reportedly asked Sawyer politely to stop the foul language in the family restaurant and Sander allegedly proceeded to cuss him out and punch the octogenarian in the face. Please promise me that this will make it to a jury. Hopefully, Sawyer will to take the restaurant’s new slogan literally: “See you tomorrow”.

Warning: this story contains foul language.

The incident occurred Port Orange, Florida.

The confrontation late Sunday in the Port Orange eatery resulted in the arrest of Mikie Sawyer on a felony charge for battering a person over the age of 65. Witnesses say that Sander simply asked him to stop using the word “fuck” so loudly as well as repeated references to “titties and ass.” Sawyer reportedly responded that he did not have to stop swearing and Sander said that in his native Germany people cannot speak like that. Sawyer allegedly replied “I don’t care where you are from whether it be Russia or Dutch take your ass to the other side of the bar.” It is bad enough that Sawyer believes that German people come from “Dutch” but he then reportedly punched Sander in the face and pushed him to the floor, leaving the elderly pensioner with a red left eye and bruises. Police reported that Sawyer’s knuckles “appeared discolored and bruised.”

Sawyer was also accused of charging at a worker in a “threatening manner” after the worker followed Sawyer and his friends into the parking lot and saying he “would also kick [the employee’s] ass too.”

Sawyer was arrested later at a traffic stop and arrested for charged with battery on a person over 65 years of age and disorderly conduct.

This story hit a recurring issue raised on this blog. I am often astonished with adults using foul language in such public spaces with children and I have asked people to stop using such language. It is never easy. It is part of a society that seems to be get more and more crude. As we have discussed in sports and other areas, there is a growing view that people acting like thugs is just part of life and that foul and sexually explicit conduct is acceptable. I admit that I have often come across as something of a prude in such stories but I still regret the loss of civility and decorum among adults. This is not to suggest that such values should be enforced by the government. However, properly raised people know that adults are expected to follow basic social standards of decency in a civilized society. Instead, we are raising a generation of thugs (and people thrilled by their conduct). It took a great deal of courage for Sander to confront this man . . . even if Sawyer thought it was just another guy from “Dutchland.”

Source: Click Orlando

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  1. Clearly a boor in need of some adjustment, but remember you live in a Prison Nation with 4% of the world’s population and 25% of the world’s jail population. That is a disgusting statistic! Wonder who is second? North Korea……

  2. i am amazed how the youth , and the so called “educated” politicians in Islamist countries like Pakistan , are becoming thuggish and behave exactly like this character at applebee . I guess what I’m saying is that this crudeness virus has become virulent everywhere . We need to develop a new field of psychiatry to deal with this bug!

  3. Of course loud cussing in public should be an offense. Is it legal to use “fighting works” aka offensive racist words in public? If so, why should you be able to say cuss words that offend religious people or people who don’t want children to hear it? And just because you like doing it, doesn’t mean I want to hear in public or have my kids exposed to it. I’m sure you like to defecate and have sex but I don’t want to hear or see that either. And I don’t want to smell your cigarette smoke or see you lurch around drunk, or aggressively panhandle or pimp yourself.

    Keep your voice down, keep it private, and if people ask you in public, stop it.

  4. @Jonathan Turley

    You said, “This is not to suggest that such values should be enforced by the government. ”

    ??? What the heck do you think government does nearly every time a law or regulation or executive order gets passed or enacted??? If those of the Leftist persuasion would quit running from behavioral values as if those particular values were some kind of plague, perhaps our society would not be turning into the sewer that it is becoming.

    This is what the Left’s sick obsession with abortion, pot, porn, and gay rights has brought us to.. .a generalized attack on any kind of behavioral values as such. To paraphrase John Donne, do not ask why the redneck rube cusses and hits old folks, he cusses and hits old folks because you think values have cooties.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  5. To all of you looking at this as a “free speech” issue. It won’t hurt your freedoms to deny swearing anywhere. Help children grow up not hearing them.

  6. I would like to see signs about language, such as “shoes and shirts required.” These are ubiquitous at beach area restaurants. “This is a no-swear, quiet, family restaurant. Please observe or you will be asked to leave.” Then people who want that environment, support them and say thank you. It has to be stopped at schools. When I was in school anyone distracting class was escorted to a “study” classroom, monitored with a no-nonsense (security guard) individual. Continued bad behavior gets a “ticket” and parents responsible for payment, or student works it off at school (sweep all floors, clean door windows). This isn’t easy, but must begin or we lose all acceptable behavior. Children are committing “adult” crimes. Open schools for young criminals. We’ve let this happen, we must fix it. Also, I’d like to see bar areas of restaurants with behavior standards.

    1. Sandi – if you can make a restaurant a no-carry zone you can make it a no swearing zone.

  7. This is so overblown … so the guy cusses. Tell the waitron and the manager that you expect them to do something or you will take your business elsewhere. If you ask the guy politely to stop and he punches you… then it is time for reparations ( of a monetary form ). Please don’t waste time & money on a trial.
    Committing violence by proxy ( which is what happens when people demand million year prison sentences ) is still committing violence. You don’t get off the hook because some GovThug does it for you. 99amygdalaFantasies

  8. JT – This was a despicable act, but the perpetrator’s words harmed no one. Why should anyone be subject to arbitrary “…basic social standards of decency…”? The simple standard by which we should all live is simple: Don’t harm anyone.

    Of course, there will always be people who TAKE offense to certain words. But it is the listener’s ADOPTED SENSITIVITIES that cause their perceived (imaginary) harm, not the speaker’s words.

  9. It is one thing to forget (I’m being generous) that your language might not be appropriate for the place, but the complete lack of any civility or empathy for others makes me wonder what the hell is wrong with this Sawyer guy. Growing up in the South, I know a great many people that talk in a way that would make a sailor blush, but know to stop in places like restaurants, or will apologize and stop if someone asks.

    That this embarrassment couldn’t even do that, then attacking an 80 year old. I hope the guy enjoys his stay behind bars, and really hope he comes out having learned the most basic of manners.

    I know he won’t, but I can dream.

  10. rafflaw:

    If he was in Louisiana he’d be elected sheriff — or carried to the volcano on some palm tree logs. One or the other.

  11. Airdog,

    I know you served in the military. So did I, at Ft. Bragg. Tactical Telecom ASA in support of the 82nd airborne & 5th Special Forces. Went back to school in engineering science, computer science, and electrical engineering.

    My background is in Data Center Engineering, security systems and Project Management. Not the Hells Angels.

    If Believer wants a high paying Data Center job, be prepared for a criminal background check. Then its swim or sink…..Sink and get fired!

  12. Good catch Mespo! This guy needs to face some time. Now if he was a sheriff in Louisiana, he wouldn’t be worried.

  13. Bullies need some of their own medicine. This guy needs some time on a prison block with some hardcore bullies.

  14. Maybe Mr. Sawyer was upset because Mr. Sander was getting the senior citizen discount.

  15. It’s just heartbreaking that a man would punch an elderly man in the face, just for asking him to stop swearing. What a jerk.

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