New Immigration Head Refuses To Give Details On New Changes Until After The Election, But Does Vent On His Being Wait Listed By Georgetown Law School Over 30 Years Ago

leonrodriguezWe have previously discussed the public decision of President Obama to hold back from implementing his plan for immigration until after the election — and after voters can express their opposition at the voting places. Now, the Administration is not only public reaffirming that decision but insisting that (while they are preparing to implement the plan) they will also not tell anyone what they intend to do until after the elections. Those comments came from León Rodríguez, the new head of Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) this week who tantalized an audience with the suggestion of sweeping but secret changes. It is extraordinary that politicians routinely get away with such positions. Millions are preparing to vote on the direction of the country, but one of the most important policies in this election is being openly hidden from them so that they cannot register their support or opposition.

Rodríguez spoke on Tuesday and said that they are hard at work and “We’re going to be ready” — after the elections. When a reporter asked the obvious question of what they are preparing, Rodríguez refused to answer — until after the election. Agencies are reportedly preparing for one of the most major changes ever ordered in the area — without any congressional approval.

Notably, while asking repeatedly for such information, the media is largely quiet in condemning the lack of transparency on such an important issue in this election. It is a cynical and manipulative decision to refuse any information to the public for months leading to this election. The President has made this one of his central political causes but has ordered a cone of silence to be lowered around the preparation to prevent voters from actually learning about the unilateral changes that he intends to order once they have gone home from the polls. Indeed, he is preparing to order the changes before the end of the year, which means in just a matter of a few weeks after the closing of the polls.

While refusing to give any information on the plan, Rodríguez did take time to chastise Georgetown Law School for putting him on the waiting list over thirty years ago in 1985. He first draw an analogy between the immigration reforms and law school wait lists and said that he tried to persuade Georgetown to let him in but was told he was lucky to be on a wait list. He then added “Looking back Georgetown, would you have admitted me? Would you have had different policies?”

I am glad that he got that off his chest.

He ended up getting his J.D. from Boston College Law School.

Source: NBC

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  1. I say it is quite sensible to wait until after the election to announce the changes, because the election results might have a great deal to do with the implementation of whatever plan the administration has come up with.

  2. Mr. Smith,

    There has to be away to stop these useless rants which are designed to insult. They add nothing to the discussion except attract those that like to engage in such nonsense.

    Just because you don’t agree with a position or stance someone has taken does not mean they are wrong. You just disagree with them. I will give an example, perhaps you have a child that is learning how to tie shoes, do you yell at them and make them feel badly because they didn’t tie them the way you showed them? Or do you give them encouragement to try and do it better next time. Some are taking the Easy way out and buying Velcro. And that’s not wrong either, it accomplishes the same purpose. There’s a point in there somewhere. Not all people are incapable of understanding, but to call them an idiot usually closes off the channel of listen or for that fact, reading anything else they have written.

    Thank you.

  3. I have noticed some excellent comments and some rather insulting ones. Why would someone put something disrespectful and demeaning on a form that will be accessible for years.

    I have a neighbor about two miles down the road. Everyone that has spoken with her, knows she is very unstable and most likely in need of mental help. She looks as normal as most people do, it just goes to show you not all crazy people wear Tin Foil hats.

    I have come to the conclusion after my first week on this blog, that crazy is gender neutral. My condolences to the professor for having to put up with such nonsense.

    1. Linda L.

      I agree. The discord becomes tiring rather quickly. It is not difficult in my view to act in a respectful manner yet there are those in this world who find a need for acting otherwise and gravitate toward a battle of insults.

  4. Well, speaking as a Georgetown University Law Center alumnus, it appears to me that the law school erred in wait-listing him; they should have just rejected him outright.

  5. The problems caused by over-population via unchecked immigration will NOT be solved as long as the 1% crowd, big business, little business, LEOs, and all the other special interests maintain control of our government.

    The only solution for those who want an end to all of this is to vote 3rd party.

    The two wings of the PROPERTY Party love articles like on this blog, because it helps sow confusion and division between the ignorant masses.

  6. gmab

    Sandi H, Exactly my point. It has to be pretty painful to defend a president by comparing him to Bush …
    Quoting Bush compares nothing to nothing else.

    Bush is a category all by himself.

    Many of you over there are trying hard …. and I think they have a chance …

    But, getting back to the gmab you guys can’t compare to the olde JT Bloggers …. cause … well … You Are Here.

    “You weasly wascal.”

    “The most infectious pestilence upon thee!” – Shakespeare (Antony and Cleopatra)

  7. swarthmoremom

    Bush’s final poll ratings were sub 25. To hear you talk one would think Obama’s poll ratings were below that.
    Good point.

    Their wordiness is sub-par.

  8. Sandi H, Exactly my point. It has to be pretty painful to defend a president by comparing him to Bush, in order to feel good about ones own judgment…or to call people names, like “xenophobes” if they are critical of the character of a person, and demonstrated by his actions/behavior..

  9. Nick Spinelli

    Sandi, They talk about Bush in their sleep.

    The Very Simple can be done in one’s sleep.

  10. i did not realize that the supporters of this president thought of Bush as the gold standard of a president to compare their preferred president with. I am not sure if one should laugh or cry over this amazing fact! if it were not for those “xenophobes and islamophobes” this president would have had had the highest approval rating of a president in the last 200 years and Islam would have been the most loving and peaceful religion.

  11. Being a third generation American I have no issue with immigration. Who does it really hurt, those that want work will find it. Those that don’t want to work won’t. Why am I to question a decision of the President when the report is released.

  12. Bush’s final poll ratings were sub 25. To hear you talk one would think Obama’s poll ratings were below that.

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