Family Sues Teacher Who Performed Oral Sex On 17-Year-Old Student

1414679674234_wps_10_Blow_Job_TeacherThere is an interesting lawsuit filed in Washington D.C. that could test the limits of civil liability for statutory rape. The case was filed by the family of a 17-year-old seeking $11 million after a teacher allegedly engaged in oral sex with 17-year-old male student. The case however falls along the line of consent laws. The teacher, 22 year old Symone Greene (left), was only around 5 years older than the victim and the age of consent in D.C. is 16 years old. Both the criminal and civil cases could raise some difficult legal issues because she had a “significant relationship” with the student.

The boy, a football player, reportedly was working as an assistant with Greene. He reportedly flirted with the teacher and sent her a text asking if she was “kinky.” He then filmed her giving him oral sex and then shared the video with his friends.

There is no question of the misconduct of the teacher. However, the switch to a civil lawsuit creates a different dimension to the case where the victim’s conduct could become more material (and admissible) in judging culpability.

In the meantime, Green has pleaded not guilty to first-degree sexual assault against a minor in a significant relationship. That criminal case may also raise some interesting challenges after to whether the relationship can be used to lower the age of consent. It is a curious twist to the case since the city can create a crime for teachers in having sex with students. However, in this prosecution, the District effectively labeled her as a sex offender by in essence constructively lowering the age of the victim.

Source: NBC

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      1. @Paul C. Schulte:
        A deligtful article,…and a bit of a surprise! A picture is worth a thousand ($) words?

  1. Thanks Free NYC!
    No matter how that all turns out, it seems that everyone is getting
    screwed on this one.
    regards to you;

  2. @Bruce,

    Damages in both instances are in that illusory subjective sphere of ‘priceless’ but not ‘worthless’ — in the case of him filming her, we aren’t privy to the circumstances surrounding that, but presumably the mode was a handheld phone, an act she was likely aware was happening (ie. she likely consented to it)

  3. And in related matters: (quoting the article):
    “Megan Davis Hoelting, 31, allegedly snuck into the sleeping man’s bedroom in only a nightgown and began to perform fellatio, according to a felony criminal complaint.”
    ” The man said he woke up to find someone on top of him, “fondling his genitals” and “attempting to perform fellatio upon him,” according to the complaint.
    He said he did not know who it was at first and had to use a flashlight application on his phone to find out, according to police. He said he soon realized it was his friend’s wife with “her breasts exposed” who had put his penis in her mouth.”

    (…does that come under “significant relationship?).

  4. On the matter of the “LAW” we do get relativistic double standards (in great variable translations) from the soft left and absolutist unilateral hypocrisy from the hard right. But here’s another case where double standards appear to be part of the very Hard Right:

    “A Florida Cop of the Month allegedly raped a woman on the hood of his patrol car while he was on duty,…”

    “The 35-year-old cop was named “Officer of the Month” in March 2010.”

    “Police Chief Jeffrey Katz said the 35-year-old cop will be fired.”

    1. Bruce – I did not think cars had hood on them that allowed you to have sex on them anymore. In the olden days, yes. But now????

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