Family Sues Teacher Who Performed Oral Sex On 17-Year-Old Student

1414679674234_wps_10_Blow_Job_TeacherThere is an interesting lawsuit filed in Washington D.C. that could test the limits of civil liability for statutory rape. The case was filed by the family of a 17-year-old seeking $11 million after a teacher allegedly engaged in oral sex with 17-year-old male student. The case however falls along the line of consent laws. The teacher, 22 year old Symone Greene (left), was only around 5 years older than the victim and the age of consent in D.C. is 16 years old. Both the criminal and civil cases could raise some difficult legal issues because she had a “significant relationship” with the student.

The boy, a football player, reportedly was working as an assistant with Greene. He reportedly flirted with the teacher and sent her a text asking if she was “kinky.” He then filmed her giving him oral sex and then shared the video with his friends.

There is no question of the misconduct of the teacher. However, the switch to a civil lawsuit creates a different dimension to the case where the victim’s conduct could become more material (and admissible) in judging culpability.

In the meantime, Green has pleaded not guilty to first-degree sexual assault against a minor in a significant relationship. That criminal case may also raise some interesting challenges after to whether the relationship can be used to lower the age of consent. It is a curious twist to the case since the city can create a crime for teachers in having sex with students. However, in this prosecution, the District effectively labeled her as a sex offender by in essence constructively lowering the age of the victim.

Source: NBC

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  1. According to the NBC reporting: “The teen’s mother filed a $11 million lawsuit Tuesday in Prince George’s County against Greene, the D.C. Public Charter School Board, the court-appointed receiver and custodian of Options Public Charter School Joshua Kern and SOS Personnel, the private Delaware company that initially hired Greene.”

    It also states that “According to D.C. law, age-of-consent rules are not in play in when it comes to “significant relationships,” which include teachers and their students.”

    The details are of interest and a video news report is available at the NBC link.
    It was her first (and obviously her last) day at teaching at a Charter School as a substitute teacher.

    Regardless of the merits of that violation of trust in a professional “significant relationship”, the 17 year old admittedly “secretly” recorded the act. This, from my understanding, becomes another side of what is developing into a bad case scenario. In my book a secret taping and deliberate release of such an event not only appears to scream entrapment, but also the very definition of malicious intent.

    Lawyers: What is the LAW?

  2. Nick: In Law, as the saying goes, it is not who’s right but who’s Left.

    In that regard I agree with you.

  3. @freeNYC:
    Granted: but consideration for a counter-law suit:
    “He then filmed her giving him oral sex and then shared the video with his friends.”
    Her damages are measurable;
    Theirs will be hard to prove.

    In the end, the tax payer and school system may lose, and a carnival of justice will have served no one.

    Unless the 11 Million is paid off in “services”

    1. Bruce – does this state have a ‘revenge sex’ statute that she can sue under. I think her damages far out weigh his.

  4. Here the age of consent is 16, as such the male student consented, there is no statutory rape since the fact pattern does not indicate any conduct with no actual consent. That leaves the teacher/student relationship where the sexual conduct is typically viewed, at least in most jurisdictions, as a violation of, at the very minimum, some type of duty. The parents lawsuit, as guardian ad litem, for their minor child, is cognizable and will likely prevail.

  5. The lawsuit should be dismissed for lack of standing to sue. The teacher should be promoted to Principal. The students would finally get a Principal who was a pal. What was the student’s gripe? He did not get off? Give her an E for effort. Kids should be taught to pork em if ya gottem. Nuff said.

  6. In Illinois our laws on consensual sex between high school peers are resulting in students being charged with up to a year in jail and placed on the sex offender registry. Our laws need to be changed.

  7. Double standards do indeed exist on the right. Being anti abortion and pro death penalty is maybe the biggest. But, sitting in the middle, well the middle in most places, I see the left have more double standards, and they’re just better @ it.

  8. Pogo

    But for mindlessly disparaging entire groups of people, such as “the left”, some posters really don’t have much of anything to say.

  9. Double standards do exist in law…just look at the Supreme Court decisions on Florida election laws… or the entire Financial Sector for that matter.

    I think we have a split decision on double standard cliches!

    “Although the media focus has been on football and the NFL, cycling is number one by far, with nearly twice the number of concussion events than football, per 2009 data. The Association, using Consumer Product Safety Commission numbers, says in that year there were 446,788 sports-related head injuries treated at U.S. hospitals. But the organization also says it’s likely the numbers are much higher because the long-tail of products with 1,200 injuries or less are excluded; and a lot of head injuries aren’t treated in hospitals.”

  11. Thankfully, Carlyle is not a lawmaker or judge. Carlyle embodies the liberal double standard. Thanks Carlyle, for proving my point.

  12. Well Squeeks I guess that Nick sure put that in order but that poem was absolutely the best Halloween present ever. 🙂

  13. There is a big difference between the cases of a male teacher having sex with a female student and a female teacher having sex with a male student.

    In the former case the female can suffer significant harm, namely pregnancy which is at least a nuisance and at worst life threatening for one with an underage body. In the latter case a male student cannot get pregnant.

    Pretending that both cases are equivalent is failure to apply a double standard when a double standard is appropriate.

    1. Carlyle – for the male student the downside is that the female aggressor can get pregnant and he ends up paying child support for a child that he was raped to have. Sucks, hunh!

  14. Nick – No double standard with this liberal. Humor intended as such should NEVER offend anyone. I might not find something funny, but I would never feel offense at poor attempts.

  15. Squeek, Men and women are indeed different sexually. But, when if comes to the law, and the trust that is supposed to exist between an adult teacher and student, there should be no difference. Particularly if the student is a minor, Statutory rape does not differentiate if the predator is a male or female. We have female sexual predators preying upon male children and the response is, “Ho hum.” Double standard and hypocrisy. Child porn, no matter the sex, is a felony.

  16. Again, I love humor and don’t begrudge it here. But, if it were a male teacher and female victim, well then, humor would be inappropriate. Many liberal double standards in this country. Someone could make some bucks w/ a liberal/double standard app. I’m not certain what to name it? Suggestions.

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