Egyptian Court Sentences Men To Three Years Imprisonment For Video Of Gay Marriage

128px-Gay_flag.svgWe previously reported the arrest of seven men arrested for their alleged participation in a gay wedding ceremony in Egypt, now a Cairo court found the seven defendants guilty of the crime of “Inciting Debauchery” for what was alleged to be their participation a gay wedding on a Nile riverboat.

The video in question, which went viral on YouTube, shows two men kissing and exchanging wedding rings along with onlookers.

While homosexuality is not illegal per se in Egypt, in recent months there have been high profile incidents of police crackdowns on gays.

Human Rights watch accuses the Egyptian authorities of arresting and in some cases torturing those suspected of homosexuality.

Defense council for the convicted men denied that they had participated in homosexual sex, claiming that medical tests had proven the men had not done so. Members of the family, rights groups, and the accused believe the court bowed to pressure from the public to impose a guilty verdict and sentence the men to prison.

The court directed that after serving their prison sentence, the defendants would be required to submit to monitoring by police.

Here is the video in question. Note: the video is loud in volume.


Deutsche Welle

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27 thoughts on “Egyptian Court Sentences Men To Three Years Imprisonment For Video Of Gay Marriage”

  1. Mono,
    It’s religion as a whole, that drives men to justify the evil things they do in the name of that religion.

  2. NAAWP
    Isn’t your group called NAMBLA?
    = = =
    Double down on ignorance…
    You do know what an “ADULT” is, YES?

  3. Stop blaming Islam. It has nothing to do with just Sharia law….these types of relationships are condemned in every religion. It’s so annoying how everyone is quick to blame Islam.

    1. Mona, speaking for myself, I am not blaming sharia which I understand to mean “path” or “way”. You do not or chose not to read contextually what I was saying about my friend in Egypt. He told me so much about what was going on. About the Human Shields for the Coptic Christians by the Muslims. All the young people’s hopes and dreams. You do not know how I prayed in corporate prayer in my Christan Church for the Muslim Spring to work in Egypt and for the Muslim Brotherhood to be reformed, but they were not. They were bullies. I am sorry if that offends you but it is true.

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