Iranian Court Sentences Woman To One Year In Jail For Attempting To Attend Volleyball Game With Men

_77567454_77565364We previously discussed the case of Ghoncheh Ghavami, 25, who was arrested for trying to attend a men’s volleyball game. Iran imposes a Sharia legal system that punishes those who do not comply with medieval religious rules and practices. Ghavami has now been found guilty of “propagating against the ruling system” and sentenced to one year in jail.

Various women has sought entry into the match but were turned away. Female photographers were also told to leave. Ghavami was released after the arrest at the stadium but then arrested again when she went to the police station to collect her belongings a few days later. She studied law in London and has dual Iranian and British nationality.

Iranian women have been protesting for years to be allowed into stadium. They are barred even when women from other countries like Korea are allowed into the stadium.

The arrest and sentence is just the latest outrage of Iran and another example of the abuse that comes from the lack of separation of religion and government.

14 thoughts on “Iranian Court Sentences Woman To One Year In Jail For Attempting To Attend Volleyball Game With Men”

  1. Whenever you mix Liberalism with governance, you get nonsense that scares other cultures off democracy. The “I should be able to do anything it pleases me to do” crap that is currently popular has not resulted in a culture that is admired by anyone other than the young or feeble minded. Iran recoils at the idea of abortion, sodomy, drunkenness, drug addiction, porn, illegitimate births, and promiscuity coming in large amounts to their country. I don’t like some of their responses, but I can’t blame them for their underlying fear and dread.

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  2. “propagating against the ruling system” An evil regime …… and honest about their evil ….. in this case.
    Never would see this kind of straightforward oppression in the GOVthug ridden USA.

  3. Thank goodness we women here in the US have rights that were ‘fought’ for by the brave suffragettes and feminists.

  4. New game to play, folks: count how many posts into a discussion it takes for Spinelli or Paul or Pogo to blame Democrats and/or women. Sadly, the discussion on Professor Turley’s blog has deteriorated. It would be nice if we could just come here to learn something instead of being treated to a political drumbeat. Yeah, yeah…I know the impolitic responses to these three are just as painful to read, but I’ve seen the three of you get very personal when anyone even offers a reasonable response. I do applaud Professor Turley for making us aware of authoritarian overreach. There are even stands he takes that make me squirm, but I read and learn. He presents his case without the sneering and derision that have become the mark of many of the comments here. If only all would emulate his style.

  5. No comments on unjust laws Squeeky? It’s up to the society in these countries to eventually change their own culture, but we shouldn’t give these countries a pass on their bad behavior. Hold them up as exactly what we DON’T want to happen here in this country. Authoritarianism is a blight on humanity here and around the world.

  6. Well, I feel sorry for her, but why go around breaking the laws of a country like Iran and then act surprised when you get thrown in the slammer???

    A Volley Girl???
    An Irish Poem by Squeeky Fromm

    A chick in Iran had the gall
    To attend a game of volleyball.
    But the court didn’t budge—
    Her excuse for the judge,
    “Not my fault! Drank too much alcohol!”

    Squeeky Fromm
    Girl Reporter

  7. Paul:

    I’ve quoted Jefferson before: “When injustice becomes law, resistance becomes duty”. Even if God Almighty were to appear and require that you kill and eat your children, you should refuse. Justice is more than laws.

  8. If you are going to do the crime, you have to be willing to do the time. I do not agree with the law, but if you decide to break the law you have to be willing to suffer the punishment.

  9. The Dem “War on Women” strategy has failed miserably this election. Turns out women are smarter than the white/males who put together that scare tactic. Women care about the economy and a law abiding and competent govt. just like everyone else. However, I see a real opportunity for it to work in Iran. I think the Dems should send their best strategists and operatives over there to implement it.

  10. When the most courageous people in a culture wind up in prison or slaughtered, that culture stagnates for generations as cultures which encourage creative ideas rapidly advance with enhanced quality of life.

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