Thousands of Girls Captured Have Been Declared “Chums” By Islamic State Clerics Who Say That Their Rape Is Morally Correct Under The Koran and Sharia Law

800px-Iraqi_insurgents_with_gunsFlag_of_the_Islamic_State.svgOf all the victims of the Islamic State, none are more horrific than the girls captured by the jihadists and treated as sex slaves or forced to “marry” fighters. That is the fate of girls from the minority Yazidi towns and we have first-hand accounts from girls who recently escaped from IS forces. What is most striking is that clerics have justified their rape and slavery as consistent with the Koran and expressly justified under the extremist views of Islam and Sharia law. The girls are being declared “chums” or war spoils and their rape is being defended as allowing pure Islamic fighters from committing adultery. Kidnapping and raping thousands of girls is considered a better alternative than the scourge of adultery to these clerics.

The girls are being treated as “spoils” of war by the Islamic fighters and their cleric leaders. Notably, it is the Islamic State itself that is defending such rapes as morally correct under Islam. In an article in Daqip, the group’s online magazine, the Islamic States said that such rape and enslavement is expressly allowed under Sharia (Shariah) law: “One fifth of the slaves were transferred to the Islamic State’s authority to be divided as chums.” A Chum is tax on war spoils. The rest are being divided among the fighters themselves.

By forcing the girls to be “concubines,” Islamic clerics have declared the fighters can avoid charges of adultery. Fighters have been quoted on social media as they brag over buying and selling Yazidi girls on “slave market day.” One said that he got a Glock handgun for one slave girl.

As many as 7000 girls have been captured and enslaved by the Islamic fighters.

The article below is a chilling account of some of those girls.

Source: NY Times

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  1. Annie: “Oh but Isaac, they don’t think Christians would ever do such deeds.”

    Indeed. That goes to the ‘strong horse, weak horse’ social premise that informs the terrorists’ competitive strategy in a clash of civilizations. The terrorists believe that, ultimately, their rigorous social cohesion, clear purpose, and collective will to win by any means necessary will exploit the ‘balancing interests’ contradictions, pluralistic conflicts, and liberal self-limits, and overcome the comparative material advantages of their competitors.

    In short, the terrorists believe they will prevail in a zero-sum contest because their culture is stronger than ours.

  2. “ISIL’s actions represent no faith, least of all the Muslim faith which Abdul-Rahman adopted as his own,” Obama wrote.

    So is Obama now a religious scholar, like he is a scholar of the US constitution, to issue an statement like that, that Islam is the LEAST likely of all religions to cause ISIL’s actions? So other religions are more likely than Islam to have its followers behave like savages?

  3. This is a version of the ‘golden rule’, Who has the gold, makes the rules. Who has power, makes rules. Religion has been used throughout history to disguise and validate thuggery. Why don’t we start referring to ISIS, or whatever they call themselves, as thugs and what they do thuggery. This would take Islam out of the equation. A psychopath murders innocents and calls himself god’s disciple, we don’t refer to the psychopath as ‘god’s disciple’. We call him a criminal, mentally unbalanced, but not by his label.

    All religion is prone to evil deeds. Islam is a young religion and not evolved enough to work well in society. Collectively, we should not refer to the thugs as muslims. We should simply wipe them out. They are thieves, murderers, opportunists, and completely perverse. If a common enemy ever existed it is these thugs, and not with a capital t.

  4. Karen,
    Sharia is another example of how “Law” is used to abuse the natural rights of others. Imagine for a moment if the anti-federalists hadn’t prevailed in getting the Bill of Rights passed. We’d have regressed far more rapidly had this bureaucratic state not been blocked time and again by those pesky amendments.

  5. What absolutely breaks my heart is that these women will likely not be saved. This is their life. God knows how long they will survive, and what will happen to the children born of a lifetime of sexual assaults. I have known women who were assaulted one time, and it was devastating, absolutely the most terrible thing they will likely have to overcome. The thought of a young girl never getting away from her captors, being traded to new rapists, for the rest of her miserable life, makes me want to capture them and try out a new, very small, guillotine.

    Perhaps these gutless rapists will be captured by an all-female platoon, and get the snot kicked out of them. House them in one of those infamous South African prisons with really high HIV rates and rape. Live by the sword, die by the sword.

  6. This is why I’ve always opposed Sharia Law. I’ve been following the War on Women in the Middle East from before it was cool.

    Educating girls is the first step towards equal rights.

    Those poor, poor girls. My heart goes out to them.

  7. BTW, as much as we complain on here, this practice is not going to stop. Slavery, sexual or otherwise, has been wide-spread in the Muslim community.

  8. I appreciate the rationale by the clerics. They cannot continue to support the cause and not support the practice. However, if I have this theory right, if we capture one of the fighters, we can declare him chum and make him a sex slave. This could get interesting.

  9. Dave,
    All beliefs are open to interpretation, not just religious beliefs. I recommend you follow your own advise and shed the chains forcing you to believe one cannot believe in God AND unalienable rights. As a matter of fact, you will find your secular comrades here have proven far less likely to support the security of natural rights in favor of their own “religion” of the day. Thank you.

  10. I’m not shocked. All religions are open to interpretation by their subscribers, with plenty of passages to support both love and violence.

    Those who whine that peace is all that’s preached need to recognize that that itself is but one version; and so because of this inherent relativism to ancient myth, atrocities not only will continue but they will also do so under a justified divine light.

    It’s time to shed these self-imposed chains and sculpt a secular global society where individuals are free to believe or not believe where no one can impose upon others.

    Recently rediscovered the writings and speeches of Robert Green Ingersoll. Highly recommend, of course.

  11. We have several cultures on this planet where single men far outnumber available women. What can we expect from such men? No hope of meeting an available women to be a life partner. What is a single male with no hope of meeting a woman to do? China’s one child policy has greatly skewed the male/female ratio. The polygamous societies of the middle east (and southern Utah) do the same thing. Rich men scoop up young women as extra brides thus depriving young men of meeting said women. In southern Utah the young men are kicked out of the community if they cause problems. No problem, they just get absorbed into the rest of our society. But what of young men from northern Africa? The middle east? or even young muslim men in Europe? Apparently many of them flock to ISIS to become fighters and get their women anyway they can.

    I’m shocked.

  12. Now the above song applies to all the people who live in Ferguson who are besieged by the likes of Don Lemon and AL Sharptongue. Ferguson is kinda getting like Nigeria and some of these Boko Harum places where Muslim fanatics want to rule and idiocy is the rule. The Ferguson Responders are coming to a neighborhood near you AL.

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  14. I am sure other Muslim clerics will raise their voids and condemn these evils and urge all Muslims to agressiveky oppose ISIS and Muslim nations will leade the faith against them. Not really but that is what should happen.

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