Iranian Negotiators Brag How They Are Artfully Tricking Western Diplomats With A Good Cop/Bad Cop Tactic

220px-John_Kerry_official_Secretary_of_State_portraitMohammad_Javad_Zarif_2014Many cops, attorneys and others have used the classic good cop/bad cop tactic to try to force concessions or confessions. The key of course is not to admit that you are just doing good cop/bad cop. That seems to have escaped Iranian negotiators in the ongoing nuclear program talks who have been giving interviews bragging about how they are screaming at American and other diplomats in a good cop/bad cop ploy. Hmmmm. It is nothing like a man screaming like a lunatic to convince you that he and his country should have access to weapons-grade nuclear material.

Part of the tactic does not appear to be an act. This appears to be the signature style of Iran’s foreign minister and lead negotiator Javad Zarif. His shouting and screaming is so loud that security repeatedly came bursting into the room out of concern that there was a violent breakout. Western diplomats have been sitting back to allow Zarif to blow himself out in each of the tirades. In one incident, European Union Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton assured worried security officers that it was just Zarif again and that everyone was used to it.

What really caught my eye however was that Zarif’s unprofessional outbursts were openly discussed in the Iranian press and that the Iranian team also has been discussing how they are tricking Western diplomats with the use of the good cop/bad cop tactic. No doubt, Kerry and others never heard of this tactic even though every kid watching old cop shows is well-versed in it.

Iranian diplomat Abbas Araghchi discussed how Zarif “shouted” at Kerry in a way that was likely “unprecedented” in the history of U.S. diplomacy. That appears to be a good thing and a source of pride. He then went on to brag that he and Zarif play the roles of “good cop, bad cop” to “baffle the Western diplomats” and keep them uneasy. Clever.

As if to show the triumph of Iranian diplomacy, Araghchi said that after Zarif yells at Kerry and other diplomats there is largely silence in the room except for “one or two very respectful sentences.” They appear to mistake shocked and embarrassed silence of diplomats with people are cowed by the brilliant screaming and pounding of Zarif. They will see the same reaction to people raving on the New York subway. Few people call the guy screaming about the microchip in his brain in the Penn Station “a master negotiator.” However, they may now wonder if he is an Iranian diplomat.

Source: LA Times

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  1. It’s their job to brag since in Iran is like China called losing face but does any American have such low IQ they would think public bragging from last year or before wouldn’t have seemed a little curious to look into before REPUBLICANS made the deal legal with Iran? Republicans control Congress and only Congress can make deals or laws so Obama gets credit or blame as figurehead but has little to do with it. Republican leaders are not that dumb. Neither are Democratic leaders. They know Iran needs to brag publicly for its own leaders to stay in power since it’s a different system there.

    Iran got outsmarted is what happened but so did Israel so Israel is mad as usual & Iran is just insane to think they are going to outsmart US government but who cares? What’s the big deal? Anyone seen the real deal in writing as have I or just getting it from biased media like most? Israel is being punished for spying as in bad child here is a spanking while Iran is being screwed without it feeling good through how it really is in reality but the world will be okay after all. Cut Israel off US tax funds of free gifts each year not counting federal funds for protection, Religious donations & Reparations from Germany for something no one alive paying taxes did and let them go it alone for once. Let the kid learn how to leave the nest!! Obama is trying to get the kid to learn to get a job and to grow up but it’s a kid throwing a fit in the terrible teens!

    US is the daddy so don’t talk back to US!
    Daddy knows best! lol

  2. Now to the message:
    Karen, as part of her one sided dishonest breaking down of the issues, assigned to the Palestinians the sole responsibility and guilt of being massacred by Israel (echoing Netanyanhu’s”telegenically dead” comments!) She further blamed Iran for being disliked by the West and Israel and was offended and horrified that Iran vowed to destroye Israel (please Karen get us a quote for that)..
    I responded by claiming that the uS and Israel have been guilty of worst crimes against humanity, and asked why is she blind to those while microscopically zoned into the rather lesser crimes of both Iran and the Palestinians.
    She failed to address my list but blame the Palestinians for being massacred by ISrael, thereby echoing Osama Bin Laden’s comments that the people in the towers deserved what happened to them because of the policies of their leaders.
    I’ll repeat this, ISis and AlQuaeda, and the Taliban for that matter, believe that killing civilians for the policies of their leaders is actually warranted! That is actually what Karen believes! She actually believes that the people who died in the towers on 911 deserved it because they were also responsible for America’s war against the Middle east. Isn’t it what you believe, Karen?
    I am shocked and appalled that you believe such a horrific thing! The lives of hard working fellow americans means absolutely nothing to you. I shake with rage right now at your lack of care for your fellow Americans, and worse yet, your aligning yourself with the same moral logic that sustains extremists muslims.(you see how easy it is to do?)

    Then, you Paul jumped in to rescue your partner and brought up Hamas’ war crimes. Well, I never denied them, never excused them, just wanted to show that there were evil on both sides and to blame the Palestinians while overlooking Israel’s, which are greater, is hypocritical.

    And back to the messenger… location, location, location…source, source, source…
    Your quote is just as trustworthy as its source. Your source being tainted, your quote is too.

  3. Here is your answer, paul:
    The Institute for Policy Studies has noted that “[t]he institute was founded in 2011 by Nina Rosenwald, an heiress of the Sears Roebuck empire who has been a key philanthropic backer of anti-Muslim groups and individuals in the United States”.[23] Sheila Musaji’s The American Muslim includes it and Nina Rosenwald in a Who’s Who of the Anti-Muslim/Anti-Arab/Islamophobia Industry,[24] Ali Gharib, of the blog Open Zion, describes it as “a spin-off of the Hudson Institute where right-wingers (along with Alan Dershowitz) champion hawkish, often “pro-Israel” policies and, not infrequently, rattle off Islamophobic blogposts.”[25]

    1. po – you have done a nice job of trying to kill the messenger. Now try to kill the message.

  4. Karen, would you address my accusations regarding Israel’s war crimes, and its human abuse record? Its easy to make false accusations still, but please, come on, respond to my accusations.
    Paul, Hamas itself welcomes inquiries into both it and Israel’s track record.

    1. po – you didn’t respond to my link about the war crimes of Hamas. Yet you expect Karen to respond to yours. They actually checkmate each other.

  5. Paul, I expect karen not to know that but you ought to know that the US government knew that Japan was seeking/offering to wave the white flag but sat on the info and dropped the bomb still, as a message to the Russians.

    1. po – you will have to cite something about the Americans sitting on a message from the Japanese. I have spent a lot of time debating this issue and the problem was that the Japanese sent a message to the Russians who failed to send it on to the US because they wanted to declare war on Japan so they could get a piece of the action. But if you have a different source, please cite it.

  6. You know what my favorite Arabic saying is?

    “And God took a handful of the South Wind,
    Blew Upon it,
    And brought forth the horse.”

  7. Teji:

    You are cracking me up. I KNOW Pakistan has a rotten record with terrorists. Go read some of my posts on Pakistan threads.

  8. Tejik:

    No kidding, really? The Taliban is anti-American? Who knew??? Or that Pakistan is a fair-weather ally who talks platitudes out one side of its mouth? Or that we shouldn’t finance countries who support our enemies or abuse human rights? Because I’ve repeatedly called for the withdrawal of financial support to Pakistan, as you would see if you took the trouble to look. And I’ve said I’m unhappy they even have nukes.

    Are you seriously trying to explain that the Taliban is a terrorist organization?

    Like I explained, if the Pakistani government openly says it wants to bomb us, then things will change rapidly.

    It would be suicidal madness to deliberately arm Iran, or not do everything in our power to curtail their research.

    1. Karen: When are you going for your Hajj? When you do, please try to learn about the history of Taliban and its umbilical cord connection to the Pakistani Government. Do you know who the ISI is, the real ruler of Pakistan?

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