Tunisian Military Court Sentences Blogger To Three Years In Jail For Defaming Army Officers

B5ugWIBCQAA1JG3The attack on free speech continues unabated around the world. The latest violation occurred in Tunis where a military court has handed down an absurd three year jail sentence to a blogger, blogger Yassine Ayari, for “insulting” Army officers. That is what free speech means in Tunisia. You can be criminally sentenced for “undermining” the Army through criticism.

Ayari had written about financial abuse in the military. The military court responded by convicting Ayari, 33, for “defam[ing] army officers and senior defence ministry officials.” He was convicted on November 18th while he was abroad. He then returned to Tunisia on December 25th and was arrested. He said that he was never informed of the verdict, which is quite believable given his return. (It is worth noting that we once as a nation could condemn the use of military tribunals until we embraced the “option” for some terrorist suspects — allowing presidents to make Caesar like decisions on who gets a real court and who gets a tribunal).

Ayari is undeterred and is standing firm in defense of free speech and his accusations against the Army, which is widely ridiculed. What is notable is that Ayari’s own father died in service of the Army. He was an army colonel who denied in combat with jihadists in May 2011. Now he is fighting an even greater battle against the Army itself.

The very concept of criminal defamation is an assault on free speech. Italy has such an absurd law and has used it against people who dare to criticize police or prosecutors, even in criminal cases as shown in the Amanda Knox case.

Source: Yahoo

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    Has there been a more vastly overrated person in the past 50 years than Colin Powell? He helped cover up My Lai. He did his part to make sure that the Iran-Contra mess never came fully to light. He buckled under to chickenhawk bullies in the Bush White House and did his part to lie us into a destructive war with a speech to the U.N. that he knew was based on stovepiped from people he already didn’t trust. And still, people trust him and revere him and, I have no doubt, if he came to them shilling another war, they’d salute and agree with him as devoutly as they colin-powell-it-worked-for-me-8834861did back in 2003, when he was before the UN talking about those lagoons of anthrax consomme that didn’t really exist.


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  12. We are lucky that we live in a country with the most robust free speech freedoms in the world. Hopefully, we will not throw away what we take for granted by Hillary’s attempts to impose international anti-blasphemy laws.

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  14. “Perhaps Texas also because the Sixth Commandment does not apply there.”

    It does for the innocent, unborn child; at least they are making an effort there.

  15. We in America must draw a line and establish an Iron Curtain around these Pirate Territories which are basically East of Corfu where the Ten Commandments Don’t Apply. Perhaps Texas also because the Sixth Commandment does not apply there.

  16. (Democracy?)Maybe it was in the recent Idaho thread, but someone said the will of the people can amend the 2nd amendment; all they need is a majority to do so. We had better pray our country maintains enough civics literacy to know speech is a NATURAL RIGHT that no majority can legitimately take away.

  17. Slightly different twist. What’s the U.S. Navy and special Ops teams doing in the Peru Amazon jungle? Hint: 20 tons of cocaine per month. Free speech, the floor is open.

  18. It always bothers me when the military has jurisdiction over civilians. Still, their country, their laws.

  19. Another case for the need of the military to have no jurisdiction over civilians.

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