German Newspaper Fire Bombed After Running Cover With Charlie Hebdo Cartoons

thHamburger Morgenpost was reportedly fire bombed today in Hamburg after the German newspaper that reprinted cartoons of Islamic prophet Mohammed from the French satirical paper Charlie Hebdo.

250px-CharliehebdoCharlie Hebdo was the scene of the massacre this last week after publishing its own cover with the mocking cartoons of Mohammad.

The paper has put the cartoon on its front page with the headline “This much freedom must be possible!”.

Notably, despite the obvious news value of readers seeing the cartoons in question, U.S. media has largely refused to reprint the cartoons — as opposed to many in France. It is an act of self-censorship that is troubling and is reminiscent of the disgraceful decision of Yale University Press a few years ago. Yale University Press published Jytte Klausen’s “The Cartoons That Shook the World” (on the cartoons that led to riots and over 200 killed in protests worldwide). However, Yale removed the the 12 cartoons from the book so not to insult Muslims. Thus, you could read the book but not actually see the cartoons themselves. It was a decision by Yale University Press that is still discussed as anti-intellectual and cowardly in academic circles.

The New York Daily News even blurred out a picture of an editor holding up a newspaper with one of the cartoons.

Here is a link to the cartoons beyond the one shown above on the cover of Charlie Hebdo: The Charlie Hebdo Cartoons.

50 thoughts on “German Newspaper Fire Bombed After Running Cover With Charlie Hebdo Cartoons”

  1. “How many army divisions does it take to defend Paris?”
    “Dunno. How many?”
    “No one knows. It’s never been tried.”

    The French will whine about the attack on “freedom of the press.” But they will do nothing about the murder of 12+ innocents. And because of their weakness, more will die. And then the Muslims will use their success in France to prove to their recruits that Islam is winning.

    Coming soon to a town near you.

  2. To the techies who run this blog, my information no longer comes up automatically. How can I fix that? Thank you.

  3. Kevin Schmidt, go to the first hospital you can get to. Check in and tell them you are in deep mental health problems. After your treatment and recovery it will be a pleasure to read your true comments.

    Obama puts troops nowhere, so it really was the Russians, see picture of Putin congratulating his military.

    I don’t know of any killing to get oil. Saudi Arabia sold it to the highest bidder, us. Unfortunately, the people did not enjoy a better life due to oil profits. If you mean the Gulf Wars, no oil for us.

    When Sarah Palin was Governor of Alaska, she distributed the $$$ received by the State from the oil companies and gave it back to the taxpayers. What a concept!

    I have no idea what oil companies pay to other States and the Federal Government for land use. But it is our land, shouldn’t we get the profits? Check how that’s working in the upper Midwest, where people are leasing the use of their land (don’t tell the Feds) and getting rich! Good for them! And not bad for the Feds, cuz’ taxes must be paid.

    I agree that Professor Turley is a dichotomy trying to find his way. He likes what Obama’s trying to do. I’d like to know specifically what these things are. On the other hand, he’s a true advocate of the Constitution.

    While he testifies that impeachment is not necessary, but may be down the road, how far down does he mean? Because I think we missed the off ramp just before the 2012 elections. Everybody knows the lies the American people were told about Benghazi and Obamacare.

    I wonder if while questioning, one of the Justices will ask “shouldn’t this be an impeachment” just what will happen. You tell me it has to go back to Congress. However, though all fees, dues, every monies paid is actually a tax. There was no requirement that the entire bill be amended by Congress and signed by Obama.

    John Roberts could have had it both ways. Congress would never vote for it again and all problems solved. I hope someone suggested that to him. If not, the nae votes are just as responsible.

  4. Cap263,
    What good is a flag without principles behind it? And where is the honor in being alive when you have lost your freedom?

  5. John, these folks at Yale and the NY Daily News just want to stay alive. They’ve got families to live for and employees to protect. disgraceful is a difficult characterization.

    Your detached fidelity to the rule of law is principled, but detached first and foremost. Sometimes I think you’re a man without a flag

  6. What’s wrong with Spam? It is considered a delicacy (or at least comfort food) in some places (e.g., Hawaii, South Korea).

  7. Oh for g_d’s sake. Americans are some of the biggest cowards in the world. Why else does everybody has got to have a gun otherwise some bad guy is going to kill me. Hence: “I had to shoot that unarmed 17 year old or he might have killed me.” Build a bomb shelter – buy a years worth of spam in preparation for the Apocalypse – buy that rocket launcher – Cheney hides in an undisclosed location – Ebola is about to sweep the country – decapitated bodies in the AZ desert – vaccines will kill ya.

    Hell. There is no end to the fear of the American public.


  9. Extremists have no sense of humor but a wonderful knack for irony.

    “Respect our religion of peace and tolerance or we will kill you!”

  10. Gee, I wonder if this would have happened If the US Government had never slaughtered over one million Muslims to steal their oil?
    But they don’t kill just Muslims. They killed thousands of Christians in Ukraine last year when they overthrew a democratically elected government and then blamed Russia.

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