“I Am Charlie”: Charlie Hebdo Releases 3 Million Copies Of Magazine With Mohammed Cartoon On Cover

707192-une-charlie-png.jpgThe first issue by Charlie Hebdo will hit the streets today with a cover featuring a cartoon of Mohammed in defiance of Muslim extremists. The magazine will be offered “in 16 languages” for readers around the world and many are lining up to buy it to show solidarity with the magazine and free speech values after the massacre of 12 innocent people at the magazine.

The printing of 3 million is presumably a record for the magazine which often printed 60,000 copies a week, selling 30,000.

On the cover, Muhammad is shown with a tear streaming down his cheek, and holding a sign: “Je Suis Charlie” — “I Am Charlie.” Overhead is the phrase “Tout est pardonne”, or “All is forgiven.” The cover was drawn by cartoonist Rénald Luzier, known professionally as “Luz”.

The mass printing could trigger more worldwide protests in a confrontation between Muslim fundamentalists and free speech advocates.

Source: Yahoo

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  1. Isaac:

    I’m curious. What were Republicans, Independents, and Libertarians able to prevent Obama from doing?

    Raising the Debt Ceiling?
    Dream Act?
    Immigration De Facto Amnesty? (Please refer to the latest Border Patrol guidelines)

    He’s gotten everything he’s ever tried for, and whenever things didn’t go his way, he just used Executive Orders to flout the law, or he shut down the government.

    Why did Republicans oppose all of Obama’s major actions? Well, for one, they fundamentally disagreed with Liberal proposals. They didn’t want the debt to go up to astronomical levels. They felt his policies would make it harder for the economy to recover. (Please refer to those who have dropped out of the workforce or accepted P/T work.) They opposed Obamacare as being unaffordable to the middle class (please refer to me, Exhibit A). It also causes job losses at a time the economy cannot afford it. They didn’t want a political activist to be Surgeon General, which is supposed to be about medicine and not personal politics. They opposed the lying, etc.

    It’s not because he was black, it was because their party believed that his policies would be bad for the country. Considering black youth had a 26% unemployment rate last time I checked, I’d say they were right.

    What I find interesting is when people claim it’s all just so unfair for Republicans et al to oppose a President whose policies they fundamentally oppose, but it’s all honorable and righteous for that same President to oppose the policies of parties other than his own.

  2. As of this moment, there are several bids on e-Bay in the hundreds of dollars forfor this edition of Charlie Hebdo. Wow. Imagine what will happen when the other 2,500,000 are released; market crash on e-Bay?

  3. Brezezinski has always been a joke, as is this blog’s ‘civility rule’..

    ‘Your comment is awaiting moderation’, ooh excuse me, professor.
    How dare I use an F-bomb! Grow up, will ya?

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