Virginia Reinstates Fraternity After Gang Rape Allegations Are Discredited

tsullivan3220px-UVA_Rotunda_Logo.svgThe University of Virginia has reinstated the Phi Kappa Psi fraternity after a Rolling Stone magazine article on gang rape allegations was discredited. Teresa A. Sullivan, the president of the university said that “We welcome Phi Kappa Psi, and we look forward to working with all fraternities and sororities in enhancing and promoting a safe environment for all.” The question is whether the University treated these students fairly in ordering the suspension and whether the University will take any steps with regard to the original accuser if it concludes that there was no gang rape at the fraternity as she alleged.

Friends of the student identified as “Jackie” questioned her account on the day in question and details in her story did not check out. Indeed, as discussed earlier, 220px-Rolling_Stone_February_1_2012_coverScreen Shot 2014-12-11 at 7.52.39 AMThe Rolling Stone Magazine and it writer, Sabrina Rubin Erdely (right) were widely criticized for a lack of journalistic standards in writing and editing the article.

Yet, Sullivan suspended all fraternities after demanding an investigation by the Charlottesville Police Department to request a criminal investigation. While the police said that it is still investigating the allegations, it told the University that “Phi Kappa Psi could be reinstated.”

It is not clear if the accuser would face discipline if the allegations are found to have been false. The university may be reluctant to do so in fear that it would discourage other women from coming forward. Conversely, many students were effectively punished by this suspension and two students were named as culprits. Those students could very well sue not just the victim but the school as we saw in the Duke lacrosse case.

What do you think? Should the accuser be disciplined if the allegations are found to be false?

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  1. ChipS, Brown is the red headed stepchild of Ivy League schools. I think they would kick them out if they had the chance.

  2. Rape is a serious problem and should be taken seriously, but accusations should also be made under penalty of perjury (police report, deposition, etc.). The accused can also be harmed by false accusations.

    Even if she were raped or sexually assaulted, testifying under oath helps separate facts from assumptions or likelihoods. Being accurate let’s a jury distinguish facts from doubt in circumstantial evidence – so they can properly judge the case.

  3. Nick, one story I read (not vouching for its reliability) said that she’d really wanted to go to Brown, but her parents wouldn’t pay the premium over in-state tuition at UVa.

    It wouldn’t be a major stretch to see this as her way of making daddy pull her out of there and let her go to her dream school.

    As for why Brown would be anybody’s dream school, I have no idea.

  4. ChipS, Jackie strikes me as the type of woman w/ no social skills who will want to stay @ UVA even though a pariah. Sound familiar?

  5. Darren Smith
    “Should the accuser be disciplined if the allegations are found to be false or unsupported”
    That’s a matter for the courts in my view not the school.


    Normally I would agree. However in this case there was very real harm to the whole Frat system caused by the University based on allegations by a student. Besides the civil repercussions, there should be an investigation and appropriate adjudication (whatever that may be) of the initial claim, made both to the University through their kangaroo court system and the Rolling Stone article.

  6. That’s a matter for the courts in my view not the school.

    It’s a matter for UVa’s student-run honor committee. The sole punishment for lying or cheating is expulsion.

    If Jackie wants to stay there–and she might not–her only hope would seem to be to claim a “contributory mental disorder“.

  7. “Darren Smith – That’s a matter for the courts in my view not the school.”

    The false accuser never reported the rape to police, so she’s not guilty of violating any law. She might be responsible for libel depending on exactly what she told RS, but she’s clearly not guilty of anything criminal.

    But if the school is responsible for pursuing sexual assault they have to be responsible for false accusations also. It might be a better world if the police had both responsibilities, but we don’t live in that world. If punishment of false accusations can only come from courts false accusations are effectively permissible.

  8. We see an increasing number of needy women playing victim in order to fill some emptiness in their lives. Hell, we see it here. The damage something like this does to REAL rape victims is palpable. The bigger story, IMO, are the lies and coverup of Rolling Stone. They had a story and facts, fact checking, source checking, verification, be damned. We see it most often when a journal, reporter, etc. has a story they want to write and to hell w/ the facts, they are writing that story. The meme now is, a rape culture on campus. Eric Holder is championing a usurping of our Constitution in this missionary task. Men are becoming victims in this holy war. The way to stop sexual assault on campus is to teach young women not to get hammer drunk and put themselves in dangerous positions. Feminists have made women prey by telling them “No means no!” Well, when you’re drunk, w/ a drunk testosterone filled dude, “No means no” doesn’t do squat to help you. You either need to know a martial art or you need to not put yourself in that position. I taught my daughter and female students, there are strength in numbers. Solo w/ a man in his room is unacceptable. Two of you is OK. Three is good, four or more is what you should always seek. This pertains to walking on the street as well.

  9. “Mike – Why is having a college rape story so en vogue with feminists these days? ”

    It’s the only complaint they have that isn’t frivolous.

  10. Of course the accuser should be expelled, but more importantly Sullivan should be fired. Can you imagine if Duke had suspended the Women’s basketball team after the false Lacrosse team accusations?

  11. James Madison and the other Framers designed our Independent Judiciary, especially juries, for just this reason – to weigh all of the complex facts of a case against the letter & spirit of the statute.

    Citizen juries can spend several hours or several days examining all of the evidence and sworn testimony to determine the degree of punishment (if any) and the mitigating factors involved before convicting the girl for the allegedly false police report. Juries provide a constitutional “check” on both the prosecutors and the judge.

  12. There was no rape. Jackie’s story was a fabrication. Sabrina Erdely’s story was an enhanced fabrication. Teresa Sullivan’s reactions were a series of knee-jerks kicked in reaction to her pre-determined political viewpoint. Each of the three women should be sued by everyone who was wrongly accused. Rolling Stone and the UJA be stripped of millions and millions of dollars of their assets.

    Women need to learn to not make false accusations of rape.

  13. For Christ Sake! Fire the President of the so called University today! Those frats need to stand up for their Free Speech and Free Humpin Rights. Occupy the President’s Office. Lame astardBays are a far cry from students forty years ago. Weeny, weeny, bo beanie, banana, fanna fo feenie. Keep taking crap like this and the next thing you know you will be in Vietnam.

  14. Why is having a college rape story so en vogue with feminists these days? It’s as though it’s not cool if they don’t have one so they have to make one up. How else does one explain this or Lena Dunham’s fabrications?

  15. “Should the accuser be disciplined if the allegations are found to be false or unsupported”
    That’s a matter for the courts in my view not the school.

  16. Would have to read the entire police incident report which was made under penalty of perjury by the alleged crime victim.

    Sometimes the police and media can expand the story beyond the original police report. It also requires officially “confronting” all parties involved where the investigators fully identify themselves to the witnesses and suspects.

    Think most Americans would be really surprised at how many investigations lack those constitutional requirements and exclusively based on assumptions that lack official confrontation – many times this faulty process leads to an inaccurate conclusion or inaccurate truth.

    For example: Authorities may try to protect witnesses’ identity from the suspect by omitting that portion from a police report but that can backfire leading to false arrests or bogus investigations. There needs to be some legal risk for the accuser also which helps prevent false testimony.

  17. Justice is a sword that cuts both ways.

    Pursue justice and let the chips fall where they may.

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