St. Louis Police Release Video To Try To Identity Wave Of Looters At Ransacked Market

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.13.45 PMThe St. Louis Police Department have released an extraordinary video this week showing how one of the many stores were looted in Ferguson, Missouri after a grand jury declined to vote indictments in the Michael Brown case. The criminals are clearly shown and the police are seeking their names to arrest them.

The video shows a collective effort to break through the door of the market and eventually how the mob forced up a boarded up window. The wave of looters captures what store owners have described as a feeding frenzy as people grabbed anything that would move.

This is the third time the owner has been ransacked and he now has no plans to rebuild. The result will now be one less market in this neighborhood.

f45d7ac0-a19a-11e4-889f-91d8202d73ca_dm-14-62233-suspect-3The police released the statement that “If you can identify any of these suspects, please contact the St. Louis County Police at 314-889-2341 or CrimeStoppers at 866-371-8477,” a message on the SLPD website reads. “All tips are anonymous.”

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  1. Mr. Schulte

    Also, I hope you are aware that you just defended slavery as being morally okay if one was not the direct participant, but merely a passive purchaser. Nationalism creates (contrives) some interesting reasoning.

    1. TJustice – there actually is a difference as to how one comes to being a slave owner.

  2. “Madison inherited his slaves and plantation and actually sold off 25% by his death. However, the British were slavers at the time as was everyone else. We were just going with the flow.

    And, if you know the process. Arabs captured the blacks in Africa and sold them to slave ships. The ships brought them to the Caribbean where the slaves were “broken.” Then they were shipped to other places in the New World, whereever it was thought they would bring the best price.

    Assuming Jefferson and Madison were buying fresh slaves for their plantations, which they might have. There would be several middlemen between the slaves and the original slave-catcher in Africa. They are not being stolen to spec.”

    Mr. Schulte

    You have the typical posture of a propaganda-nationalist. The “oh the times were different” and “everyone participated” arguments are not that strong and only appeal to authority.

    It’s similar to arguing that the Bush Administration and other nation-state leaders who initiated and executed a global torture regime (with the exception of South America) were simply “part of the times”. No, it was calculated and subsequently propagandized as being necessary (Similar to what Jefferson and Madison said about slavery and Native American extermination). I’m not saying even that they were not great men, but the fabrications about their character are intellectually dishonest at best.

    1. TJustice – the decent historian looks at history from the time it occurred and uses the morality of the time to judge people, not the morality of the time they are in.

  3. DBQ, Because of your reference, I Googled Hot August Nights. Looks like a lotta fun. Drinking and gambling is stupid. That’s why they give you free drinks. I only have a drink or two when gambling.

  4. Nick….Does, “What happen in Reno stay in Reno?

    LOL. Missed your earlier comment.

    We just got back from delivering a 429 engine and C6 transmission to a guy about 90 miles away who is going to put it into a 1970 mustang. We were going to put it into an Edsel station wagon, but lost out on that deal and bought a 1968 Rambler wagon instead that we are going to put a small block Chevy into.

    Reno is nothing like Vegas. Vegas is a party town for sure. Reno and Sparks more of a working man’s town with some big events that attract lots of people. We don’t really gamble when there other than to buy several hundred dollars of Keno tickets at a time. Got that big time gambling out of our system years ago….Plus I’m pretty tight fisted on the dollars and would rather buy something that I need or want. We buy the Keno tickets…..go out and enjoy the events, go to dinner, crawl the antique stores in town and in nearby towns, nap, drink scotch….come back and collect our winnings….buy more Keno…rinse and repeat. We usually win small and win occasionally big. Sitting at a blackjack table or standing at a roulette wheel, getting drunk and stupid, is just not at all interesting to either of us. Playing the slots is a sucker’s game. But…that’s just us.

    Hot August Nites is the big deal for us (as you can see we are car aficionados). Huge event for Reno. Big Biker Weekend. There is a big Air Show. We also like the National BBQ cook off. Other friends of ours go for the Sporting Clay competition. National Bull riding championships…..Overflow guests from the skiing events from Tahoe. Just a hop skip and jump from Reno Google Reno Convention events.

    The casinos in Reno are probably struggling too, but the big events bring in lots of money.

    Tahoe is probably the most beautiful lake ever. They are trying their best to keep it pristine with lots of strict building regulations and erosion control.

  5. Gigi, Indeed. We discussed a few days ago the UN Human Rights Commission sitting in judgment of Israel. Many here find that just fine. Well, Mauritania, a slave country, is on that commission!!

  6. Karen S–
    Why do people ignore the African complicity in the slave trade? You may be surprised to find that slavery STILL EXISTS in Africa. It’s rather ironic that it’s one of the last continents still to practice such a barbaric sin.

    I agree, but although Africa is one of largest continents to continue in the slave trade business, let us not forget India, China, and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries who have huge human trafficking problems. Also, I’ve known men who have married male-order brides from the Philippines who treat their wives like slaves. They marry these poor women to use them sexually and to take care of the man. Some of the men are 50 years older than the women. The women stay so that the man will support their families.

  7. Gigi De La Paz said…

    The town of Ferguson was destroyed and will take years to repair and return to normal.

    Tell me about it…I’m from Detroit and still there. Good luck Ferguson.

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