St. Louis Police Release Video To Try To Identity Wave Of Looters At Ransacked Market

Screen Shot 2015-01-21 at 9.13.45 PMThe St. Louis Police Department have released an extraordinary video this week showing how one of the many stores were looted in Ferguson, Missouri after a grand jury declined to vote indictments in the Michael Brown case. The criminals are clearly shown and the police are seeking their names to arrest them.

The video shows a collective effort to break through the door of the market and eventually how the mob forced up a boarded up window. The wave of looters captures what store owners have described as a feeding frenzy as people grabbed anything that would move.

This is the third time the owner has been ransacked and he now has no plans to rebuild. The result will now be one less market in this neighborhood.

f45d7ac0-a19a-11e4-889f-91d8202d73ca_dm-14-62233-suspect-3The police released the statement that “If you can identify any of these suspects, please contact the St. Louis County Police at 314-889-2341 or CrimeStoppers at 866-371-8477,” a message on the SLPD website reads. “All tips are anonymous.”

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  1. Karen S–
    Why do people ignore the African complicity in the slave trade? You may be surprised to find that slavery STILL EXISTS in Africa. Itโ€™s rather ironic that itโ€™s one of the last continents still to practice such a barbaric sin.

    Although Africa is one of largest continents to continue in the slave trade business, let us not forget India, China, and other Asian and Middle Eastern countries who have huge human trafficking problems. Also, I’ve known men who have married male-order brides from the Philippines who treat their wives like slaves.

  2. Doglover, although some of the people are unemployed, Ferguson was known as peaceful community where most people had jobs-perhaps not the one they wanted, but they did have jobs that their skills allowed. This type of crime has to be examined and looked into, or we will see continuous protests and looting throughout this country.
    “The activities shown here are far less grievous than dropping bombs on cities, …” Doglover, you need to realize that a crime is a crime no matter how minute it seems to you and these people need to be brought to justice. Many people who make their livelihood from these businesses had their lives disrupted, threatened, and financially drained. The town of Ferguson was destroyed and will take years to repair and return to normal.
    Also, we must remember that a great number of protesters and looters were bussed into the town to create and do havoc.

  3. Nick…do I get a pass if only constipated and fat, sort of anyway? Well, that and not living in Wisconsin?

  4. DBQ, Does, “What happen in Reno stay in Reno?” I have meant to spend some time there. We flew in and spent a week in Tahoe during October 2005. Outstanding vacation. But, being a gambler, gambling was the only disappointing aspect of the trip. Casinos struggle there and there’s not much action. Reno might just be my kinda town. We stayed on the California side of Tahoe. The most beautiful lake I have ever seen, makes Wisconsin lakes look like swamps. Actually many Wisconsin lakes are turning into swamps! Cheeseheads have a great natural resource and they are screwing it up.

  5. Karen S …naw, the credit goes to Chuck Stanley…he cited the Taurus Judge first while I was suffering a brain poot. If I lived in the lands of nasty snakes, I’d have one of those for sure. And as Mr. Stanley mentioned, even a long arm shotgun in .410 “gauge” is a good concept for the crawly critters.

  6. Paul C, Soros spends $33 Million? To encourage protesting, looting? I don’t understand why. How many kids could he help to get good educations with that money? There’s no humanity in the man. I would like to know every candidate he gives money to and advertise the association!

  7. @ Chuck and Ari

    Thanks. The ammo situation in local stores is really tight up here in the Northern California area.

    There are several stores and sporting goods places in Reno, Nv and we stock up when we go there. Usually twice a year. Hot August Nites is a pilgrimage ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. Chuck and Aridog – thanks, guys! Maybe the .410 will be the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for my husband. That might just solve the whole problem.

  9. doglover

    I refuse to believe that people are evil. Mentally deficient, mentally ill, yes. Evil, no.

    Ahem I know this is far down the thread and probably will never be read but it doesn’t matter what you believe doglover.

    If you choose to live in the land of De Nial that is your pejorative.

    I lived in Ferguson like BarkinDog most of my life and although our politics are divergent one thing we agree on is these thugs belong behind bars.

    Do you live there? It is one thing to prate on about humanity and justice for all when you live in an ivory tower but when you are in a glass house and someone throws a molotov cocktail at it and robs you blind 3 times see me and let me know if you still want to turn the other cheek and kiss the arse of the perpetrator for him and give him more funds for his mental deficiencies and mental illnesses.

    Inga – I agree with you about Fox news however, I think Obama put his foot in it when he said that the United States was far more “Integrated” with their Muslims than Europe. Yes, like in Ferguson how he handled that with Holder and Sharpton and the way Terry Jones is allowed to go around and Burn Korans in Detroit. So, I think he also made a fool out of himself.

    “The US leader said the 2013 Boston marathon bombing showed that the United States was not entirely safe from jihadist cells, but suggested that it had had more success than others in integrating minorities.”

    “Our biggest advantage, major, is that our Muslim populations feel themselves to be Americans and there is this incredible process of immigration and assimilation that is part of our tradition,” he said.

    “There are parts of Europe in which that’s not the case … it’s important for Europe not to simply respond with a hammer and law enforcement and military approaches to these problems.”

    1. happypappies – did you read that George Soros poured 33 million in Ferguson supporting protestors?

      1. Paul C. Schulte what is your source for that? I don’t see a viable source on line. I would love to believe it though.

  10. Karen S … I suspect, but won’t admit, that the middle east is generally not a place I want to be…especially in uniform at my age. Just a coincidence, of course, that I retired 90 days prior to a proposed deployment to Afghanistan, thanks to that “essential employee” descriptor in my PD…e.g., voluntary was eliminated. Just a coincidence I tells ya…really! Oh, wait… ๐Ÿ™ …maybe not.

  11. Karen S…Chuck Stanley’s suggestion is just the ticket when you want a snake shooter in a handgun. The model he cites is barely larger than a small frame .38 special, but is .410 gauge or .45 Long Colt alternatively. In snake country it would be my choice….two .410 shot shells and 3 .45 Long Colt in a 5 chamber cylinder ( or 3 & 2 if you chose)…a double duty sidearm. As I said, I should have thought of it earlier. Dang ole Chuck beat me to it…must be my senility catching up with me, eh? ๐Ÿ™‚

    None the less, I will check with my range store (and elsewhere here) and see if they can order .38 Special shot shells or if they have any in stock, then I will notify you. They are very good at special orders, so we will see. I already know they stock the Taurus Judge cited by Chuck Stanley. Small frame and a 3 inch barrel…about as good as it gets for a small frame revolver.

  12. Karen,
    The .410 shotgun round is ideal for snakes and small rodents, such as rats. You don’t even need a repeater…..a single shot works fine for that application. It is unlikely you will be attacked by a horde of rodents and reptiles. Plenty of time to reload a break-open shotgun. Won’t break the bank either. They run about $125-$200 at most sporting goods stores.

  13. Chuck – thanks. We really should get a shotgun. We already have the .38 (among others), and that’s my husband’s preferred gun for snakes.

    The rattlers out here aren’t too aggressive, but they have excellent camouflage. I typically don’t see them until I’m almost on top of them. Which is another reason why we remove them, since we have a little boy who goes through life at a run. If you move the snakes, they just keep returning. We’ve learned that with our garter snakes. There was a large one that kept sunning himself right in front of our front door. We moved him every day, to the point that it was part of our routine, and he’d be right back there the next day. I named him “Herman.” “Make sure you don’t step on Herman when you go out.” That was kind of cool until Herman was replaced by rattlers.

  14. Aridog – thanks so much for keeping an eye out.

    That’s funny about KSA. I believe that’s why my father chose retirement. The next assignment was going to be Saudi Arabia, and he didn’t want to take us kids there.

  15. Dang! Chuck Stanley once again cites the obvious best choice; for a snake handgun this time. Didn’t occur to me, but it should have. You really are starting to be a pain ๐Ÿ™‚

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