Turley Testimony In Senate Confirmation Hearing Of Loretta Lynch

Loretta_LynchI will have the honor of appearing today as part of the confirmation hearings in the Senate Judiciary Committee for Loretta Lynch, nominee to serve as United States Attorney General. Below is my written testimony for the hearing today.

Here is the full list of witnesses appearing today:

Sharyl Attkisson
Investigative Journalist

David Barlow
Sidley Austin LLP

David A. Clarke, Jr.
Milwaukee County, Wisconsin

Catherine Engelbrecht
True The Vote

Janice K. Fedarcyk
Fedarcyk Consulting LLC

Stephen H. Legomsky
John S. Lehmann University Professor
School of Law at Washington University

The Reverend Doctor Clarence Newsome
Cincinnati , OH

Nicholas Quinn Rosenkranz
Professor Of Law, Georgetown University Law Center
Senior Fellow in Constitutional Studies Cato Institute

Jonathan Turley
Professor, J.B. And Maurice C. Shapiro Chair Of Public Interest Law
George Washington University Law School
Washington , DC

The full committee hearing resumes this morning at 10 a.m. in Committee Room 216 in the Hart Senate Office Building.

Here is my testimony: Statement.Lynch Nomination.Turley Testimony.Senate

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  1. Every time I see something JT writes about ACA the Diabolical nature of what our government has become reveals itself.

    For example, Congress originally mandated that non-compliant policies could not be sold after October 1, 2014. That provision was unpopular with certain groups and the Obama Administration unilaterally ordered a two-year extension that allowed insurance companies to sell non-compliant, and thus unlawful, policies until October 2016.54

    Another such change occurred with regard to the deadline for private employers with more than 50 full-time employees.55 This deadline was viewed by some as a critical element of the law and was arrived at after considerable debate. The Act expressly states that these provisions would become active on January 1, 2014.56 However, the Administration moved unilaterally to set its own deadline and thereby suspend annual penalties that would have brought in huge revenues in sanctions to the extent that businesses did not comply.57 It simply stated that the employer mandate and its reporting obligation “will not apply for 2014.”58 That
    alterations ordered in this and other provisions shows vividly how legislation is being treated as merely a starting point for agencies in our new Administrative State. It is not enough for presidents to defend such actions as improving a law or acting in the absence of congressional changes. Opposition in Congress, even gridlock, is no excuse to dictate the outcome unilaterally on one’s own terms. As important as national health care is, the integrity of our system demands an equal Legislative Branch and the compulsory participation in the carefully constructed legislative process.

    This is what JT says and I have seen more than this on the non exempt small businesses and mentioned it in the fact they receive on sequestered healthcare after Oct 2014 7.3% less on their refunds (only healthcare)

  2. I see no reason that the AG must be black. I see no reason that the AG should be female. My only reason for anybody to be AG is always honoring the Constitution. The President appoints and that’s where his duty ends. The AG must swear allegiance to the Constitution. The AG does not swear allegiance to the President.

    Ms. Lynch has made her rulings on unconstitutional Executive Orders. She ruled against the Constitution in favor of the President. She has removed herself from consideration for AG, by seeing nothing wrong with unconstitutional acts by the President.

    Her time as AG and decisions made, if confirmed, will be constantly questioned and doubted.

    Ms. Lynch, don’t do this to yourself, and moreover our country. That would be the decision you would never be criticized for. Because it’s the right thing to do.

    1. In Texas – today – Jeffry Baron is being carved up by crooked counsels who worked for him and then (without any waiver or licit reason) hop on the other side of the fence – to yank away tens of millions of dollars;

      simply because Jeff Baron has 1 foot in the grave
      (and wayward judges/counsels – seek to rush the other one there – too)

      Original judge (Royal Ferguson) has been compelled to quit the bench.

      Even Tom Delay came out of his shelter and has called for the impeachment of Federal District Court Justice His {sic} Honor = Royale Ferguson.

      Mr. Baron’s own attorney is the federal receiver (that the 5th Circuit said was bogus – when the Circuit also ruled that the involuntary bankruptcy was also illegitimate and is to be closed).

      Governor Perry abuse of power – Cameron Todd Willingham dead;
      and corrupt courts now seizing successful businesses “ad hoc”!

  3. to all U.S. legislators,
    if you want (desire) to help millions of girls and women
    now and in the future
    then make law!
    Lily’s Law: 21 to buy laxatives; keep laxatives behind counter
    so(w!) THAT
    kids don’t steal laxatives!
    laxatives are addictive and do cause serious internal injuries
    to all U.S. legislators,
    don’t tell us THAT (you are pro-woman and pro-girl power)
    if you are unwilling to show us THAT
    ‘tell and show’
    to all U.S. legislators,
    if you tell us THAT (you are pro-woman and pro-girl power)
    then you show us THAT
    by(e bye) you doing your best to(o) make Lily’s Law law

  4. U.S. Department of Justice,
    while you were sleeping I went fishing
    on G-D’S web
    look at what I caught and reeled in:
    NYS WCB commissioner bios
    (google it! ask it! aol it! yahoo it! bing it! info it! wow it!)
    eat! eat!
    U.S. Department of Justice,
    when you delivered the FDNY the news “hire! all people
    (not just friends and family)”
    did you (DOJ) go down the FDNY’s chimney? or
    did you (DOJ) kick the FDNY’s door down?

  5. U.S. Department of Justice,
    while you were sleeping I went fishing
    on G-D’S web
    look at what I caught and reeled in:
    NYS WCB 2001 Annual Report
    NYS WCB 2006 Annual Report
    eat! eat!
    U.S. Department of Justice,
    how many Indian-American women and men do you see in reports?
    how many African-American women and men do you see in reports?
    how many Asian-American women and men do you see in reports?
    how many Latin-American women and men do you see in reports?
    how many Native-American women and men do you see in reports?
    how many Middle E-American women and men do you see in reports?
    someone call the cops!
    (someone call the EEOC!)

  6. U.S. Department of Justice,
    Fact: I (knocked) wrote to(o) the NY FBI 2 times in 2011;
    the NY FBI never wrote ‘me back’ (so sad and how silly to not open)
    Fact: I got back and I am saving
    both signed green cards (USPS Form 3811)
    Q: who was in charge of the NY FBI then (tunc)?
    A: Janice Fedarcyk
    Q: did not Janice Fedarcyk work closely with Loretta Lynch?
    A: si! (I got THAT today (yea!) from Loretta Lynch hearing)
    Q: did those women ‘see’ the 50 (five o) poems
    I delivered for G-D! (ho ho ho)?
    Q: did those women ‘hear’ about the 50 (five o) poems
    I delivered for G-D! (ho ho ho)?
    Q: did those women ‘see’ my written complaint(s)
    I mailed for G-D!
    Q: did those women ‘hear’ about my written complaint(s)
    I mailed for G-D!
    Q: did those women “investigate! IME doctor fraud”?

    Q: did the NY FBI ‘take and pass’ G-D’S Mail around?

    Q: did the NY FBI throw out (discard)(abort) G-D’S Mail?
    Q: where is G-D’S Mail right now (nunc)?
    Q: is the NY FBI a modern day Jonah?
    Q: does not every single law enforcement agency have a duty to(o)
    the American taxpayer/complainant/victim/claimant to(o)
    1) accept complaint (IME doctor fraud!)
    2) investigate complaint (IME doctor fraud!)
    3) communicate with complainant (moi)
    4) resolve complaint in a (t)imely manner (180 days or less)
    U.S. Department of Justice,
    please answer (t)HIS questions
    Q: what’s FOIA?

  7. U.S. Department of Justice,
    while you were sleeping I went fishing
    in The Saints’ Everlasting Rest
    by the Reverend Richard Baxter
    from page 168
    look at what I caught and reeled in:
    1) no man can obey G-D too much
    2) no man can serve G-D too much
    eat! eat!
    Q: when did Reverend Richard Baxter write THAT?
    before the 1688 Germantown Quaker Petition Against Slavery was written
    before George Fox sailed to Barbados to preach against slavery in 1671
    Q: bro(t)her! what have you ‘said and done’ for G-D lately?

  8. Nick:

    “Not responsive”

    You’re far from a lawyer and not much of a judge. I’d stick to following little old ladies around to see if they are jaywalking at corners if I were you. Play your strong suit.

  9. Nick:

    Believe me, I don’t need any help to debate your arguments. Your words are my best allies. Btw you can do your own research. I’m tired of teaching you.

  10. I see you also have a small version of the FFS Cheerleader Squad here for your support. LOL.

  11. “Facts published.” The simple question you have avoided, to date, is WHERE were your “facts published.” Obama has approved so many disability payments[20% rise according to HHS] that for the last 3 years he has raided the SS Retirement Fund to pay for the new welfare state he has cultivated,. Congress is putting an end to that scandalous raid this year. He will have his usual hissy fit, as will his cult followers. I am not a Republican or Democrat, meapo. I have lived a fascinating life outside a box, a box in which you find so much comfort.

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