Video: Seattle Officer Pepper Sprays Man Brandishing . . . A Cellphone

Jess-Hagopian-YouTube-800x430High school teacher Jesse Hagopian is reportedly planning to sue the city of Seattle after a police officer sprayed him with chemical irritant as he left a rally on Martin Luther King Jr. Day. He was simply walking away while speaking on a cellphone, as the video below captures.

Hagopian had spoken at the event about how black lives matter on the Jan. 19th. Officers set up a barricade with their bicycles to prevent protesters from marching. A female officer yells “Stand back, stand back” and then inexplicably released the pepper spray.

The video is quite shocking and it is hard to imagine a context where this force was justified since no one seemed threatening or even attempting at that point to cross the line.

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  1. I think most of us have experienced “little man syndrome”. We see it when people of short stature find a need to demonstrate dominance without the requisite physical size to back it up. It seems to be more prevalent in short police officers. What we saw here was “little woman syndrome”.

    I know my comment isn’t politically correct. I wasn’t trying to be. 🙂

  2. Maybe some cop had said: Get back! She sprayed an around after getting phone guy. Teachers: Those who can, do. Those who cant, teach. those who cant teach, teach teachers. They need guidance. Had there been a guide dog there none of this would have happened.

  3. Apparently a police officer was knocked off his bike earlier, causing all the police to corral around and try to control the crowd. I think this woman over-reacted. The teacher had just finished speaking at the MLK event and was walking on the sidewalk. He posed no threat to the police. From my perspective, the police escalated issues by trying to take over the sidewalk and streets.

    At the following page, you can find another video that shows what happened prior to this video:

  4. They set up a barricade to stop the people from marching? I guess we are living in China now. No marching allowed. Peaceful protest banned. Even when you comply the police will try to show you who is boss. Or police are so afraid and hair triggered that the sight of fellow humans makes them break out the MACE.

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  6. If I was representing the victim I would file a Section 1983 suit and schedule depositions. First I would depose the assaulting cop. I would ask if she thought that pepper spray was dangerous to people and to some people more than others. If she said it was not dangerous or not dangerous to old folks or ill people– I would depose her mother and on video spray her mom with the pepper spray. Just to get a reaction. When cop defendant objects on camera and intervenes, I would play this to the jury. Nuff said.

  7. She was in fear for her life because she was a midget. All cops should be six foot tall drunken Irishmen named Muldoon.

  8. The officer was probably in fear for her life by having non-police officers near her.

    He’s lucky he didn’t get shot

  9. He probably deserved it.
    Must have thrown some food in the garbage can instead of the compost, or maybe he was vaping.
    Or maybe he spoke to a lesbian.

    Say, it seems like most of these bad cop thingies are happening in liberal kingdoms.
    What’s up wit dat?

  10. That is your affirmative action copper right there. Just like the midget cop that choked out Eric a Garner. When you lower standards bad things happen.

  11. discography, fascism is often used to,describe things that are far from it. So I don’t know what your reference refers to. It is the belief in the state above all. Mussolini is famous for being fascist. Venezuela is getting there. I don’t read many comments here I would consider fascist, actually rarely.

    Many describe Republicans as fascists, which is the complete opposite of their view. Small government, minimum interference in the private sector, less taxation, and against ACA, which interferes with decisions about your health that should be between you and your doctor.

    Can you give me an example, no names please, you consider fascist?

  12. Paul,

    The thugs on the Seattle PD were recently under DOJ investigation for federal civil rights abuses and were forced to sign an agreement to improve training and community relations.

    Prof. Turley,

    Sure have a lot of fascists reading your blog.

    1. discography


      What makes you say that? Everyone agrees about the pepper spray regarding the Cell Phone user. You think it’s okay to get a hatchet in the head? You think all police are evil from birth? Brilliant deductions Watson

  13. I wouldn’t become a policewoman, even for a million dollars! Our citizens (maybe, who knows) are dangerous. They become a mob. The small policewoman should not have been in that situation. Her voice was shaky and frightened. Sure girls want the same treatment, but she lost it. I’m surprised others didn’t tell her to stop.

    1. Yes Jason. Like rescuing people and finding lost children and giving people their last dime. They do things like that also.

  14. I wish this blog would also occasionally feature articles about cops injured on the job, or doing good deeds. That video of the Shake it Off cop helped.

    Otherwise, one could get the impression that cops are rampaging everywhere, which is not a balanced view.

  15. Pepper spray or mace is really dangerous for people like me, who have asthma. I would like to see alternatives take the place of chemical irritants for that reason alone.

    The video seems to show an unprovoked use of force, and there needs to be a thorough investigation. If he had asthma, she could have killed him.

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