Family Accused Of Kidnapping Boy To Teach Him Not To Talk To Strangers

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Denise Kroutil
Denise Kroutil

In another example of bizarre and horrific treatments of children by relatives the Lincoln County Missouri Sheriff’s Office accuses a family of staging a frightening kidnapping of their six year old son because they believed he was being too friendly with strangers and needed to be taught a lesson.

Several felony charges later, the family is now being taught that lesson in the county jail.

Deputies say that the child’s aunt, Denise Kroutil, made arrangements for a colleague, Nathan Firoved, to scare the boy by agreeing to stage a mock kidnapping.

Firoved is accused by the sheriff’s office of luring the boy into a car just after he left a school bus. He then took the boy to his residence’s basement where he then told the boy he would “never see his mommy again,” and that he would be “nailed to the wall of a shed.”

Nathan Firoved
Nathan Firoved

The threats continued with allegedly showing the boy a firearm, covering the boy’s head with a jacket, binding his hands and feet, and threatening him as he was crying in distress. And to further add to the horror in the child he pulled down the boy’s pants and proclaimed the boy would be sold into sex slavery.

After this terrible experience the child was eventually released from his restraints and lectured about the dangers of talking to strangers. One can only imagine how horrible strangers must be to this family if this is the sort of loving treatment they believe their son deserves.

The event came to light when the boy reported the incident to school officials who then contacted authorities.

“Family members told investigators their primary intent was to educate the victim and felt they did nothing wrong,” a statement from the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said.

News reports state that Firoved, his grandmother, Rose Brewer, and Ms. Kroutil have been charged with kidnapping, restraint, as well as abuse and neglect of a child.

The boy’s mother, Elizabeth Hupp, has been charged with kidnapping and abuse and neglect.

By Darren Smith

Source: BBC News

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  12. A 6-year-old boy in Missouri endured an emotional four-hour staged kidnapping because his family thought he was being too nice to people he didn’t know, police said Thursday.

    The four people involved in the alleged plot — the boy’s mother, grandmother, aunt and a co-worker of the aunt — have been charged with kidnapping and other felonies, the Lincoln County Sheriff’s Office said.

    “Family members told investigators their primary intent was to educate the victim and felt they did nothing wrong,” the press release said.

    During his reported ordeal the boy was lured Monday into a pickup after getting off his school bus, tied up, threatened with a gun, taken to a basement where his pants were removed, and told he could be sold into sex slavery, police said.

    Apparently this is a free range kid and this is how the parents chose to handle the situation.

    My, how times have changed since I was young.

    The cops would have definitely stayed out of it

    1. happypappies – when I was growing up the cops would have helped with the “kidnapping” 😉

      1. Paul C Schulte – I didn’t want to take that much creative license buuuttt since I am being encouraged, They could stage a Reality Show Called Abe Lincoln’s Lakers and float that kid out on the middle of Lincoln Lake and then take him for a wild riiiiiiddddddeeee down the Current River. That could be his real punishment. It would have been beautiful this weekend too if the Cops would have been real cops instead of Red Neck rent a cops.

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    I completely agree. I know people who are afraid to let their kids to play unsupervised in their backyard in a well-to-do area. The kids are not toddlers.

    Heck, I was in a women’s bathroom at a Macy’s (and the bathroom was in the lingerie department) and a boy about 10-years-old stepped out of a stall. I was quietly perturbed but said nothing as I entered a stall because he looked like a fairly innocent kid. Then his mom apparently stepped out of a nearby stall and started telling her friend why the boy was in the women’s bathroom–she was afraid to let him go in the men’s bathroom by himself and she’d have words with anyone who told her she couldn’t bring her son into the women’s bathroom if she wanted to. Thank heavens they left immediately after that.


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