Dawn on Billy Goat Trail

IMG_1814I took my usual hike on Billy Goat Trail at the break of dawn this morning and it was wonderful. While it reached over 60 degrees today in Northern Virginia, it was around 30 at dawn and a fair amount of ice. But the air was crisp and the stark winter beauty was spectacular.

I was even able to come across some new construction work by my beaver friends. Winter hiking is not for some folks but I find it rejuvenating and better than sitting at home. Here are a few pictures from this morning.







12 thoughts on “Dawn on Billy Goat Trail”

  1. Those who experience the parks only in summer are missing out on a lot, I think. The beaver pond near my home is a wonderful place in winter and, year-round, is a magnet for many interesting birds and animals. Please keep blogging about your nature hikes. When I’m unable to get out, they are the next best thing!

  2. Trooper, LOL! Jim Bouton became famous talking about searching for Beavers w/ the Mick in his book, Ball Four. That was a prescient nonfiction sports book, that as you know, made Bouton a pariah for exposing the way sports heroes spent their free time. I can never figure out your vast stockpile of hilarious photos.

  3. Winter hiking is the best, especially if it’s snowshoeing. Some of my most rewarding plant id’s have occurred in winter.

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