Islamic State Burns Over 8000 Rare Books As Demonstration of Faith

AQMI_Flag.svgThe_House_of_Leaves_-_Burning_4We have previously discussed the burning of rare books by Islamic State. Now, a new report says that the group has burned more than 8,000 rare books and manuscripts in Mosul. They then reportedly bombed the Mosul Public Library according to the director of the library. A new video also shows ISIS fighters smashing works of art, including a 9th Century figure.

The latest losses including manuscripts from the 18th century, Ottoman-era books, a sand glass used by ancient Arabs and Iraqi newspapers from the early 20th century. ISIS also destroyed the church of Mary the Virgin in Mosul and Mosul’s University theater.

What is fascinating is how similar these Islamic extremists are to the Nazis in their extermination campaigns coupled with the destruction of cultural and intellectual centers. In some ways, Islamic fascists are more dangerous because they combine this murderous culture with a promise of eternal salvation. As we have seen from the Nazis to the Stalinists to the Kymer Rouge to the Islamic State, intellectuals and their work are some of the first groups to be attacked by these forces of ignorance and hatred.

The thought of the loss of these early Islamic works is heartbreaking. I am only imagine the pain of this director and so many others to see their intellectual history literally go up in smoke.

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  1. Centinel, Moral relativism is an integral part of the Obama foreign policy. And, domestic policy agenda as well.

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    We may not like it but that is not for us to say its their religion and their way of life. Unless one believes in Real Good and Real evil not relativism then they have every right to do this!

  3. Nick thinks we are stupid.

    Nick neglects to mention that CNN and CBS stories were just reporting what the Mueller family THINKS. The family wanted a ransom paid and think the price went way up once the US made a swap for a US soldier. Neither CNN or CBS were reporting any evidence that ISIS killed Kayla as a result of the Bergdahl swap. In fact, so far the belief is that she was killed in a Jordanian airstrike – not from the hand of a lunatic ISIS fighter.

    The death of Kayla is exceedingly sad. But our policy should continue to be no ransom.

  4. Trooper: This is the United States. Our sovereignty does not extend to other countries. Last I heard, the United States is doing what it can to provide support to other countries that want our help. As best I can tell, our government at the highest levels of military, national security and diplomatic are actively working on this issue. My guess is that those folks have higher security clearances than you or me. The President does not declare war. Congress declares war. On February 11, 2015, President Barack Obama made the case for Congress to formally authorize the use of military force in the “war against ISIS.”

    Perhaps you should pay visits to the gravesites of the American and allied soldiers from the Iraq and Afghanistan wars under the Bush/Cheney era and pay visit to those veterans who are crippled. Talk to some of the professionals who have had to deal with the effects of Abu Ghraib, black sites, torture, etc.

  5. Trooper, Both CNN and CBS did stories this week that the Bergdahl deserter swap for terrorists may have resulted in humanitarian Kayla Mueller getting killed by ISIS.

  6. Obama doesn’t fight terrorists. He releases them to trade for deserters. He releases them so they can go back to the fight. He might let the military lob a drone bomb here or there for appearance sake and to provide cover for his true beliefs but he would never do anything that would lead to the ultimate destruction of his favorites such as the Muslim Brotherhood. Or it seems ISIS for that matter.

    Under his watch the Muslim terrorist group ISIS is rolling through the Middle East slaughtering innocents and destroying civilization in the name of their Prophet.

    I am happy to see that you are letting the mask slip. Those Christians and Yezidis peacefully living their lives in their villages when they were kidnapped and beheaded were “playing the victim.”

    I am glad that you are letting you ISIS freak flag fly there buddy. Nice.

  7. Trooper York: Indeed, ISIS is proudly Muslim and they’re chasing Christians, but one does not condemn all Muslims because of ISIS nor should the government of the people, by the people and for the people create a religious war and deploy American personnel and resources to such a war or take the nation to war at a place around the world over some outfit like ISIS. I just don’t think it rises to that level. Additionally, the US is exercising laudable restraint by not taking the ISIS bait. Obama is hardly a terrorist enabler.

    Last I recall, churches and religious organizations of all stripes are given a free tax ride in the U.S. They send their “missionaries” to those parts of the world and then play victim when they are told they are unwelcome. I think China booted some of them out recently.

  8. David that is one of their ultimate aims. To destroy Israel and kill the Jews. Then to proceed on to Italy and take Rome. They have laid out their plans. They are telling you want they are going to do. It is right in your face.

    We can only hope that Israel, Egypt, Jordan and the Saudi bank rollers can put aside their differences and do what the terrorist enabler Obama refuses to do. Put down ISIS like the rabid dogs they are in reality.

  9. There is a terror group going after all Christians. It is called ISIS. They are proudly Muslim. They proclaim that their movement is based on the teachings Islam and the Prophet. I take them at their word. Why don’t you?

  10. Stop with the nonsense Po. That is not going to happen. What is happening right now is a holocaust against Christians, Jews, Yezidis, art, books and culture. But make up some ridiculous nonsense instead of the evidence of your lying eyes. That is very useful.

  11. Now Annie, you’re old enough to know that since sex ed has been taught in schools there has been more inquisitive and free sex in our society. I was never taught anything about sex in school and very little at home. Yet, I managed to have 5 children (after marriage). The money spent and the the entire sex ed program has not taught children to value their bodies.
    (no link, pure reason).

  12. Trooper: If some terror group went after all Christians because of the acts of certain evangelical Christians or Christian missionaries, would you support?

    1. Trooper, if the Islamic State goes after Lebanon next, well, Israel & Palestine will be right in their sights! The Golan Heights would be pretty easy for them to take. Maybe they will go for it right after Lebanon.

  13. I will agree that some things are not black and white. This is not one of them. iSIS states that they are devout followers of Islam and they want to establish the caliphate. I take them at their word. I don’t make excuses for them.

    You have to stand for something. ISIS stands for something. It is Islam. By their own words.

    Now back to your regularly scheduled obfuscation and changing the subject to Frederick Barbarossa and the sack of Constantinople.

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