Islamic State Posts Video Of Destruction of Mosul Museum

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Yesterday, we discussed another massive book burning by Islamic State as well as reports of the destruction of ancient art pieces. The latter report appears true after ISIS posted a video of its militants taking sledgehammers and drills to ancient art work and statues going back to the 7th Century. The actions are reminiscent of the infamous destruction of the famous giant Buddhas of Bamiyan.

This is the history and culture of a people being systematically destroyed by a force of hatred and ignorance. Fueling by their extreme view of Islam, these men are eradicating evidence of their own civilization at the direction of clerics who see the images as offensive to God. To watch these ignorant men destroying priceless pieces of art is sickening. However, it should be watched. Ironically, just as ISIS wants people to see this, so do those who oppose them. This is truly the fact of ISIS. What remains incredible is that thousands of people in the West see images of decapitations and destruction and flock to IS while most of humanity, including most Muslims, are entirely repelled by these images.

It is a glimpse into the nightmare of those who have spent their lives preserving ancient works from this area for future generations. ISIS is wiping out any identity beyond its own blood-soaked, hateful image of religious orthodoxy.

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37 thoughts on “Islamic State Posts Video Of Destruction of Mosul Museum”

  1. Boy have times changed. Grateful Dead live in Cairo Egypt 1978. Deal song. So there use to be fun times.

  2. Spinelli, you’re right on. I think we’re approaching the point where the civilized world will have simply had enough and will bite the bullet and accept a few thousand casualties to blast in and summarily execute anyone who won’t eat Texas barbecue.

    I’m inclined to suggest that the Western world should shut down the internet, telephones and television in those parts of the world if technically possible. Of course, our intel folks would argue that we glean bits of information from them. Our geeks would argue … well’ they’d argue. Our aging liberals would argue freedom of information. Our IT billionaires would argue about free markets they can monopolize. A job for “Anonymous.”

  3. Their intent is obvious. It is seeking negative attention to promote conflict. And it is working. Hell, we see it on many threads here, and it all too often works here as well.

  4. US got them started to fight legit Syrian government. Just like we go the “mujahedeen” aka Taliban started to fight the Soviets……… Syria is a Russian ally, hence, we seek to destabilize them, but, they spilled over and are attacking the US puppet regime in Iraq. SSDD.

    Meanwhile culture and mankind suffers…….. Take the long view of geopolitics and don’t lose sight of the capitalist imperialism behind these kinds of reactionary phenom.

  5. Warren

    We have the technology to drop enough pot smoke to ease them off a bit. Then go in and wax em. I wouldn’t lace their water supply with acid though.

  6. ISIS is systematically destroying the history of the ME. It is unfortunate. It is disgusting. The well resourced countries in the Middle East need to move quickly and decisively to stop it. ISIS is waging a holy war against the hisotry of the area as well as its people. The West cannot resolve this issue.

  7. Anyone remember the 1960 – 1970 hippie movement? Love and peace….flower children? Could ISIS path be changed into harmless flower children?

  8. The actions of the Islamic State should make it abundantly clear that man’s human nature is the same today as it was in the beginning; the only thing changing is the environment in which it is contained. This nature exists in our neighbors and our government. This nature is why governments need to exist and precisely why we can never assume our government is motivated by good.

  9. “All fundamentalist seem…

    One of the great unexplained phenomena of modern astronomy: the dark night of fundamentalist barbarism is always descending in Christianity and yet lands only in Islam.

  10. All fundamentalist seem to hate what they consider idolatry. What a sad waste of humanity.

  11. really sad stuff – all of humanity loses here. Maybe they got the idea from the Ten Commandments/bible’s intolerance of carved/graven images.

  12. Sure it’s ego-driven. It’s time for that part of the world to stand up–Turkey. They could turn this ridiculousness off in a day and a half. We try, we’ll start the largest event of Stockholm syndrome in the history of the world, and ISIS knows that. That’s why they keep baiting us. I would suggest setting everyone’s need for vengeance aside (this isn’t a TV cop show…) and see what’s really at stake here.

  13. Obama stated in Muslim summit, that ISIS fighters are poverty deprived and disenfranchised.

    Time and time again, ISIS fighters we find, come from educated backgrounds and upper middleclass roots, not poverty.
    Might want increase security at places like Smithsonian Museum and USS Intrepid Sea, Air & Space Museum. Copy cat hot heads abound.

  14. The Getty Museum would have bought and shipped this art for them. They could have made a bundle. This shows a lack of foresight.

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