Answering the Call of Nature

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 7.02.21 AMThis is not a new videotape but I had to show it. Of all the things that one may expect from a safari trip to Africa, having a cheetah defecate through your sun roof is not one of them. These cheetah appears to have answered the call of nature by finding a unique outhouse.

It is hard not to see this as a message, but the man seems remarkably matter-of-fact about it. Indeed, he had the presence of mind to find a napkins and catch the droppings.

12 thoughts on “Answering the Call of Nature”

  1. I had a cat named Zachariah that used to pee in the toilet. Not that anyone cares. 😉

  2. Personally, if a large cat leapt on the roof of my vehicle, I would have closed the sunroof. But that’s just me.

    Of course, cheetahs with their fine bones are not known for going after humans as often as lions do.

  3. Well, that’s life when observing the wild. I guess the cheetah felt very relaxed.

    If you make howler monkeys mad, they throw their poop at you.

  4. Big cats rule!

    As mentioned above, this is just a demonstration of how the governments (of any party) rule people, too, and the lack of respect it shows.

  5. Hey! Some guys pay good money for other people to do that. Don’t judge.

  6. There is a song on the jukebox in a bar in Saint Louis and the song is called: Watch Out For the Cheetah!

  7. Cheetah likes guy and Land Rover, so it marked territory, warning other Cheetahs to stay away? Yeah, it’s a question?

  8. It is clear that if he both got crapped on and p**sed on, he was not getting the message. Love the cat, though. 😉

  9. The clip is from the show Big Cat Diary. The remarkably calm man is a researcher in the field and in another episode was also urinated on. The cheetahs mostly climb cars for a better view of prey and predator. Magnificent animals!

  10. Awesome! Just what a cat does to let you know how much s/he dislikes you. “Oh, yeah. I’ll show you . . . you insignificant human pest.”

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