Bank Of Canada: “Stop ‘Spocking’ Our Currency”


By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

The Bank of Canada moved to protect its economy from a sudden spike spock in its currency.

The Canadian Dollar spocked in value following the death of Actor Leonard Nimoy a week ago. Currency traders marked the five dollar notes and in turn succeeded in initially increasing its value. This was then followed by a run on the bank notes prompting the Bank of Canada to intervene to protect the dollar’s value.

Some examples included the following:


Note that this is the highly speculative and controversial “Parallel Universe Spock” favored by hedge fund managers, corporate raiders, and Bernie Madoff.

To protect the currency from these speculators, Bank of Canada spokeswoman Josianne Menard issued the following as part of an official statement:

“It is not illegal to write or make other markings on bank notes… However, there are important reasons why it should not be done. Writing on a bank note may interfere with the security features and reduces its lifespan. Markings on a note may also prevent it from being accepted in a transaction. Furthermore, the Bank of Canada feels that writing and markings on bank notes are inappropriate as they are a symbol of our country and a source of national pride.”

Yet despite this effort, it appears a contagion is spreading internationally.

The effect just hit the Australian Dollar:


And now the US Dollar:


Contagion is likely to involve other nations as long as central banks attempt to primp up their currency.

By Darren Smith

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18 thoughts on “Bank Of Canada: “Stop ‘Spocking’ Our Currency””

  1. happypappies – you might be interested in Star Trek Continues, the unofficial continuation of the original series. Scottie’s real-life son plays Scottie. The Captain Kirk actor is a shoe in for William Shatner. Spock actor is a little weak, but ok. The Bones actor I would not have selected. They have 3 episodes with Episode 4 coming out on 05/20/15. The sound effects are just like the original series.

  2. Agree with slohrss29 – Feregi are the sleasy used car salesmen. But not as bad as the Borg. The Borg was by far a cancer to all life forms.

    1. Not sure about Data, he didn’t have the humanity that Spock did. Although 7 of 9 would be nice. 😉

      1. Paul C Schulte

        I think Data wants to be Human emotionally so much that he is confusing the brain with the heart. Many people do that you know. Data reminds me of all the characters on the Wizard of Oz trying to be Human. And they are all so Brave. That always makes me tear up because it i so archetypal the way they found a little girl her home in the heart of Kansas

  3. I agree with rafflaw and I want one and Tyger too! 😉 I also think Data will deserve something for being the greatest artificial intelligence of all time

  4. I collected import tax from Nemoy once when he was returning from Europe. It was a very pleasant experience. This was over 30 years ago when he was still riding high. Some of the lesser actors were too full of themselves.

  5. Years ago I met Leonard Nimoy and obtained his autograph in green ink. This was well before the proliferation of “Trekkies.” Just think what one of those altered bank notes would sell for if Nimoy had autographed it!

    The reference to Australian bank notes reminded me that Sydney has a very interesting museum showing the history of Australian currency. When I visited it I think I was the only person in the museum other than the staff. It is well worth a visit.

    I’m looking forward to bank notes showing Ferengi and Klingons.

    1. rafflaw – those paintings of Elvis on velvet you can get in Mexico are God’s way of letting us know Elvis is still alive.

  6. The prime directive for Starfleet was the non-interference directive.
    I believe the bill-marking is not intended to due harm but rather to symbolically continue his legacy of cultural goodwill.

    There was an interesting encounter where Data probes Spock about not embracing his human side.

  7. When we were kids we used to place pennies on the rail road tracks. They would get squashed and we would feel like criminals as it was supposed to be against the law to deface an image of the Queen. If we knew it wasn’t against the law, we would probably not have gone to the trouble. I have long since recognized that that was where I took the wrong turn into cynicism, anti omnipotence, and irreligious leanings.

  8. Enter a directive order at private banks to not accept them as valid currency. Then the owners are stuck with them.

  9. Darren – I think the correct phrase is ‘pimp your currency’ not ‘primp your currency.’ 🙂

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