Iran Blinds Defendant Under Sharia Law’s “Eye For An Eye”

220px-Eye_iris125px-Flag_of_Iran.svgThe brutal character of Sharia criminal law was evident in Iran this week after a man was forcibly blinded in one eye after being convicted for an acid attack that blinded another man. It was the literal application of the concept of “an eye for an eye.” We discussed the Iranian judicial ruling on blinding people for such crimes ten years ago. In this case, the man was blinded in his left eye and will later be blinded in his right eye unless “blood money is paid.”

The punishment is a form of Qasas, meaning retribution in kind.

If the defendant or his family pays “blood money: to the victim, he will be spared the second blinding and spend 10 years in prison. In another case, a man is scheduled to be both blinded and made deaf.

The primitive character of such punishment is shielded behind the religious orthodoxy in Iran supporting Sharia law under Islam. The medieval values prompt the same medieval practices of Qasas.

In Saudi Arabia, the government is defending its horrific order to imprison and impose 1000 lashes on a blogger who merely exercised free speech. We discussed the case earlier. Now the Kingdom is responding with indignation at the criticism with an official saying that “Saudi Arabia expresses its intense surprise and dismay at what is being reported by some media about the case of citizen Raif Badawi and his sentence.” The official said that by definition the punishment was not a denial of human rights because it is based on Sharia law. It is that simple. If the law is based on religious belief, it is by definition fair and correct. End of discussion.

Source: CNN

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  1. UPDATE: University of Oklahoma exples 2 students who led racist Sigma Alpha Epsilon chant.

    President David Boren, you rock.

  2. Thanks, jb. I have my answer. If I recall correctly, it can and has been considered criminal. I remember the teen beauty queen from California experiencing a similar if not same incidence. The perp (a high school classmate) was charged and convicted with using a ‘remote access tool’ via his pc to watch this young lady in intimately situations. Again, thank you for your input. I will now consider which option to take. Most likely, BOTH

  3. I just read on the internet that Ebola has reared its ugly head in Norman, Oklahoma.

  4. really, well if they were guilty (per the process) per the court (as does occur over there ….so i’ve heard)…i dunno…it seems maybe they should have to walk around for a while with a corn cob up their butt for being an axxhole. A better law may be to have torts against this…so it only takes a perponderance to stuff the cobb. Kidding . Reparations are a big deal over there (recall our pallets of money the dod used for collateral damage pmts) not everything is eye for eye. They would probly not criminalize what you mention but it would be a ‘tort’.?????

  5. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE THIS LAW! So… what type of punishment would be fitting for someone that illegally tapps your phone, hack your pc and ‘slave’ your computer via R.A.T.

    Question: Should this person be blinded in one eye for spying on someone’s laptop or should this person be charged in a court of law. Thanks in advance

  6. I bet he’ll never blind someone again. I am uninformed on sharia law but do think the punishment should fit the crime. In our country he’d go to jail….get out early unreformed….be unable to vote be ineligible for gov assistance and be denied jobs and his right of self defense. We would have created a perpetual criminal….just so he can survive. What ever ‘law’ they are using I did read they do use ‘due process’….that is he is guitly beyond a reasonable doubt. So they punish. And they don’t waste their money on for profit prison systems…and word gets around so there is deterence hence less ‘crimes’. This sharia law plug is a red herring….attacking someone assaulting them is a universal crime not based on religion. But ppl don’t seem to like the punishment. Why not? Is it in their judeo christian forgiveness laws that it is too harsh? Come on they left him an eye…religion or not….what would we do ….? Feed and water him…break his spirit send him out as a second class citizen…repeat. Repeat. To fill the contract. We torure the criminal and ourselves and pretend we are being merciful…(wonder where we got that idea?) they nip it and move on. The conundrum is they find their penalty in religion and we find our mercy in religion…both are sharia law. The compromise is he only had one eye poked out.

  7. Ross,
    The USA will continue to be allies with the financiers of 9/11…
    Cui Bono?

  8. Can’t help but notice the eery silence from the horn section, which usually starts rambling about 9/11 conspiracy theories, fundamentalism, evangelists, the Crusaders and anything else to divert attention away from the article at hand. Maybe they are all taking a nap. Wonder how they are going to spin this one. This should be fun.

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