The Beauty That Is Bryce


Yesterday I spent the day hiking in Bryce National Park in Utah — an experience that was physically taxing and spiritually rejuvenating. Utah is one of the most beautiful places on Earth and this is the gem of Utah. What I did not expect was the heaving snow levels — three feet of snow in many places. I was not exactly prepared for a snow hikes but there was no way that I was going to stay off the trails. I tried various trails and completely two. I made a few miles on two other trails before they became impassable with deep snow. I came back to the hotel wet and cold and wiped out but blissfully happy.

Hiking up mountains in the snow reminded me why snow shoes were invented. However, every turn on the trail revealed stunning scenery and a view that stretched 100 miles or more.

Today I am going to Zion National Park and hope to climb Angel’s Landing unless the ice or snow is a barrier.

Here are some of the pictures from the Bryce hike:





















































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  1. It is “incendiary” to be sure when a community of entitlement-seeking “dependents” from foreign countries and their sympathetic allies take down the American flag, anywhere in the country.

    To be sure, California will soon be a majority of minorities from foreign countries – California will soon be effectively a foreign country. It will likely seek secession and autonomy (where’s Lincoln when you need him?).

    The inverse and point of flag removal is demonstration of loyalty to another symbol. My guess, in the case of UCI, that other loyalty is the “new world order,” a pseudonym (similar to “global warming”) for global communism and the “dictatorship of the proletariat.” We presume the UCI group has no latent sympathy for ISIS.

    There is no doubt about and no obfuscation of the act of intending to, ultimately, eviscerate the American Founding documents, including the imperatively binding and essential American context, the Preamble, by taking down the American Flag.

    Incendiary to be sure.

    What does UCI/Liberal Axis intend to replace the American Flag with?

    In terms of loyalty, there is no void.

    Dylan – 1979

    “Gotta Serve Somebody”

    You might be a rock ’n’ roll addict prancing on the stage
    You might have drugs at your command, women in a cage
    You may be a businessman or some high-degree thief
    They may call you Doctor or they may call you Chief

    But you’re gonna have to serve somebody, yes indeed
    You’re gonna have to serve somebody
    Well, it may be the devil or it may be the Lord
    But you’re gonna have to serve somebody

  2. Back on topic, Professor Turley’s photos inform me why Utah is one of my best friend’s favorite places to go for weeks at a time. He’s a professional photographer and the scenery there is perfect for him. Heck, I’ve been with the guy while he spent an hour & 1/2 just photographing a lily pad….or clambering down a cliff at Yankee Jim Canyon to get close ups of the rapids there…without a rope. I asked him if the Marines didn’t teach rappelling or how to use ropes for precipitous descents…all he did was grin. Ain’t nothing like a Marine I’d say….he got down to the rapids edge in about 2 minutes, while it took me almost 5 on a rope. His comment to me: “You know you could have missed something?” Yeah, like a head first face plant on some ugly rocks then falling in to a nice cold 20 mph plus current. Marines don’t need spurious luck, they invented it. 🙂

  3. It is just as well, from my standpoint, that the flag post did not have a comments section…whether unintentional glitch or on purpose.

    Anything I might have said would have been very uncivil, its a topic I feel strongly about and don’t need a forum to say so. Suffice it to say that anyone who has never felt relieved when seeing troops approaching with that flag on their sleeve, or flying over am FOB as you approached under fire as you went, just doesn’t have the credentials to criticize it. Just my opinion…YMMV. Our experiences shape us do they not? As someone else said, it represents a nation built by “others” of all kinds, and when under duress, a place of relative safety.

    Frankly, I don’t care what some academics and students think in Irvine, but I am glad Professor Turely saw fit to post the column. I am very sure he does not need my opinion on everything he sees fit to print. Especially if what I might say is unfit for civil discussion.

  4. “Folks, I think the lack of comments on the flag post was not serendipitous. JT wants to have a nice hike and dinner tonight. That post is incendiary. As Linda Richman would say, “Discuss among yourselves.””

    Nick Spinelli

    Look at you defending JT like he defends that glorious flag haha.

    That article should be open for comments though. It requires much discussion and input. Even if that is too much “heat” for the comfortable law professors in this country.

  5. JT, Happy to hear you had time to spend in Bryce and other areas–my cold weather friend.
    I enjoyed your article on UCI’s removal of the American flag from an area of the campus. I hope that you will have the article published, in the OC Register and UCI’s newspaper.
    I could not comment on the UCI American flag article, as I see some others could not either.
    I enjoyed your article and would like to know who the “conservatives” were that acknowledged removing the flag. As we condone free speech for all, we must have some structure as to how some matters are handled.
    From what I am able to surmise through what I’ve read and heard, those professors “professing” the removal of the American flag are the one’s teaching and emphasizing negative views about our country. To me, this is evident in the vast number of students who pushed for the flag removal and the terminology they used in their arguments.
    Let us remember that these young students who think they know everything, are not always the free thinkers they profess to be, on the contrary, they are being mind fed by radical instructors.
    I sadly continue to see our country in a state of demise.

  6. “Nero Fiddled While Rome Burned”

    Normally, a blog post is followed by a “comments” section.

    Deviation is fraught with unintended consequences.

    I profusely apologize if my post offended anyone.

    “Bon Appetite.”


    JT: there is no comments section on the Flag article above this article.”

    P.S. Incendiary to be sure.

  7. Folks, I think the lack of comments on the flag post was not serendipitous. JT wants to have a nice hike and dinner tonight. That post is incendiary. As Linda Richman would say, “Discuss among yourselves.”

  8. Technical question: Why can’t we post on the Irvine Flag Removal story?

    Quick clarification: There are NO Americans left in Irvine. Well, very few. Irvine is a Chinese insertion point. If you found yourselves in Irvine, most of you around America would believe yourselves lost in a Middle Eastern bazaar or East Timor.

    It is not news or unusual that the People’s Republic Of Irvine would want to destroy the American flag, America and everything else American. Irvine itself is not American. Just imagine, through “affirmative action” America gave them the rope to hang America with.

    Irvine used to be beautiful wide-open American spaces with nothing, not even a freeway until 1960. The Irvine company found out quickly how to make huge sums of money from Asian imports – literally selling out America. You can move there but you can’t speak to your neighbors. Very little English, you know.

    This is not a flag issue. It is a transitional issue. Transitioning from America to a foreign invasion. Don’t worry. It’s pretty much over. Nothing you could do, even if you had a sense of America and Americanism and wanted to.

    California will soon become “populated” with foreigners other than American – a one-party state. Say that was Marx’s concept, wasn’t it?

    Takeover or bring down America without firing a shot, right? The Marx historians will be able to answer that question.

    Amazing. In a couple of decades there won’t be a shred of America left.

    Good night, Irvine. Good night, Orange County.

    Good night, California. Good night, America.

    Who does this?

  9. All of that beauty from just six days of “work” a mere six thousand years ago.

  10. JT: there is no comments section on the Flag article above this article.

  11. I agree with happypappies, the tree photo at the end is a piece of art. A beautiful frame and matting and you have a masterpiece for your family forever. Write about the day, print and tape it to the back so future generations know what it’s about.

  12. Thanks much. Enjoy Zion. Moab and Arches would probably have less snow, but not as challenging a hike.

  13. Never been there in winter. Will have to put it on my list. Yesterday was 92 F as I was driving down the crowded freeway.

  14. I thought you meant Bryce, the landscape creation computer program.
    It too can make beautiful landscapes like this.

  15. I thought you meant Bryce, the landscape creation computer program.
    It too can make beautiful landscapes like this.

  16. A very impressive collection of nice, creative images. The hoodoos have a voodoo all their own, don’t they?

  17. That tree is beautiful at the end. I would frame that one. It was 72 degrees in Cape Girardeau today

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