Farewell To Zion


I am back this morning after my glorious hiking trip out West and three days of trekking around Zion National Forest. I finished my time in Zion with a couple of mountain hikes and the Narrows, a long hike in the river through the spectacular rock formations of the park.

The Narrows had deeper and faster water than my last hike. The water was also very cold at 40 degrees. I only had dry pants so near the end I was stopped by water that reached almost six feet. I could have done it with a wetsuit which some people wisely rented. For the most part, the dry pants were sufficient though the water was at times chest height and I am 6 foot tall. It was pretty darn cold water particularly early in the morning. I found a couple of huge wild turkeys, though I could not see how they got into the Narrows given the high and sheer rock walls. I also could not see how they would get out. On the way into the narrow, I also found a mule deer and followed her and another mule deer. She then looked at me and proceeded to defecate in my path — one image that you do not see on the Nature Channel. At the time, it seemed like a poignant gesture on my annoying appearance around dawn on an otherwise quiet abandoned trail.

There were fewer people willing to hike the cold river this time of year, which is precisely why you should do it this time of year. Nevertheless, even in the summer, I have found the numbers in the Narrows drops off considerably the farther you hike up the river.







I also did a couple of last mountain hikes to finish another inspiring visit to Zion. I truly recommend this park to everyone. There are hikes that range from the easy to the difficult to fit every level of fitness. If you are looking for a spiritual reboot, this is the place.









9 thoughts on “Farewell To Zion”

  1. Apparently you are not only a good lawyer/prof. but a terrific photographer. Thanks for sharing, They are fantastic sights, I can only imagine how you might have felt seeing in person the beauty of such places.

  2. my faith in man is inspired
    you’re human thus you are tired
    please get your rest
    then do your best
    before our nation is mired.

    (aren’t you rep congrss who is rep me? Yur case better be solid)

  3. Great looking hikes, completely different environment than around here – Seattle area is very green.

  4. Me and my wife were there a couple of weeks ago. The place is beautiful. Saw several groups of Mule deer and a small group of Desert Big Horn sheep about 60 feet from the main road. Can’t wait to go back.

  5. Love the travelogue and photos, thanks. With that cold water I am thinking of the Seinfeld episode regarding “shrinkage.”

  6. So glad that you enjoyed your visit to Zion and Bryce Canyons, Jonathan, and so glad we could visit for a few minutes after your speech.

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