The Most Interesting Man In The HOV Lane

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

interesting-poster-dos-eqThe Washington State Patrol found a most interesting man in the HOV Lane.  Unfortunately, he was made of cardboard.

A WSP Trooper, working traffic on Interstate 5 near Fife became suspicious of a vehicle traveling in the HOV Lane with a nearly two dimensional passenger.

After pulling over the driver, he discovered it was a cutout of the actor who portrayed The Most Interesting Man in the World for Dos Equis commercials.


The driver, who appears a bit embarrassed and on the verge of a chuckle, allegedly admitted to the violation and said of the cutout, “He’s my best friend.”  Apparently he was friend enough to receive the gift of a lime green polo shirt instead of the usual tie.

Yet, Trooper Gill presented a gift of his own, a Notice of Infraction for $124.00.

As for myself I don’t watch HOV traffic often: but when I do I prefer Dos Pasajeros.

By Darren Smith


Washington State Patrol

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16 thoughts on “The Most Interesting Man In The HOV Lane”

  1. Is it right to use commercials, regardless of how witty they might be, as exemplars for behavior? (Rant Follows)
    Most commercials are out right B.S. Best example currently is Chevy’s reference to cold rolled steel in their truck, with a direct and visual reference to a submarine. Heck, you fridge and washer are made with “cold rolled steel”. What crap, and almost all of the commercials are for the lower 80%. Once promotion became remote – written publication, radio, TV and now the internet, the ability to fool the masses could not be addressed by a launch of tobacco juice on the lapel of the purveyor’s white coat with the queer, in relation to the do everything liquid in the bottle, “How’s it work on stains?”
    Just having fun on a sunny Sunday morning.

  2. In my neck of the woods, they’ve dressed up store manikins and put them in the passenger seat.

  3. As for HOV in general, I do not like the carrot and stick approach to social engineering.

    It seems unfair to me to take taxpayer money and build a road that taxpayers are then prohibited from driving, whether it’s a carpool lane, HOV, toll road, etc. Many of the drivers who pay the most gas tax, such as people in the construction industry, are not allowed to drive in the roads they helped build. Really, the only people who could possibly use the carpool lane are those who work in the same area or drive to the same school. It doesn’t work for pretty much everyone else. And moms have difficulty carpooling to work because what if they get the call that their kid is sick? Do all 8 people leave work to pick him up?

    The way to get people to carpool is to post carpool bulletin boards, not, for instance, drive the price of gas up until it is unaffordable, as Obama indicated years ago.

  4. Even as a cardboard cutout, I’m sure it was still the most interesting traffic stop in the world. Because his photo is more erudite, silent, then most people at a traffic stop.

  5. The last time I was in Seattle there was a 3 person requirement for the HOV lane. That’s the only place I have eve experienced more than a 2 person requirement.

  6. This guy deserves a ticket for doing it with no effort whatsoever. Having travelled the Bay Bridge hundreds of times back and forth from Oakland to San Francisco, I saw, on a regular basis cars with almost lifelike manikins riding shotgun. When the perp got caught the item became a high point on the news. One perp had a sex doll riding with him. Regardless of the ‘paying one’s fair share’ thing, it makes for a more interesting world.

    Back in the day, we used to get rid of pennies by putting them into expired parking meters as we cruised the town, until that was made illegal. ‘Come the Revolution!!!!’

  7. I once drove in the HOV lane. I did it for 5 seconds to pass a slow moving vehicle. A smart state trooper caught me and pulled me over. I think he was impressed with my maneuver I was also driving a Crown Vic which is a common cop car. I looked in the mirror and shook my head for 10 minutes silently pleading that I would not get a huge ticket and points on my license. He came back amused handed me a simple traffic violation and a brochure for a State Trooper training school. True story.

    1. I understand being a pretty woman helps with getting fewer tickets.

  8. He is actually lucky his friend did not fly out of the car. Those things become a wind sail at a certain speed. 😉 His friend was wearing a seatbelt though.

  9. As stated in the Dos Equis beer commercial, “Choose wisely my friend,” didn’t quite hit the mark with this driver, but nice try.

  10. The HOV lane in Los Angeles just slows down the fast lane next to it, now the State is letting single occupancy all electric cars in the HOV lane, which don’t pay a dime in gasoline taxes which built the lane

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