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Washington’s Bump-Fire Stock Buyback Program: Is $150 Worth The Risk?

Image Courtesy “WASR” via Creative Commons License

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

Last year Washington State government’s knee-jerk reaction to a mass shooting resulted in a legislated ban of “Bump-Fire” modifications to semi-automatic firearms. A few legislators submitted an amendment to the impending legislation allowing for a buy back program where residents of the state could receive a voucher for up to $150.00 per stock if they surrendered the stocks either directly to the State Patrol or received a receipt issued for one by a local law enforcement agency.

While some, including myself, had objections to the government’s taking of property without just compensation, which was in some fashion allayed by a price offered that was reasonable considering the market cost for such rifle stocks, the implementation of the buy-back program was not well thought out–which is usually the case with quickly crafted laws.

While some residents having these stocks might find the offer from the state attractive, I do not believe the amount offered is sufficient to offset potential risks associated with turning in these stocks and expecting payment. The buy-back program is also widely open to profiteering and manipulation.

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Washington State Patrol’s Top Diva Busts A Move

wsp-diva-annette-noveyBy Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

When you are at the top of your class, you can cop an attitude and shake ’em down.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Annette Novey knows how to strut her stuff, and score “Best Academic” of her crew at a recent WSP Academy graduation.

While the Patrol is known for its clean-cut, military style discipline, Trooper Novey can bust a move and a perp.
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Career Limiting Moves: WSP Arrests Everett Officer For DUI

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

washington-state-patrol-patchMost DUI arrests are rather uninteresting, others have some rather bizarre circumstances, as is the case where the Washington State Patrol arrested Everett, WA Police Lieutenant Jimmy Phillips for suspected DUI. This in itself was not extremely inordinate but what truly struck me as odd were a number of particulars alleged during the incident that made me wonder, “What were you thinking!”

There are certain commonalities manifest in the run of the mill drunk. Every law enforcement officer has heard these excuses and they oddly seem to be taught by a common teacher in Drunk Driving 101, but we would hope that the very ones who see such graduations would not enroll in the course themselves.

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The Most Interesting Man In The HOV Lane

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

interesting-poster-dos-eqThe Washington State Patrol found a most interesting man in the HOV Lane.  Unfortunately, he was made of cardboard.

A WSP Trooper, working traffic on Interstate 5 near Fife became suspicious of a vehicle traveling in the HOV Lane with a nearly two dimensional passenger.

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