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Washington State Patrol’s Top Diva Busts A Move

wsp-diva-annette-noveyBy Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

When you are at the top of your class, you can cop an attitude and shake ’em down.

Washington State Patrol Trooper Annette Novey knows how to strut her stuff, and score “Best Academic” of her crew at a recent WSP Academy graduation.

While the Patrol is known for its clean-cut, military style discipline, Trooper Novey can bust a move and a perp.
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The Most Interesting Man In The HOV Lane

By Darren Smith, Weekend Contributor

interesting-poster-dos-eqThe Washington State Patrol found a most interesting man in the HOV Lane.  Unfortunately, he was made of cardboard.

A WSP Trooper, working traffic on Interstate 5 near Fife became suspicious of a vehicle traveling in the HOV Lane with a nearly two dimensional passenger.

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