Happy Easter to all of our bloggers and readers that are celebrating today. The bunny came to the Turley house and left baskets overflowing with chocolates and candies. He even left a basket for Luna overflowing with dog treats.

We are preparing for our annual Easter Egg hunt when we invite all of the neighborhood kids for a massive search for hundreds of eggs.

100px-Chicago_Cubs_Logo_svgWe will be making our traditional lamb tonight with friends before I try to sneak away to watch the opening day for the Cubs against the Cardinals with our new pitcher, Lester. This weekend I hoisted our new Cubs banner for the outside of the house. Go Cubbies!

Happy Easter to everyone — now hop to it and eat more chocolate!

Jonathan Turley

53 thoughts on “HAPPY EASTER!”

  1. Paul, I saw that they are looking for a new coach. Those rival Wildcats have a good basketball team, but not very academically oriented like my Badgers. I’m sure ASU is in the shadows of that program. Although, a good recruiter I would think would be able to sell Tempe to inner city northern kids. I’m sure the Phoenix area would be more appealing to a northern urban black kid than Tucson. The Sun Devils, as you know very well, have a GREAT history w/ baseball. And, there are virtually no recruiting scandals w/ college baseball. If a kid is a good baseball player he has A CHOICE. He can go to college and play a superb level of baseball and get an education. If he is not a kid who likes school, he can sign a pro contract and play minor league ball.

    1. Nick – I read that they are discussing changing the ‘one and done’ rule for basketball. Probably go to the baseball situation, either recruit out of high school or do at least 3 years of college.

      UA has had a fine basketball program for many years and recruits on its old reputation alone. ASU has never had that since the mid ’60s. You have to understand that the Board of Regents is all made up of graduate of UA until recently.

  2. Max, LOL! Didn’t know you were friends w/ God. I see JT’s boyhood friend, John Cusack, is playing Brian Wilson in a bio pic being shot about that tortured genius life. I read a piece that Wilson says Cusack has his quirky sense of humor and thinks it was good casting.

  3. Squeeky, As you know, basketball is religion in Kentucky just like football is in Texas. I don’t like Kentucky’s coach, Calipari. But, I will give him his due. He has these high school phenoms playing like a team, not just a bunch of one on one narcissists. They are not students like my Badger team, but they do play as a unit, which is commendable. Happy Easter to you, my Texas friend.

    1. Nick – must be nice to have a competitive basketball team. ASU has not had one since 1965. Personally, I think they should close down the sport and save the money. They just fired their latest coach.

  4. Nick Spinelli

    Buona Pasqua! Spero che tu e la tua famiglia avete una vacanza tranquilla.
    Happy Easter! Hope you and your family have a peaceful holiday.

    Thanks for the kind remark. Frank

  5. usn, I can abide my team losing to Duke. But, I think they match up better w/ Duke than they did w/ Kentucky. If Wi. plays like they did last night, they will win by 10. But, that was their A plus game last night. Their A game will make it real close. Coach K’s teams seem to always play their A game. Two great coaches.

    Bo Ryan was like the red headed stepchild of Wi. basketball. He was passed over for the likes of Stu Jackson, a big name who did damage the Wisconsin, Knick and Vancouver franchises. Bo didn’t have the “pedigree” for the elitists @ UW. I love the guy. He kept his head down, worked hard, and when he got his chance built a program the Stu Jackson’s of this world could NEVER build.

  6. For all the new folks here, Frank Mascagni is a nice barrister from Kentucky who always has pleasant comments here on Holidays. Buono Pasqua, paisan.

    I just walked through Belmont Park. It is a great place to restore my positive knowledge that we are a great melting pot w/o the turmoil so many other countries have. There was an Easter egg hunt. Black, white, Hispanic, Muslim kids and their families all laughing, taking pictures, and just enjoying the day. The Cuban bongo quartet that often play on Sundays were playing as people danced. We are not as divided as some here and elsewhere would like you to think. But, they will keep trying. They wouldn’t stand a chance in Belmont Park. Too much love and positive energy for the manipulators and dividers to weave their webs.

  7. Happy Easter to all.

    I hope everyone enjoys their Easter or Passover observances at their church or temples. This might be one of the last times we can do it without government interference so we should worship freely while we can.

  8. Happy Easter Professor and all. Congrats to U of Wisc. Great team play and great win! Go Duke!

  9. I am in Ferguson. The media is making much of the email sent by a clerk showing Ronnie Raygun and a monkey and saying that the monkey is Obama. That photo has been used here for many years and hangs in the bathroom at a bar and says that the monkey is George W. Bush. It was a Democratic Party satire on Bushie. So the clerk at the Muni Court changed it around to fit Obama. This is in tune with Lee Atwater and the Southern Strategy whereby you dont have to say the N word anymore just say Obama. But the clerk who did this was ridiculing the Democrats for ridiculing George W. The clerk was in fact an Independent and wont vote. The clerk got fired over this. Sprech frei in AmeriKa.

  10. I am a Cards fan and a Cubs fan. But when they play each other I root for the Cards. But that being said, Chitown is a great place and Wrigley Field is the best venue in all cities for any team in America. My human pal and I are flying to Amsterdam and Den Haag later for some law business that he is involved in. Talk to you in a few days and will report in on the cathouses. BitchinDog will be on the blog in my absence and maybe even HumpinDog.

  11. May Vishnu bring good fortune to all. Oh wrong myth. Enjoy the blood and body of your Lord today, I guess we’re not past cannibalism yet.

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